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Low Investment and High Profitable Businesses to Start from Home

Businesses to Start from Home

With the recent developments in technology and rapid population growth, more lucrative jobs are emerging regularly. These jobs are making it possible for graduates, students and stay at home moms to earn a decent living as long as they have the required skills. Many college students engage in one part time job or the other to support themselves in college and even continue with the job after graduation.

One of the challenges faced by start-ups is funding. Acquiring the much-needed capital can be very daunting and this is the main reason why many great ideas never passed the dream stage. There are so many online and offline jobs that can be carried out from home and at any time of the day. The good thing is that these jobs yield a high profit. Another benefit is that there is no need to ditch your day job as you can manage the two successfully. Even if you lack the required skills, the internet has made it easier to acquire and update any skills. Check out some of the low investment and highly profitable businesses out there.

1. Photography

Mobile photography is a good place to start if you can’t purchase a digital camera at the moment. Most smartphones are equipped with high definition cameras. As we all know that visual content is in high demand, you can take pictures and sell them to online agencies, blogs or websites that need them. As time goes on, you may consider shooting professional photos for products and engaging in photo and video coverage at events. Researching, constant practicing and taking online classes are some of the best ways to improve your photography skills.

2. Event planning

People will often need to organize a seminar, party and other types of events. Planning an event is sometimes stressful and once an individual or a company can afford to hire a professional, they will be glad to take the stress off their shoulders. Good marketing skills, networking skills, and communication skills are the basic skills needed to become a successful event planner. The cost of kick starting this career is really small, but high profit can be generated in the long run.

3. Essay writing

Perhaps you are really passionate about writing and have good writing skills, then essay writing may be the right career for you. Essay writers all over the world are earning money through writing essays for high school and college students. Some of these writers are into other types of academic writing like dissertations, academic journals, and college admission essays. Many students normally opt to pay for college essay in order to improve their academic writing skills or there is a looming deadline. The processes of authentic academic essay writing companies usually involve placing an order, connecting with a writer, communicating your needs and delivering unique essays before deadlines.

4. Blogging

Without an iota of doubt, blogging is one of the top careers with a high-profit rate till date. It’s a platform to express oneself and share valuable ideas. Anyone with good writing skills can start a blog on a particular subject. Truth be told, a great number of the most successful bloggers started blogging as a hobby. There are so many different services that you can offer as a blogger such as a blog consulting, freelance content writing, customization and affiliate marketing. The bottom line is that you must be consistent and dedicated so that the passion remains alive.

5. Virtual Assistant

It goes without saying that this field is one of the industries that is growing at an unprecedented rate. Starting a virtual assistant business doesn’t require much experience. People with strong organization skills and a burning desire to learn are the perfect fit for the job. In addition, a PC, smartphone and a reliable internet connection are must haves. A virtual assistant role is quite similar to that of an administrative assistant, the main difference is that the former works remotely. Busy professionals and different brands that need help with updating calendars, coordinating events, scheduling, managing emails, minute taking and data entry usually hire them.

6. Social Media Manager

Both big and small businesses now have an active online presence because almost all their customers are using at least one social media platform. In view of this, they need experts to handle their social media accounts. Some brands will allow their social media managers to work remotely while others won’t agree to this arrangement. Working on your personal online presence and interning as a social media manager for a small business are good ways to gain experience. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a marketing or communication degree, but ensure that your grammar, customer service, researching skills and time management skills are properly honed.

7.   Content writer

Content writing is a business that requires good writing skills and a basic knowledge of SEO. As long as the internet exists, the demand for content writing services will keep increasing. Content writers usually provide content for individuals, businesses, and websites that need their services. The smart ones have also mastered the difference between writing for print and writing for the web. Although the competition is tough, you can be successful with determination and persistence. You will need to market your services to the right people after deciding on the topics that you want to be writing about. A great number of professional content writers are leveraging LinkedIn for networking and getting high paying clients.


How To Attract Better Talent By Avoiding 4 Key Mistakes on Job Description

Attract Better Talent

After talking to numerous job seekers in their early to late 20s, multiple CEOs, reading hundreds of job descriptions and visiting top websites like , I have compiled a list of four key mistakes employers should avoid in their job descriptions to attract better talent.

1) Don’t Hide Your “Flaws,” Find the People Who Love Them.

Many sales and consulting jobs require travel.  Reading a job description this morning on a company careers page, I noticed “ability to travel 60% of the time” was at the very bottom of list of requirements, in smaller font.  As if this was somehow unnoticable after the first date, like an ankle tattoo.  There are people out there who love to travel, and companies should play this up if the position requires it.  You want people who embrace the hard work and adventure.  Will they put in 80-90 hours?  Be honest.  I know an engineer who specifically signed up to intern on Google’s Android team because they were required to work on Saturdays.  The kid wanted something “more intense.”

2) Target the Job Seeker, Not The Investor.

Do you start each job description with a summary on your company’s proprietary algorithm, a mention of its world-class ranking, and talk of your #1 B2B solution?  For you to stay #1, you need to attract actual people.  Emphasize what they’ll actually be doing, the people they will be working with, and describe the cool projects they will be working on.

3) Excellent Communication Skills Required?  Avoid meaningless buzzwords.

You may have well written “likes long walks on the beach.”  Eliminate the overused resume jargon.  Do you need someone who can negotiate with contractors, convince customers the benefits of your premium service, write excellent copy for your blog — specify what you want and let the candidate envision herself in the role.

4)Appealing to Everyone Will Get You No One. Make Specific Demands..

Stephen Johnson, Co-Founder of RewardMe states, after multiple versions of job postings they quickly found, “The more demanding we tailored the job description, the more responses we got — and the better.”   Phil Kaplan, Founder of Adbrite, who is now happily married, admitted he used this winning strategy circa 2005 on JDate.  “What I found after multiple A/B tests was the more specific requirements on who the girl should be — the more messages I received.”   When you tell people exactly what qualities they must possess for you to pick them, people enthusiastically scream “That’s me!”   Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want; you might just get it.