Business Analyst Job Description

Business Analyst Job DescriptionBusiness Analyst job description sample: The term “Business analysis” come into today’s business practice from the 21st century .The Business analyst (BA) is a position for an individual who can lead the company’s requirements & apply technology to satisfy business needs. Moreover the position of business analyst brings daily challenges and responsibilities that focused on troubleshooting problems and providing solutions through sophisticated computer-based research and analysis. Moving business from one level to large level is a big deal for new entrepreneurs as well as old ones. There are times when we want to grow but somehow we can’t implement our full strength in our efforts. A business analyst helps organizations, firms and industries with his information technology capabilities, skills & acumen to improve their profitability & working conditions.

According to “A Business Analyst is someone who analyzes the existing or ideal organization and design of systems, including businesses, departments, and organizations. BAs also assess business models and their integration with technology.”

A Typical Business Analyst Job Description Sample

Business Analyst Responsibilities and Duties

  • A Business analyst (BA) is responsible to establish, manage, direct and advise cross-functions of subordinates and articulate business change and business process improvements.
  • A Business analyst should provide lead for corporate-wide change analysis and design identifying the organization’s strengths and weaknesses and hit the areas of improvement.
  • A Business analyst should develop strong working relations with customers (business users) & provide them a relevant response and communicate accordingly.
  • A Business analyst should lead the requirements of organization & design activities to manage month end processes and workflows.
  • Business analyst should involve in designing & producing of feasibility plans, project briefs & project initiation documents (PIDs).
  • As far as business analysis is concern, Business analyst also takes part in business administration of the company and guides company with future problems and opportunities.
  • A Business analyst should distribute leadership skills strategically by mentoring junior level staff and leading meetings on the regular basis.

Business Analyst Skills

Business Analyst Key Skills

  • Written, verbal communication skills are required as well as technical writing skills needed.
  • Proficient in Microsoft office applications, especially Word, Excel and Outlook.
  • Knowledge of e-mailing and scheduling software.
  • Understanding business activities to contribute with engineering systems concepts.
  • Business analyst must be able to manage own workload and complete the assigned work under pre defined timelines.
  • Business analyst should have sound knowledge of business administration to execute similar business activities.

Business analyst technical skills:

Business analyst must be good at planning, organizing and timely execution of software development projects.
Business writing skills, presentation and facilitation skills are required.
Knowledge of MS project, Visio and other business analyst job related software and application as required.
Knowledge of data modeling based on entity diagram mapping.

Business analyst mathematical skills:

A business analyst should have ability to add, subtract, multiply, and divide in all units of measure, using whole numbers, common fractions, and decimals.

Business Analyst Education

  • In this field generally a BA degree in business preferred by companies or candidate from related field is preferred. 

Business Analyst Qualifications and Business Analyst Experience

Generally companies searching for candidate with previous experience in this field. But now a days companies are hiring people on the basis of good qualification & acumen about business analyst job. They designed business analyst interview questions in way that covered all the necessary requirements to hire & offer them handsome business analyst salary.

But there is some kind of criteria they look for:

• Relevant tertiary IT qualification or certification course in business analyst /diploma in business process analysis from recognized training institute.

• 3 – 5 years’ experience as business analyst in a similar recognized firm/company.

Business Analyst Salary

Generally salaries are varies to company to company & off course, difference matters with multiple locations around the globe. As per with right experience, qualifications & skills the median expected salary for a typical business analyst (business systems analyst) in United States is $79087.

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Relationship Manager Job Description Sample

Relationship Manager Job DescriptionRelationship manager job description: Today on our blog we’ll talk about Relationship management and in this post we will cover different segments like relationship manager job description, relationship manager duties and responsibilities, relationship manager functions, relationship manager qualities, role of relationship manager in banks job description, relationship manager for financial institutions, relationship manager qualification, relationship manager salary etc.

Relationship Management

Relationship management or customer relationship management is an art to integrate the efforts to identify, maintain, build a network with individual customers and then putting continuously a input to strengthen the network for the benefit of all whether a customer, distributors, dealers, and suppliers through interactive & value added contacts over a long period of time 

Relationship Manager Job Description

Relationship manager is also known as customer relationship manager/client service manager/ client relationship manager.  Primary job of a relationship manager is customer service so he/she should be really careful about this. A customer relationship manager should be focused on interaction between suppliers and customers so as to they can move with their transactions and can build a better environment. The relationship manager jobs also require a relationship that emphasizes on maximizing the life time value of customer segments and on growing customer’s satisfaction. An enterprise relationship manager is also concerned with working, developing & enhancing relationships with internal markets within the organization and growing and getting external relationship.

Relationship Manager Duties and Responsibilities

  • Focus on quality customer service & emphasis on customers benefit.
  • Maintaining relations with new clients & retention of old ones.
  • Creating a pool of committed, profitable customers for long time scale and building sound relationship with them.
  • Find out what information & which products or services the customer requires to meet his/her needs, providing clear, accurate and relevant information on that basis.
  • Setting up meetings with new clients and showing presentations with the help of crm software.
  • Analysis & Researching the latest products and regulations to provide accurate information to the customer on upcoming marketing trends.
  • Searching & looking for new sales opportunities that also match company’s requirement. 

Relationship Manager Qualities/ Relationship Manager Skills

  • A Relationship manager or Customer relationship manager must have excellent interpersonal, planning & prospecting skills.
  • For getting a relationship manager job he/she should be able to communicate with a wide range of people.
  • A Relationship manager should have a Strong customer service ethic.
  • An enterprise relationship manager should work well in a team setting to get a balance with team members.
  • Customer’s satisfaction, Reliability & building up a strong customer’s database.
  • CRM should also have strong negotiation, decision making skills.
  • A good customer relationship manager must have an ability to manage risk.
  • Customer relationship manager should be Proactive and highly self-motivated.
  • He/she should be Flexible as there might be lots of traveling involved in this relationship manager job.
  • A relationship manager should have good numerical skills & ability to explain complex information in simple terms with examples, clarification & advice. 

Relationship Manager Functions

During the job period a relationship manager performs many functions but some of them are described here as follows:

  • For a relationship manager job it is very important to maintain excellent service quality at the point of enquiries that coming from customers and follow-up correctly.
  • He also committed towards delivering targets on time.
  • Customer relationship manager also ensures that motivation & morale is high in the team members and encourages staff retention on the workplace.
  • Client service manager or customer service manager also Contributes towards the development of new products and services, based on customer feedback.
  • How to increase sales through proper & better service through Sales planning, including reviewing of existing customers files to identify to area of interest of customers. 

Bank Relationship Manager Job Description

In banks a relationship manager plays an important role to maintaining a sound and healthy environment for customer relations by his services.

  • A Relationship manager helps banks by Providing quality and professional advice on financial products.
  • A Relationship manager also helps in developing and maintaining client base to the banks for existing & prospective customer’s relationship.
  • Relationship manager reviews and analysis customers’ portfolios on the regular basis that helps banks in the long run.
  • His services help in getting sales & revenue targets with an ease.
  • Networking is a big feature in relationship management so a Relationship manager should be capable of looping people in a network that works for his company. 

Relationship Manager for Financial Institutions

For any financial institution it is very necessary to provide quality services through customer’s satisfaction with aiming on the company’s target. Though many kind of financial services are available in the market offered by different companies here, it is important to take care of customer’s need & matching up with the product they want and providing them quality services, is utmost important ; So a relationship manager could be  a key performer for the company’s perspective.

Relationship Manager Qualification

Although there are no formal qualifications required for a customer relationship manager.  But nowadays some companies required a Degree holder with at least 3 years of relevant working experience serving with trust, ability to understand customers’ need and provide them quick solutions.

Relationship Manager Salary

Many people come into relationship management field with having prior business experience, and therefore salaries offered to customer relationship managers are generally varies.

As per with right experience, qualifications & skills the median expected salary for a typical Customer relationship manager in the United States is $62,776.


Fashion Designer Job Description

Fashion designer job description A Fashion designer/clothing designer is a person who designs clothing for people and  today’s Fashion industry is growing rapidly day by day & competition now has grown up with a lot of experiments on different fabrics & creativity has taken a long leap to achieve success in this industry.

In this post about fashion designer job description we’ll list fashion designer skills & duties in coming headings. A fashion designer is very responsible job and a prospective person should be skillful, creative, and versatile. He/she has an interest & understanding of clothing design industry to be famous & successful.  A fashion designer should have an ability to produce creative design under tight schedules & working long hours under heavy work load & pressure.

A fashion designer helps many people to be dress with their style and preferences so fashion designer job has become more tuff. Now a days almost every celebrity prefers to have an own fashion designer to design its clothes so income in this profession is very good. Now the area of a fashion designer has becoming large and large with designing from clothes, accessories, and shoes to sportswear etc. in recent times a lot of fashion houses has opened  and  a fashion designer works within a team to match the choice & preference of  customers.

fashion designer job description

Fashion Designer Duties & Responsibilities

Fashion designer duties and Fashion Designer responsibilities may be classified as follows: You may add or delete duties & responsibilities to complete fashion designer job requirements as per your company.

  • The main responsibility of a fashion designer is producing creative & unique concepts to the fashion market to match with current trends & fashion.
  • Imagination of idea & put it on paper or making sketches by hand or on the computer with the help of related softwares.
  • He/she is also responsible for developing different patterns to showing their idea with the help of patterns.
  • The primary duty of a fashion designer is to overseeing the production and finalized the complete material from the scarp.
  • Analyzing trends, colors, shapes, choosing from different fabrics.
  • A fashion designer should be technically skillful in different areas like :- pattern cutting, pressing, fusing, grading, production method & garment construction.
  • A fashion designer is also responsible for quality control in this industry.
  • A fashion designer must adapt existing/recent design for mass production.

Fashion designer skills

A typical fashion designer job description may include the following fashion designer skills

  • A fashion designer must have sound knowledge of colors, texture, & patterns of clothing.
  • A smart & out of the box thinking for generation next clothing and about its accessories.
  • A deeply knowledge about different shapes & measurement and an ability to visualize things in dimensions to make a cloth perfect for user.
  • A fashion designer must have good communication skills to explain its ideas & concepts clearly and persuasively to make a better understanding to others.
  • Fashion/clothing designer must be technically skilled in areas such as pattern cutting, grading and garment making.
  • A fashion designer must have an ability to draw on paper, either by hand or on the computer by the help of different softwares.
  • Fashion designer should have an ability to meet deadlines and as per requirement and work within pre-defined budget.
  • A fashion designer should be good in negotiation skills when selling its own designer wear.
  • Fashion designer must be strong organizational skills to lead its business.
  • Fashion designer/clothing designer should have an eye for recent trends in fashion and clothing.
  • A fashion designer must have an interest for art and designs.
  • A fashion designer must be a good source for designer.
  • A fashion designer helps in Supervising & making up for sample designs.
  • A fashion designer must be strong in business & marketing skills and commercially aware, particularly if he/she is self-employed. 

Fashion Designer Education & Qualification

There is no set rule for Fashion Designer Education as it is a more skill based job. In a fashion design industry most of the employers seek an individual with a 2 to 4 years degree and a sound knowledge about textiles, fabrics, & fashion trends, although skills matters more than a degree in this industry.

Fashion Designer Salary

Fashion designer job description is incomplete without adding up a salary range. As per website, Median expected salary for a typical Fashion Designer (fashion designer average salary) in the United States is $46,498. Fashion designer salary 2014 may increase and we’ll keep you updated in this post. Fashion designer annual salary may differ country to country, that mean a fashion designer may get a higher salary in United States than in India.


Event manager job description

Event Manager Job DescriptionEvent manager job description :In current scenario of business and management, organizing an event is such very hard job but if you know how to manage it within a specific time, budget and conditions then it’s not hard for you such as an event manager execute its tasks. On the other hand, the role of Event manager may vary to the different working conditions and the nature of the work. Event manager is the person who plans and executes the event assigned by the authorities. He/she is a person who runs the event/program behind-the-scenes and monitors each and every bit very closely and manages it. But the work of an event manager encompasses identifying potential business, researching, writing, planning and running all aspects of event. An Event manager works on events such as; public events, exhibitions on trade and industry, product launching, company’s special events (ex: scheme launching etc.) and private events such as weddings/birthday parties etc. Apart from this he/she also associated in planning an event/exhibition in advance, he/she will usually be present during the event to deal with any issues as it arises.

Event Manager Job Description Sample

Below is a sample of Event Manager Job Description. The job description is written just to give you an idea. You may edit or rewrite the job description as per your requirement.

Working Activities of an Event Manager

  • Planning is very crucial for anyone but for an Event manager he has to arrange and manage the whole event like:- hall layouts and activities of programme such as workshops, seminars and demonstrations during the event.
  • An Event manager has to Research suitable venues for different events as per need of programme and ensuring all necessary equipment are available at the workplace.
  • An Event manager has to ensure the Selling stand/exhibition space to potential exhibitors & seeking that everything should go hand to hand.
  • An Event manager should fill all required forms between him the authorities of the programme/event.
  • For an Event manager it is very necessary that he/she should arrange insurance cover and ensuring legal, health and safety requirements.
  • Maintain a sound Coordination between caterers, stand designers and equipment hiring company is a good sign to a good event manager.
  • Event manager should also look at car parking facilities, safety & security, first aid and catering arrangement on the day of event.
  • Promotion of the event, managing & printing the production of tickets, posters, catalogues and sales brochures are a must check for an event manager.

Working conditions of an Event Manager

An Event manager has to complete its assigned work within a specific time schedule and in different conditions and environment of work.

  • Traveling and working days : As per nature of the job an event manager has to work during the working days and sometimes absence from home overnight is occasional.
  • Working hours for an event manager: Working hours are mainly Monday-to-Friday typical office hours, but additional hours can include evenings and weekends are common to an event manager.
  • Location and working place: location should not be an issue an event manager but sometimes he has to prove itself to get opportunities exist mainly in towns or cities throughout the country.

Event Manager Duties & Responsibilities

Below is a sample of Event Manager Responsibilities & Event Manager Duties which you may use while drafting an Event Manager Job Description.

  • It is primary duty for an event manager to ensure that the venue is fit for certain event and maintain safe environment for all.
  • An event manager is responsible for the entire management and safety & security arrangements.
  • An event manager prepares plans for event and before this he assigned related task about the event to its subordinates and assist in implementation for same.
  • A smart event manager does not go with big team he works with a small team to plan and deliver attractive programme.
  • Event manager sets a proper arrangement of stage display, rooms set for backstage staff, & all other audio and visual requirements for the event.
  • An event manager also responsible for preparing small budgets for small arrangements to the event for utilizing the money well.
  • Event manager also arrange catering and refreshments stuffs for the event and social functions as per customer requirement.
  • Event manager ensures proper risk cover event & arrange a insurance for individual events or group of programmes.
  • Event manager make a proper check for water, electric, and parking facilities around the event place.
  • Co-ordinates with team members to set up venue and help them to finalize all logistics for events.

Event Manager Skills & Qualities

An efficient Event Manager must posses the following skills & qualities. Find a sample of Event Manager Skills below.

  • A good event manager must possess excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • He/she should also good in interpersonal skills, organizational ability & concern about time management.
  • Customer first; this is the attitude that an event manager should focus on.
  • Event manager should have a multi tasking ability.
  • He should have sound negotiation skills.
  • Willing to work round the clock (spl: unsocial hours) and a desire to earn money and fame.
  • Creativity and a out of the box thinking leading with imagination.
  • Ability to work under tremendous pressure and cope up with tight deadlines and outdo from others.
  • Ability to stand for long periods of time.

Event Manager Qualification

To become an Event manager you have to possess more than two years College degree, High School Diploma, or two to four years of specialized event and sales coordination.

Event Manager Salary

Event Manager Salary vary to the different condition and nature of work and it is depending upon the employer. In this sector essentially salary based on sales ,bonus is a large part of an event manager’s salary.


Human Resource Manager Job Description

Human Resource Manager Job DescriptionHuman resource manager job description: A Human resource manager has an overall responsibility for providing support in various human resource functions which include recruitment, staffing, training and development, performance monitor, employee relation, employee counseling, compensation and benefits administration, implementation and administration of human resource programme.  A Human resource (HR) manager should be well aware about the human resource laws and regulations, human resource policies, personnel record keeping, safety issues of team members, training and workforce development & compliance. Human resource manager (HRM) performs all its tasks to organize the human resources in the company to overcome future problems. HR Manager helps company in organization, communication, negotiation, and also in conflict management and he also provides an ethical scenario to employees to do their job with full of enthusiasm. A HR manager incumbent must have proficient knowledge in following areas like: human resource management, performance review techniques and methods, job description, staffing, training, recognition, development, delegation, mentoring and coaching.

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Duties and Responsibilities of Human Resource (HR) Manager

HR manager Duties & Responsibilities varies company to company. A typical HR manager job description may include the following Human Resource Manager duties & responsibilities.

  • A Human resource manager serves employees as well as clients, including administrators, corporate, education sector, technical sector etc. by handling day to day questions and helping resolve work-related problems.
  • A HR Manager in a company helps in communicating company policies and procedures & Promote understanding within the organization.
  • A HRM Recruits for open positions and perform the full life cycle of recruiting activities including sourcing and screening applicants, maintaining recruiting systems, drafting offer letters, providing follow-through with candidates, supporting hiring managers, and reporting recruiting statistics.
  • Making Draft and update job descriptions; assist in classifying positions as needed for company.
  • A human resource manager provides advice and assistance when conducting staff performance evaluations.
  • A human resource manager identify training and development opportunities and organize staff training sessions, workshops, and other activities as per need of the staff members.
  • HRM provide basic counseling to staff who has performance related obstacles.
  • HRM also provide assistance to top management in developing human resource plans.
  • HRM helps employee on-boarding activities; answer employee questions and provide support to assistant managers when integrating new hires into the organization.
  • He also suggests administer employee benefit programs, answer employee questions, support claim resolution, and maintain related systems.
  • A HRM focus on the performance review process & provides employees and managers with information about the process, policies, job duties, and process for promotion.
  • Human resource manager Leads employee recreation and recognition programs to make them feel little relax from their daily work schedule.
  • An HRM is also responsible to Maintain employee records.
  • A HRM is also responsible for new hire, termination, and change of status forms with payroll.
  • HRM Serves as employee liaison to assist in problem resolution with issues related to benefit deductions and pay.
  • A human resource manager ensures compliance with applicable employment laws and regulations. 

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Skills to be a good Human Resource Manager (HRM)

A Human Resource Manager Job Description may include the following skill sets. Mentioning Skill sets give an idea to job seekers about the required profile & job seeker apply for the job more confidently. You may write the following HR Manager skills in you job description.

  • A human resource manager should be well versed in supervisory skills.
  • A human resource manager should be known how to build a proficient team and how to handle day to day problems.
  • A human resource manager must have problem solving and counseling skills to overcome problems easily.
  • A human resource manager must be good in verbal and listening because a hr manager represents company’s image to corporate and hire the right person to the company.
  • Computer skills including ability to work with MS office (specially, MS excel), spreadsheets and word processing programmes at highly proficient level.
  • A HR manager should be an effective person in written communication and have ability to prepare reports, proposals, procedures, and policies.
  • A HRM should be good in effective public relations and have sound public speaking skills.
  • HRM must have an avid person in research and program development skills.
  • Human resource manager must be known about how to manage stress at work and work-life-balance.
  • HRM must be sound in time management and in interview skills.

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Qualification for a HR Manager

Generally companies prefer a business management degree for this kind of profile but still it depends on companies to companies. A typical human resource manager job description may include the following qualification.

  • Education of a Human resource Manager: Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Communication, or other similar degree.
  • Preferred Skills and Work Experience: initially Five to eight years previous work experience as an HR Generalist or Senior Generalist. School or education experience preferred by most of the companies now days.
  • Human resource manager should be known about General Knowledge of the principles and practices of personnel administration; ability to establish and maintain effective relationships with peers and employees; ability to present information and make recommendations effectively in oral and written form. Proficient computer skills and working knowledge of the Internet.
  • Most of the companies in recent times demand a person who has an ability to work under pressure and make deadlines for its work.
  • A HR manager should be good in judgment; approachable and professional; solid problem solving skills; ability to handle multiple tasks; self-motivated; well organized.

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Salary of a Human Resource Manager

As per the website (, a HR manager in US earns a median salary of USD $89000.


Medical Sales Representative Job Description

Medical Sales Representative Job Description: A medical sales representative of a company is a connection link between pharmacy company and the medical professional/hospitals etc.

medical sales representative job descriptionMedical sales representative demonstrate features and benefits of products manufacturing by a pharmacy company to the medical professionals. Medical representative / Medical sales representative is also refers to salesmanship process to convince customer (medical professionals/hospitals/chemist etc.) to take decision in your favor. Although, it’s a good job but one should be very versatile in leadership, motivating someone, specially; communication skills. A medical representative has to involve deeply into the market to make sure to achieve sales targets. Medical representative has to make sure in regular meeting with client, proper description of products, answering customer’s queries effectively, taking orders regularly, providing assistance quickly, servicing regularly.

Medical Sales Representative Job Description Sample

Below are the headings which you may include in a medical sales representative job description.

Steps of selling for a Medical Representative


Duties and Responsibilities of Medical Sales Representative

In a typical medical sales representative job description you may include the following duties & responsibilities.

  • A Medical representative has to complete the sale task (target) giving by company within specific period of time.
  • A medical representative must also looking forward to complying all policies and strategies of company without any fail.
  • Medical representative should take care of each of area ex:- marketing, distributing, and servicing.
  • Visiting to the customer premises on regular intervals and make sure to recall the prescribed medicine to the doctor as well as also check availability to the chemist nearby.
  • Building image of company in the respective working areas and territories.
  • A medical representative should be aware about the market changes and he/she should provide the market/working feedback to the company.
  • Briefing customers about the existing product at the same time new/upcoming products as well.
  • Covering all the areas and maintaining a list of doctors and building relationship with them.
  • Making phone calls and in – person visits and presentations to the existing and prospective customers.
  • Planning and organizing personal sales strategy by maximizing the Return on Time Investment for the territory/segment.

Skills for a Medical Sales Representative

In the current scenario of Pharmaceutical industry, Medical Representative is a medium through which companies communicate with the doctors and focusing on their brand by getting their feedback. Medical representatives must have good communication skills to effectively communicate and provide a platform to explore benefits and superiority of company brands in comparison to competitor’s brand. In this regard medical representatives should have a powerful personality and ability to develop relationships and earn the trust of customers for company’s image. A medical sales representative job description may include the following skills.

  • A medical Sales representative must be good at sales and negotiation skills because in this job all depends upon the handling sales of the company.
  • A medical Sales representative willing to travel everywhere as per company’s requirement.
  • Medical representative should also be good in planning and controlling.
    He/should be self – motivated, versatile, and dedicated towards work.
  • A confident and outdo from other approach.
  • Medical Sales representative should aware about commercial and business changes and an good understanding of it.
  • Medical representative/medical sales representative able to understand present and clinical data to overcome future problems.
  • Medical Sales representative/medical sales representative should be adaptable with frequent changes in product and healthcare system and their policies & terms.
  • The most desirable fact about medical representative (MR) is that he/she should be able to drive vehicle (or own a vehicle).
  • Medical Sales representative should be well dressed and appearance well.
  • Medical Sales representative has a go getter attitude and on the other hand a good aptitude as well.

Qualification of a Medical Sales Representative

Adding qualification in medical sales representative job description is advisable. Most of the companies provide training to their employees to become a fruitful employee to them but for its not only one reason to be a Medical Representative you have to posses following things:

  • A Bachelor’s degree. (bachelor in science, preferred)
  • Strong clinical skills.
  • Strong sales ability.
  • Excellent communication and leadership skills.
  • Strong convincing power.
  • Handling the pressure and stress of achieving targets.

Medical Sales Representative Salary

adding salary in medical sales representative job description generally attract more applications. Here is a sample.

  • Medical representative salary varies as per their level and experience. It starts from 1.5 to 3 lacs, however some companies offer more as per experience and qualification.
  • Medical representative salary includes (basic salary + incentives and other allowances).
  • Work hours typically include regular extra hours, but not weekends or shift.


Cashier Job Description Sample

Cashier Job DescriptionCashier job description cash is a backbone of any company/firm etc; Cashier coordinates between company and its debtors/creditors, But when you are looking for a job as a cashier so, you are going to take a big responsibility on your shoulders. Handling cash refers to major responsibilities (ex. Cash collection, recording, safeguarding) so as to one should be really careful and mentally strong about this job. A firm/company hires someone for handling its cash although cashier has to be good at mathematical skills, computer skills, quick at billing , sound knowledge of financial software, strong in written and as well as oral communication, ability to work in a fast-paced, can take high stress environment.

Cashier Job Description

A Cashier Job Description includes the following duties and responsibilities, Skill sets & qualification.

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Duties and Responsibilities of a Cashier

If one wants to be an avid cashier so he/she has to possess these responsibilities:

  • Cashier major responsibilities include; cash collection, maintaining records, and safeguarding, depositing of money etc.
  • Cashier needs to have an excellent knowledge and understanding of the modern office practices, equipment and terminology related to cashiering and reports.
  • Cashier of company has to be responsible to collect the fees for permit/licenses issued or documents of regarding field.
  • Another important work for a cashier is to assign the time during the license tests.
  • To handle overall routine issuance of tickets, licenses, receipts etc. to make sure easy going work conditions in the company.
  • The cashier duty is to properly maintain the pending application files and the related records according to the directions of company’s management.
  • A good cashier believes in preparing simple statistical reports and registers to make sure easy understanding fee entries as well as its changes.
  • Cashier also performs some particular clerical work regarding to cash and financial transactions when needed.

Required Skill Set of a Cashier

A Cashier job description may include the following skill set. You can add or change these skills as per your requirement.

  • Cashier of a firm must be very good at keeping the records sound and maintain properly.
  • The cashier must have excellent mathematical skills and efficiency in simple record keeping.
  • Cashier should be adaptive any situation to perform tasks with accuracy.
  • Cashier should have an ability to deal with public with courtesy and tact.
  • Cashier must be sincere and punctual about the work.
  • Cashier should be able to carry on routine and repetitious work accurately.
  • Company’s cashier must have sound knowledge to carry out written and oral instructions properly.
  •  Person needs to be very honest and reliable for the post of cashier.
  • Cashier must be hard working and willing to work within flexible schedules.

Qualification of a Cashier

high school graduate with a diploma. You need to have good command over basic math so you can deal with money and handle your work easily.

Average Salary of Cashier in US

As per the most popular website for job search called Indeed, the average salary of a cashier in United States is $21000.

Hope the above mentioned Cashier Job Description will help you write an appealing job description for Cashier.


Computer Operator Job Description

Computer Operator Job DescriptionComputer operator job description: When someone is desire to join any organization as a computer operator he/she would be responsible for the technical operation as well as medium and large mid range computer system operations. The role of a computer operator in company is very crucial and will be required to possess all the operational knowledge and terminology (viz. Personal computing applications including MS Word,MS Excel, Accounting software and others; Apple Macintosh and Windows/DOS operating systems; modern computer techniques, methodologies  and practices) of the processing requirements and handling the system efficiently and giving others commands for all application software systems.

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Computer Operator Job Description Sample

Duties and Responsibilities of Computer Operator

  1. The very first responsibility of a computer operator is leading, guiding, and /or coordinating others (staff members); and operating within a pre-defined time and budget and  utilization of resources to make the environment of company easier from top to down.
  2. Monitor and manage the operations of all host computer systems and Hardware and as well as peripheral devices.
  3. Troubleshooting Hardware Devices (means Proficient in troubleshooting techniques) and Software Processes.
  4. Computer operator must work closely with data entry operators and help desk staff to coordinate strongly giving company an accurate and timely computer processing cycles.
  5. A company data is safe and secure if the computer operator is Assisting in providing for the security and confidentiality of the data maintained by Information Services.
  6. Computer operator should also Maintain a detailed understanding of the job processing requirements and data flow for all applications systems.
  7. A Computer operator should also configure the softwares of all the computer systems and should have a sound knowledge of them.
  8. Computer operator should exercise its activities regarding the applicable shift processing activities and related end-user activity and ensuring a balanced and effective system’s operating environment.
  9. A Company is secure if it is well maintain by the Computer operator for effective systems backup schedule time to time to overcome future problems. (if it occurs)
  10. Computer operator should Maintain and manage computer processing logs and documents and assisting in the maintenance of all run and procedures manuals for computer operations.
  11. Computer operator is responsible for performing decollating and bursting operations of all reports and forms.
  12. Computer operator has to Work with programmers and systems analysts as required in coordinating the systems testing environment on the development system and also has to Work with programmers and systems analysts in problem determination for processing errors and the resolution of them.
  13. Maintaining a working knowledge of systems commands, subsystem
  14. configurations, and job control.
  15. Computer operator has to closely monitor billing and financial systems as well.
  16. Computer operator play  a important role between understanding of the data communications configurations on all host and remote systems and helping them in the resolution of end-user communication failures.
  17. Computer operator Provides a ongoing computer center security and access procedures,maintaining related logs and records to the company’s safety.

Skills Required for Computer Operator Job profile

Computer operator’s skills are multiple and all of it, he/she has to perform in defined period of time. The environment of today’s industry is very competitive so a computer operator should be versatile and energetic at work to perform its tasks and duties efficiently and effectively.

  1. One of the most important thing for computer operator is the “Time Management ” Managing own work on time and distribute the work among the staff members so as to they can do it on time.
  2. Planning, managing and figure out any work time for any person is very sophisticated and on the other hand, sometimes its really easy when you have required knowledge and skills; this is what computer operator must have!
  3. Computer operator must be good at maintaining the accurate records and using pertinent software applications.
  4. Sometimes a basic thing do more than your expectation when you need it, here I mean to say knowledge of basic math, including math fractions, percentage, ratios, division etc. for anyone these small knowledge for facilitation of technical information, composing a variety of documents would be easier and quick to solve practical problems.
  5. Some others skills are related to the knowledge satisfactorily performance on the job as communication skills, business telephoning etiquette, clerical and customer service skills, presentation of facts, records etc.

Education Qualification of a Computer operator

A Computer operator should have a High School diploma or equivalent.

Salary of a Computer operator

A Computer operator in United States could starts its career from a median salary of $ 37750 (As per website) and expect more as he gains experience.

We hope now you would have got an idea about what you could have write while preparing a computer operator job description. You can change or add any relevant information to the above job description of computer operator.


Sales Manager Job Description

Sales Manager Job Description: Sales Manager is responsible for creating and implementing sales strategies. The job of Sales Manager is to achieve sales target with the help of sales staff. Below is the ideal Job Description of a Sales Manager.

Sales Manager Job Description

Sales Manager Duties & Responsibilities

  • Plan, organize, direct & control Sales staff to meet the meet sales targets.
  • Motivate, counsel, skills development and product knowledge development within the sales team.
  • Establishing sales objectives by forecasting & setting up targets for the assigned region.
  • Assign sales targets to the sales staff.
  • Developing field sales action plan.
  • Ensuring the assigned sales targets should be met.
  • Monitor sales staff performance on a daily, weekly, monthly & quarterly basis.
  • Work closely with marketing team to develop an effective marketing plan.
  • Review entire inventory & ensure the required inventory is available.
  • Sales Manager also recruit, hire & train sales staff.
  • Escalate all customers complaints.
  • Ensure customer satisfaction by asking them feedback.
  • Attending various exhibition & events to build relationships with customers.
  • Ensuring that each sales lead given high priority so that sales closers can be accelerated.

Skills & Qualification

  • A sales manager should be having at least 5-7 years of sales experience in which minimum 3 years of team handling experience is preferred.
  • Should have a go getter attitude & can meet deadlines.
  • Should have a proven sales record.
  • Should know how to retain & motivate team.
  • Should have very good verbal & communication skills.
  • Should be able to negotiate & communicate with the clients on high volume deals.
  • Extensive experience in supplier relationship management.
  • Should be able to handle both direct & channel sales for the products.
  • Willing to travel within the assigned territory.
  • Strong knowledge of market.
  • Able to operate in fast paced changing market & can handle the competition.

Sales Manager Salary

A sales manager in United States could get upto $6000 per month excluding other performance linked incentives.

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Hope the above written Sales Manager Job Description will help you write a good job description for the profile you have. Feel free to change the job description as per your requirements. The mentioned Sales Manager Job Description is for a Sample purpose.


Receptionist Job Description

receptionist job descriptionSO today we’re going to help you write an appealing job description for a receptionist role. This Receptionist Job Description will help you understand, how you can write an appealing job description by yourself for a receptionist role.

Unlike other job profiles where talkative people are less entertained by employers, a talkative receptionist with a smiling face is first choice of all employers. So if you’re talkative & extrovert, a career as a receptionist could be the right career option for you.

The primary role of a receptionist is to greet & welcome people at reception and assist them properly. Other than this receptionist also inform company officials about the arrival of the guests & also handles telecommunication system.

In our today’s post we’ll talk about the possible role & responsibilities a receptionist may have, Skills & education requirement for the profile & Salary benefits. So let’s start with receptionist role & responsibility.

An Example of Office Receptionist Job Description

Office Receptionist Job Roles & Responsibilities

  • Welcoming & greeting guest who visits office & assist them appropriately.
  • Informing office officials about the visitors.
  • Maintaining employee & department directories.
  • Taking phone calls & forwarding the same to appropriate persons.
  • Maintain a healthy working environment at receptions by following appropriate rules & regulation.
  • Sorting & distributing mails.
  • Booking meetings.
  • Receiving couriers.

Skills Required for Receptionist Role

The following skills are desirable for an office receptionist profile.

  • Good verbal & written communication skills.
  • Must have good command on spoken English.
  • Should have good telephonic etiquette.
  • Should be a good listener.
  • Should posses good command on MS Office Suites.
  • Should be able to work under pressure & deadline.

Education Qualification

Although there is no set qualification is required for an office receptionist role but employer prefer at least a graduate degree.

The Career Growth Path

You may think what could be the growth path if you join as a receptionist in any organization. There are ample amount of opportunities within the organization if you start as a receptionist. You have a good chance to enter into admin department and to climb the ladder of success. Do you know HP CEO was a receptionist when she started her career? so don’t worry about the growth.

Money Honey

It’s a fix 9 to 6 job with a decent amount of money. in the UK, receptionist are getting a whooping of 12k-25k Euro based on their experience.

So what are you thinking about tight your shoe lases & get up to hunt a job an office assistant. If you have any other query related to how to write Office Receptionist Job Description feel free to contact us.