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Job Description Template

If you’re looking for a job description template, you’re reading to the right article. This job description template will make your job description writing process a lot more easy. This job description template will give you a head start towards writing an effective job description which will attract even more job application & will sure help you hiring a right candidate.

Before moving further you may like to read these sample posts.

The above mentioned posts will give you an idea on how people write a job description and how you should go about. In my further post you will get a template that you can use while writing a JD.

Major Sections of a Job Description Template

Job Title & Location

Every job description starts with a job title followed by the location of the job. You should also mention the company name after this. e.g Sales Executive, LA

Salary Range & Reporting Details

In this section you may include a range of salary that you’ve decided to pay for the role. e.g $25000-$35000 per year.

Profile Overview

Write a small sentence or two about the purpose of the job. This will give an idea to the candidate what role this job requires.

Area of Responsibilities

This is the major part of a job description. In this section you must write 8-12 points about the key responsibilities that your prospective employee will be dealing with. For example if you’re writing a JD for sales executive profile some of the responsibilities may include.

  • Gathering data from different sources e.g Search engine, Business Directories, Yellow Pages.
  • Making outbound calls to generate leads
  • Making & sending proposals to the client.
  • Making followups with the client.
  • Closing the sales.
  • Make sure the payment should be collected on time.

Skill Set

This section includes the required skills to perform the job. Some of the skills that required to perform a Sales Executive Job could be

  • Excellent Verbal / Written Communication and Negotiation Skills
  • Experience in selling X solution
  • Open to travel
  • Corporate selling experience

Education Background & Experience

  • Preferred Degree or Diploma:
  • Years of Experience:
  • Preferred Industry background:
  • Other Requirements:

Company Profile

It’s always good you write a small but appealing company profile at the end of the job description. It helps getting attention of a candidate & influence him to apply for the job. This should not be more than 3-4 lines. Also include a link to the company website in this section so that candidate get some idea about the company profile.

below is a sample of a job description which i found helpful to share with you.

Contract Manager Job Description Template – DOC

Hope this post about Job Description Template will help you writing your next job description. This post is written just to give you an idea about sections used in a typical job description. If you’ve any query on this feel free to contact us.


Accounts Assistant Job Description Sample

An Accounts Assistant is withheld with the responsibility for assisting the team of accountants with junior accounting duties. She/he shall directly report to the Director of Finance. An accounts assistant job description generally includes with basic book keeping activities, working with sales and purchase ledgers and running calculations to ensure that records and payments are correct.

Some Key points:

  • Accounts Assistant is responsible for maintaining the accuracy while updating the accounts, payable and receivable sub-ledgers, should be checked by the assistant.
  • Accommodating monthly account with the help of industry specified computer software and in accordance with government policies.

Accounts Assistant Duties and Responsibilities:

Accounts assistant has 3 major area of his work namely:

  1. Payable Accounts
  2. Receivable Accounts
  3. Pay Roll

1.) Accounts Payable:

  • Accounts assistant carry out bills and invoices from vendor and supplier in a specified time frame.
  • Verifying accuracy, approvals and account coding with keeping the policies of Ministry and agency requirements.
  • Checks and associated reports should be prepared timely as required by the agency policies and schedule.
  • Pre-authorized payments should be maintained per 30 days.
  • Maintain and scrutinize accounts Payable sub-ledger journals for compilation of General Ledger monthly.
  • Enter and update records of checks cashed, Demand drafts or invoices to accounting software regularly.
  • Respond to vendor inquiries till satisfaction as required.

2.) Accounts Receivable:

  • Accounts assistant process all client or miscellaneous payments daily or as required to sub-ledger.
  • Maintain and distribute accurate listing of suspensions in accordance with agency policies.
  • Preparing and maintaining list of over dues and transferring it to Director of Finance for adjustments, write- off or collections.
  • Maintaining accounting adjustment forms.
  • Attending to the needs of client or payer and satisfying inquiries as required.

3.) Payroll:

  • Possessing working knowledge of the payroll process.
  • Should be able to use software and provide backups as required.
  • Reconciliation of monthly ledger along with the Director of Finance.
  • Getting the bank reconciliations for approved from the Director of Finance per 30 days.
  • Preparing annual budget in accordance to the company policies.
  • Assisting with telephone coverage during the lunch break.
  • Recording staff absences.
  • Attending the needs of Director of Finance while maintaining the record for retention requirements.

Accounts Assistant Qualifications:

  • Accounts assistant should have comprehensive knowledge of computer accounting software systems.
  • Vastly experienced in processing and maintaining entries and accommodations in accounts payable, receivable, sub-ledger and general ledger.
  • High interpersonal skills and be good at communicating to folks.
  • Diploma in accounting (2 YEARS) to attain certification of general accounting or completion of one-year University courses in Cost Accounting.
  • Two to three years practical accounting experience or a vigorous internship under a respected firm.

Hope the above mentioned accounts assistant job description will help you writing a better job description.


Administrative Assistant Job Description Sample

This Administrative Assistant Job Description will help you writing an appealing job application. Research shows applications with good written Job Description attract more candidates.  Below is just a sample of a job description for an Administrative Assistant Job.

Administrative Assistant Job Description Overview

Administrative Assistant Job Description

The administrative and clerical service, in order to ensure effective and efficient operations which by the way contributes to and impacts on the organization’s economy and is linchpin of several outcomes, falls under the duties of Administrative Assistant job description.


  • Reports to the Senior Administrative Officer.
  • Administrative and clerical services have to be closely monitored by the Administrative Assistant.
  • Establishing that the Municipal activities are not hindered by any kind of obstacles or problem.


Sound municipal operations are carried out in an effective, up to date and with cent percent accuracy and the aid for doing so are provided by Administrative Assistant.

  • Typing correspondence, reports and other documents.
  • Maintaining office files and creating the database for easy access.
  • Opening and distributing the mails to the employees
  • Taking minutes at meetings
  • Distributing minutes along with agenda
  • Coordinating repairs to office equipment

Administrative Assistant Job Description includes providing support to Council and ensuring that Council’s supply line isn’t broken and are provided with the resources to make effective decisions.

  • Maintaining records of confidential files and classified information.
  • Maintaining decisional records.
  • Arranging for payment of honorarium, where the receiver remains anonymous
  • Carrying out researches and assisting with the preparation of motions, policies, rules and regulations, and procedure.
  • Reviewing and editing reports to the Board
  • Corresponding to Board members
  • Prepare documents and reports on the computer
  • Scheduling event such as board meetings
  • Preparing agendas for Board meeting
  • Preparing and supplying refreshments and necessities such as files, documents and packages for Board meetings.
  • Record minutes and submit minutes for approval
  • Providing receptionist services. This makes the Administrative Assistant the face of the organization for in person visits. His/her’s impression on the visitor would be vital for the organization’s future business ventures. The services include greeting and assisting visitors, answering phones, directing calls and responding to inquiries.


Administrative Assistant must be an undergraduate preferably in Home Science ( with bare minimum

  • Experience of handling office administration and bookkeeping procedures.
  • Experience of managing the council and committee systems
  • Ability to withhold classified information and maintain a high level of scrutiny over confidential yet concerning financial matters.


Administrative Assistant must have the following skills:

  • Interpersonal skills which includes team building, analytical problem solving and decision making along with high communication skills and effective verbal and listening abilities.
  • Attentiveness to little details and high accuracy along with very effective organizational skills.
  • Possessing quick hands on computer to operate spreadsheet and word processing programs.
  • Stress management skills 


  • Externally imposed and extreme conditions under which the work must be completed which is hindrance to the current flow of work and creates hardship for the denizen.
  • The main consequences of imposed working conditions are increase frequency of physical demands and obstacles working opposite to the motion of the flow.
  • Long hours sitting in front of the computer can imply strain and becomes quite serious psychological issue when someone has to concentrate through the strain. The Administrative Assistant will also have to do some lifting of supplies and materials from time to time.
  • Not only the job demand but even the environment has its adverse effect on the flow of work.
  • The denizen is put up in a posh area with an open area.  Faced with constant interruption and disturbance, the denizen must possess high concentration power.
  • He/she is required to spend long hours indulged in his work with high concentration. One small mistake by the denizen and that can prove to be the linchpin of downfall of the company’s economy.
  • Some of them may be exposed to conditions that may cause mental or emotional stress.
  • Target of the office politics, humiliation and insult if the associated deadline aren’t met.
  • The denizen must also deal with a wide variety of people on various issues.

Hope this Administrative Assistant Job Description Sample will help you write an effective job description. This is just a sample so you’re free to alter it as per your requirements.


Difference Between Job Description, Job Specification and Job Analysis

The first step that we take while writing a Job Description is Job Analysis.  It’s a process of doing an In-Depth analysis of a job and gathering information about the general tasks, or functions, duties, responsibilities and the outcome of a particular job. It’s a process where we actually develop the content for the job which further share with the employee to make him aware about his duties & responsibilities.

job Analysis

There are two outcomes of a Job Analysis

  1. Job Description
  2. Job Specification

The Job Analysis process include the following tasks

  1. Reviewing the job responsibilities of current employees & also gather the information about job responsibilities & duties from external sources like Internet.
  2. Analyzing the tasks required to be done by hiring the employee & duties & responsibilities of the employee.
  3. Finally verbalization of the outcome or contributions needed from the position.

An effective job description can only be written if you analyze the job properly. Try to gather as much information as you can while doing a job analysis.

Job Description is basically a list of duties & responsibilities required to perform a particular job. It generally contains the following information.

  • Job Title
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Qualification
  • Salary Range
  • Skills
  • Goals

Writing a good job description is utterly important for an organization because the outcome of hiring an employee is majorly depends on the available job description.

Job Specification is a statement which tells us minimum acceptable human qualities which helps to perform a job. It is a written statement of educational qualifications, specific qualities, level of experience, communication skills required to perform a job.

A job specification has the following components

Total Experience: It includes the total number of years of experience required to perform the job. Generally it is written in a range e.g 5-7 years etc.

Education Qualification: It includes what degree, training or certification required for the job.

Required Skills: This section includes physical, emotional, technical, and communication skills required performing a job and also including responsibilities involved in a job.

Job description and job specification are two integral parts of job analysis. They are the written documents helps both employer & employee to understand the job requirement. These documents are very important to find the best fit for the available job.

Hope this article will help you clear the doubt on Job Analysis, job Description & Job specification.


How to Write a Job Description Effectively?

writing Job Description
writing Job Description

writing a job description

For an employer writing an effective job description is as important as writing a cover letter for an employee because these two documents meant to fetch the attention of the reviewer. Good job candidates shows there interest in any job only when they find the job description effective. It helps employees understand their responsibilities, evaluating employees’ performance, skills & qualification required for the job, salary range and much more. Here are tips on how to write a job description effectively?

When we sit to write a job description the first thing that comes to our mind is “where to begin”, “what to write & what should we skip”. Really writing a job description is not as easy task as it seems to be, after all your expectations with your prospective employee is mainly depends on this document & I’m sure you won’t like to miss anything which your future plans are depends on.

When you start writing a JD think about your long term plans & even the short ones, keep in mind what you want to accomplished by adding up new employee in your team, it will be natural to see how a new employee fits into that matrix.

Steps to write a Job description

Define the position. This should be the first step before you start heading towards writing a job description. Define everything you want in the new hire, think about what responsibilities you want to assign to the new hire & what job title suits best for that.

  • Now give a suitable title to the position & write about responsibilities. This way candidate will get a clear picture if he fits in the position. Make title interesting & straight forward as well which can easily communicate what the position is all about.
  • List between 10-15 key responsibilities; make sure the responsibilities you write should be clear & concise. Try to cover up as much information as possible about what you’re expecting from the candidate & what are your future expectations from the employee.
  • Try also including what percentage of a particular responsibility encompass the total job.

List required skills & qualification. Once you’re done defining the job title & have written down the responsibilities for the job, the next part come to list required skills & qualification for the job. This is another most important part of job description because it gives candidate an idea if he is fit for the job & should he apply for the job or not? Be specific when you list about the skill for the job. Must analyze the job properly before you define what skills are required to do that job. Some jobs required some specific qualification & training.  Don’t forgot to mention them as well because when you mention them candidate having those qualification & training apply for the job with even more confidence. In this section you can write some skills which are although not much important for the job but you prefer candidate have those skills for future point of view.

Write how to apply instructions. Now you’ve write down the important part of job description, now it’s time to instruct candidate how he can apply for the job. In this section must include your email ID & phone number. You should also mention your website in this section so that candidate can also get some idea about your business as well before he applies.

What Else? Now your Job Description is almost done & it’s time to think if you’ve missed something or not. What else you should write to give more clarity to the candidate. There are few things you can further add to this e.g Company Profile, Whom the candidate will report to, Company Mission etc.

Everyone wants to work for a company which gives him a stable job & fun environment. Adding company profile & mission statement in the job description gives some sense to the candidate if the company will be write for him or not.

You may also include some instructions about resume & cover letter or can give a dead line about the application submission.

Hope this article will make some sense to you & will help you writing a better job description.


Job Description – Definition & Meaning of Job Description

writing Job Description

You probably first time gone through the word “Job Description” that’s the reason you’re reading to our post. Well if you’d have Google the term “What is a Job Description” you must have found the below definition.

Description of the responsibilities associated with a given job.

Job description, commonly known as JD, is a frequently used term by Human Resource Managers for the list of duties & responsibilities of a position.

According to

A detailed written account, agreed between management and worker, of all the duties and responsibilities which together make up a particular job.

you may also check a detailed article about What is Job Description on Wikipedia.

Elements of a Job Description

A job description usually includes roles & responsibilities associated with the profile, whom do the candidate, will report to, salary range, qualification, skills required & goals.

  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Qualification
  • Salary Range
  • Skills
  • Goals

Roles & responsibilities mentioned in the JD are just to give an idea to the candidate about what an organization is looking in a prospective candidate. Candidate may get some additional responsibilities once he/she will join the organization.

The qualification section of a Job description includes the minimum qualification required for the Job & sometimes preferred qualification is also mentioned there.

Usually a fix salary is not mentioned in the Job Description rather HR managers mentioned a range of salary which the candidate will be getting once he will join the job. Generally people gets a salary based on their current CTC.

It also includes skills that are required to do the job. Generally skills are specific & sometimes most important part of the job description because in technical jobs organizations focus more on skills than qualification.


Although it’s advisable to write a JD for a job but still there are some limitations of it. A job Descriptions doesn’t fit in the following situations.

  • For senior level profile, where they’ve to take decisions at their own level.
  • Companies, where technological changes are rapid.
  • A job, which require a dynamic person who can handle multiple tasks in an organization.
  • The process that an organization uses to create job descriptions may not be optimal.