Sales Manager Job Description

Sales Manager Job Description: Sales Manager is responsible for creating and implementing sales strategies. The job of Sales Manager is to achieve sales target with the help of sales staff. Below is the ideal Job Description of a Sales Manager.

Sales Manager Job Description

Sales Manager Duties & Responsibilities

  • Plan, organize, direct & control Sales staff to meet the meet sales targets.
  • Motivate, counsel, skills development and product knowledge development within the sales team.
  • Establishing sales objectives by forecasting & setting up targets for the assigned region.
  • Assign sales targets to the sales staff.
  • Developing field sales action plan.
  • Ensuring the assigned sales targets should be met.
  • Monitor sales staff performance on a daily, weekly, monthly & quarterly basis.
  • Work closely with marketing team to develop an effective marketing plan.
  • Review entire inventory & ensure the required inventory is available.
  • Sales Manager also recruit, hire & train sales staff.
  • Escalate all customers complaints.
  • Ensure customer satisfaction by asking them feedback.
  • Attending various exhibition & events to build relationships with customers.
  • Ensuring that each sales lead given high priority so that sales closers can be accelerated.

Skills & Qualification

  • A sales manager should be having at least 5-7 years of sales experience in which minimum 3 years of team handling experience is preferred.
  • Should have a go getter attitude & can meet deadlines.
  • Should have a proven sales record.
  • Should know how to retain & motivate team.
  • Should have very good verbal & communication skills.
  • Should be able to negotiate & communicate with the clients on high volume deals.
  • Extensive experience in supplier relationship management.
  • Should be able to handle both direct & channel sales for the products.
  • Willing to travel within the assigned territory.
  • Strong knowledge of market.
  • Able to operate in fast paced changing market & can handle the competition.

Sales Manager Salary

A sales manager in United States could get upto $6000 per month excluding other performance linked incentives.

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Hope the above written Sales Manager Job Description will help you write a good job description for the profile you have. Feel free to change the job description as per your requirements. The mentioned Sales Manager Job Description is for a Sample purpose.


Receptionist Job Description

receptionist job descriptionSO today we’re going to help you write an appealing job description for a receptionist role. This Receptionist Job Description will help you understand, how you can write an appealing job description by yourself for a receptionist role.

Unlike other job profiles where talkative people are less entertained by employers, a talkative receptionist with a smiling face is first choice of all employers. So if you’re talkative & extrovert, a career as a receptionist could be the right career option for you.

The primary role of a receptionist is to greet & welcome people at reception and assist them properly. Other than this receptionist also inform company officials about the arrival of the guests & also handles telecommunication system.

In our today’s post we’ll talk about the possible role & responsibilities a receptionist may have, Skills & education requirement for the profile & Salary benefits. So let’s start with receptionist role & responsibility.

An Example of Office Receptionist Job Description

Office Receptionist Job Roles & Responsibilities

  • Welcoming & greeting guest who visits office & assist them appropriately.
  • Informing office officials about the visitors.
  • Maintaining employee & department directories.
  • Taking phone calls & forwarding the same to appropriate persons.
  • Maintain a healthy working environment at receptions by following appropriate rules & regulation.
  • Sorting & distributing mails.
  • Booking meetings.
  • Receiving couriers.

Skills Required for Receptionist Role

The following skills are desirable for an office receptionist profile.

  • Good verbal & written communication skills.
  • Must have good command on spoken English.
  • Should have good telephonic etiquette.
  • Should be a good listener.
  • Should posses good command on MS Office Suites.
  • Should be able to work under pressure & deadline.

Education Qualification

Although there is no set qualification is required for an office receptionist role but employer prefer at least a graduate degree.

The Career Growth Path

You may think what could be the growth path if you join as a receptionist in any organization. There are ample amount of opportunities within the organization if you start as a receptionist. You have a good chance to enter into admin department and to climb the ladder of success. Do you know HP CEO was a receptionist when she started her career? so don’t worry about the growth.

Money Honey

It’s a fix 9 to 6 job with a decent amount of money. in the UK, receptionist are getting a whooping of 12k-25k Euro based on their experience.

So what are you thinking about tight your shoe lases & get up to hunt a job an office assistant. If you have any other query related to how to write Office Receptionist Job Description feel free to contact us.


What is Job Specification?

Job SpecificationPeople generally confuse between Job Description & Job Specification. In one of our earlier post we have already distinguish between Job Description & Job Specification. If you’re the one who skipped that posed we’re posting it again “What is Job Specification“. In our today’s post you’ll not only know what job specification exactly is but we’ll also post a job specification sample, which will help you write a job specification by yourself as per your requirement.

Job Specification Definition

A job specification is a document which describes education, experience, skills, knowledge required to perform a job. It is a very important document used by HR professionals to communicate the desired people requirement in the organization. Job seekers generally respond to a particular job after reading to a job specification.

By just looking at Job Specification, job seekers can understand whether the job is suitable for him or not. A clear written job description makes HR task easy because clear written job specification attract only targeted talent pool.

Job Specification Example

We’re taking an example of Sales Executive’s profile job specification.


  • A minimum 2 years of experience is required in corporate sales or channel sales with a renowned IT company.
  • Experience selling ERP products is a plus point.

Education Qualification

  • Candidate must have a bachelor degree in Sales & Marketing.
  • The candidate must have a regular MBA degree from a reputed college. Specialization in Sales & Marketing is desirable but not mandatory.

Skills & Knowledge Required

  • Candidate must have a strong communication skills.
  • Candidate must be very confident.
  • Ability to give presentation in front of a large audience.
  • Can perform under high pressure.
  • Experience in cold calling & lead generation.
  • Can make go to market strategy.
  • Ability to work in an environment of constant change.
  • Experience in global marketplace is must.
  • Experience in working flexible environment.
  • Should have a go getter attitude.
  • Experience is making quotes, negotiation & deal closing.
  • Can handle the whole sales cycle.
  • Knowledge about ERP products is a plus.
  • Must be tech savvy.

High Level Overview of Job Requirement

  • Creating demand of the product in the market.
  • Working as a key point between customer & organization.
  • Demonstrating product to the clients.
  • Handle complete sales life cycle.
  • Ensuring high quality customer satisfaction.
  • Self analysis.
  • Ensuring 100% of targets achievement.
  • managing distribution channel of products.

Hope after reading above mentioned Job Specification Example you must be having a clear understanding of “What is Job Specification”.


Technical Interview Questions That Are Asked Frequently

Technical Interview questions are hard to find.If you have to go for a technical interview, you would be searching for the important questions that are most likely to be asked in the interview. A technical interviewer basically wants to test your knowledge on general computer aspects. We now present to you few of the most frequently asked technical interview question to help you get prepared for the interview.

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We here shared a list of technical interview questions which are frequently asked by the companies nowadays in a technical interview. Also we give the answers as well as idea to attempt the these kind of technical interview questions. The list of these technical interview questions are following:-

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Technical Interview Questions

Sample Technical Interview Questions

  1. Which platforms have you worked on?
  2. Which development tools are you proficient in?
  3. Which programming languages are your strengths?
  4. Which certification do you have to help you for this job profile?
  5. How much coding experience do you have in a particular programming language?
  6. Which according to you is the best language to build cross platform applications?
  7. How do you rate your basic logical building in programming on a scale of 1 to 10?
  8. What is the importance of algorithm building while development of a project?
  9. What are the live projects you have worked upon?
  10. How do you differentiate compiler based, and interpreter based languages.
  11. How did you test your final projects?
  12. What according to you is the most important part while development of an IT Project for a client?
  13. Being a developer, would you be able to change to database profile if desired by the company?
  14. Which database according to you is the easiest to pair with any programming language?
  15. How do you differentiate software and a plugin?
  16. Which according to you is more powerful: Java Beans, or Visual Studio?
  17. How do you find the IP address of a PC?
  18. If your PC is not running well today, which is the first option you would choose to recover it?
  19. Can you give me a few examples of Low Level, Mid-level, and High Level Languages?
  20. What is the importance of SEO in website development?
  21. What do you think a Google Panda is?
  22. Do you know something about CPU Scheduling?
  23. What are the basic services running on a computer when a PC is kept on, without any new program opened?
  24. Can you give me a real life example of abstraction?
  25. Are you aware of the features of Object Oriented Programming Languages?
  26. Will you please differentiate the process of authentication, and authorization?
  27. What happens when I switch on a computer?
  28. Who do you think is more powerful, Mac, or Windows?
  29. How much time do you devote to testing in a particular project?
  30. Please describe me the basic concepts behind encryption, and decryption.
  31. Which database do you prefer to work with the most?
  32. If I gave you a website to design, which platform would you design it on, and why?
  33. When do you use Microsoft Outlook?
  34. Why do you think people prefer to format their drives in Linux, if the device is not working?
  35. What is the role of network security while setting up a new connection?
  36. What are the features that set Java different from all other languages?
  37. Can you tell me a few things about the latest version on HTML in market?
  38. What is your take on Google Glass?
  39. What are your weaknesses in IT department?
  40. How do you define an operating system?
  41. What do you think tier architecture is used for?
  42. How do you implement a waterfall model while development of a software?
  43. Give me an example of transaction logs.
  44. Which protocol is used by emails?
  45. Please differentiate an OSI model from a TCP/IP model.

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The above technical interview questions will help you crack the technical interviews. These technical interview questions gives you the basic idea that how the technical interview conducted by the interviewer.


Interview Questions

Interview QuestionsThere is no set list of interview questions that you will be asked during a job interview. The Interview questions varies based on the nature of the job but still there are some common interview questions which generally asked in every other job interview. In our today’s article we’ve tried to include as much job interview questions as we can to give you the clear picture about the questions you may be asked in your next job interview.

Although the interview questions we’re listing below does not guarantee to come up in your next interview but as per our experience these are most commonly asked job interview questions.

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Basic Interview Questions

  1. Tell us something about yourself.
  2. Why do you want to join our company?
  3. What do you know about this organization?
  4. Have you been interviewed with us before?
  5. Do you know anybody in this organization?
  6. Where do you want to see yourself after 3 years from now?
  7. Why do we hire you?
  8. Tell us about 3 of your Weaknesses.
  9. Tell us about one of your biggest strength.
  10. What motivates you?
  11. What’s your ideal company?
  12. What is the thing which attracted you about this company?
  13. What is the thing which keeps you ahead from other job applicants for this job?
  14. What were the job responsibilities you were holding in your previous job?
  15. Tell us about some of your achievements in your previous job?
  16. Why do want to leave your current job?
  17. What do you know about this industry?
  18. Will you be willing to relocate if this job required so?
  19. What do you like most in your current job?
  20. Anything would you like to ask us?

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Behavioural Interview Questions

  1. What are the projects you headed up in your job?
  2. What was the last project you headed up in your job which was most successful?
  3. Tell us about a project you headed, got a failure and what did you learned from it?
  4. Tell us about a time when you realized you’ve overachieved your expectation.
  5. Tell us about a time when your work was criticized?
  6. How do you handle corporate politics (if there is any)?
  7. How do you treat with bad people in the organization?
  8. How do deal with difficult situations in your life?
  9. Tell us about a time when you felt most demotivated & how you overcome?
  10. What irritates you about other people & how do you deal with it?
  11. Tell us about a time when you did a big mistake & how did you handle it?
  12. How do you motivate others in the job?
  13. What was the most difficult decision you made in your career & what was that?
  14. What will you do if you found your company is doing some illegal activities?
  15. If you were a manager & you found one of your team member is not achieving targets from last few months. What you would have done?

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Salary Related Interview Questions

  1. What is you current in-hand salary?
  2. What salary you’re expecting from us?
  3. if we offer you the salary you asked for, what is your commitment to the company?
  4. If you couldn’t meet the commitment you made, what will you do?
  5. Is the salary you’re asking is negotiable?

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Some Other Miscellaneous Interview Questions

  1.  What are the goals you’ve in mind if you got this job?
  2. What you think you can contribute to the organization if you got selected?
  3. What you would like to change in your last organization?
  4. What do you see yourself after 30 days of joining this job?
  5. How soon can you build your credibility with the team?
  6. What will be your fist 60 days strategy if you got selected for this job?
  7. Who is your favourite manager & why?
  8. What do you think about your current boss?
  9. What other organizations you would like to join if you not selected here and why?
  10. What was the last movie you seen?
  11. What was the last book you read?
  12. Who is your favourite entrepreneur?
  13. Sell me this pen?
  14. What is your greatest achievement outside of work?
  15. How do you rate yourself out of five in terms of your management skills?

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Hope you must have liked our today’s list of interview questions. We generally publish a list list of questions every month. If you liked the list & have any question in mind feel free to ask. For more Interview Questions list join our mailing list.

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Sales Assistant Job Description

Sales Assistant Job DescriptionEveryone knows a bit about what a sales assistant is, and what he does. You come across a number of such sales assistants in different stores, firms, shopping malls, and other places. The fact which we are now going to present to you might be interesting. Did you know that retail sector is one of the county’s biggest industry, and continuously progressing day by day? Well no matter how neglected this job may seem to you, but it plays a real important part in the progress of a business. Besides paying a decent sum of money, the job even provides you some additional benefits like discounts on the items being sold at your store. The work you are going to do need full dedication, and sincerity. In this article about Sales Assistant Job Description we’re gonna tell you about Sales Assistant Salary & Sales Assistant Duties that you may write in the job description you’re preparing for a Sales Assistant Profile.

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What a Sales Assistant actually does? – Sales Assistant Duties

A sales assistant is the first person to welcome the customer in the shop, and definitely represents the business. You would get to see fresh faces each day, and a simple smile on your lips is sufficient to do the wonders. The quote “first impression is the last impression” this profession perfectly. A sales person needs not be a smart handsome hunk, or a harming beautiful lady, buy yes an outstanding personality person is the one who is required here. Your dressing sense, the way you make use of gestures, personal hygiene, the way of talking, are some of the factors that determine your personality. Let’s have a quick look at some of the duties of a sales assistant:

  • Welcome the customers in the store and greet them with a smile.
  • Ensure that the products in the store are well organized as per their category.
  • Assist customers to find what they need.
  • Advise customers to choose the best product (only if they ask you, or they seem to be a bit confused at some particular spot).
  • Handle payments for the goods purchased.
  • Attend calls for customers availing home delivery facilities.
  • Keep a neat record of cash, and different receipts, and bills.
  • Making arrangements for the customers needing a refund, or replacement of their products.
  • Order products running out of stock, and then receive deliveries.
  • Being up to date with the latest promotional schemes on various products, and informing customers about the same.

These were some of the duties of a sales assistant that he has to perform from day to day.

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Skills an effective Sales Assistant must possess

Excellent Communication Skills: No store would hire a person as a sales assistant if he cannot present his or her views to the third person. Communication skills are a must have to progress in this field. You would have to set up a healthy interaction with the customer to satisfy him with what he needs.

Outstanding Personality: As already discussed, no person is born with personality, but it has to be cultivated. How well you behave with others, a friendly nature, your style of carrying yourself around speak a lot about yourself.

Confident, Helpful, and Polite: Confidence comes from knowledge. If you know what products you are offering, and what the features of every product are, you can present your views to the customer confidently, and provide expert advises whenever required. Being helpful and equally polite to everyone in the store is another important point here.

Punctual: If the shop owner trusts you, he might even give you the responsibility of opening the store every morning. This means that you need to be strictly punctual with your job. No matter how harsh the weather gets, if the job starts at 10am, you must be at the store by 9:50am. After all, everyone admires a punctual man.

Team Player: If you work at a big reputed store, it is obvious that you will have multiple co-mates around you doing the same job. Every one of them has been assigned a particular duty, and all of you need to work as a team with co-operation to help the business.

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Sales Assistant Qualification Needed

No special qualifications are required for this job, but few skills on numbers, computer awareness, common languages, is surely a plus point. For a few specialized stores, like Book Stores , experience oer literature might make you perfect for the position.

Sales Assistant Salary

Salary of the sales assistant can be up to $48,000 in New York City (USA).


Sales Director Job Description

Sales Manager Job DescriptionWho Is a Sales Director

Before we tell you Sales Director Job Description, we would like to tell you who is a sales director & what do he does. A sales director is basically the backbone of the company, and is involved in making overall strategies for the growth of business along with the Chairman, Chief Executive, Board of Directors, and Non-executive directors. The competitive world of sale goes through a lot of ups and downs, and an efficient sales director knows how to successfully generate a sale with effective planning, and implementations. A Sales Director holds the big responsibility of making your company stand in the competitive market against strong competitors. The complete job role is marketing oriented, and the chair person oversees the complete sales department, gathers performance data to prepare future plans, and create reports for senior managers, as well as shareholders. He has to be focused on customer acquisitions, and revenue growth. He has to achieve the set financial target by doing everything possible in his power.

Sales Director Duties & Responsibilities

In this section we’ll tell you about the duties & responsibilities that a sales director job description should have. A senior sales manager holds a big responsibility over his shoulders, and plays multiple functions in any company. He has to play different roles, and meet up with different post holders of the company, to set up strategies, and to study the statistics. Besides working for the regular office hours, a Sales Director may even have to work overtime to complete his targets within the deadlines. Let’s have a quick look over the responsibilities of a Sales Director:

  • Study the previous stats of the company, and understand the policies adopted by company to improve these stats.
  • Develop new strategies, tactics, and plans for future growth of company’s database.
  • Generate reports based on facts to be presented before the senior managers, and shareholders.
  • Meet the sales target set within the given deadline with restricted territory, and accounts.
  • Build up a better customer relationship, understand their needs, and try to make them satisfied without compromising with the company profits.
  • Maintain long lasting customer relationships.
  • Represent the company’s business policies in various conferences, trade fairs, and networking events to attract more and more clients.
  • Effectively communicate the value proposals with different presentations.
  • Analyze the sales team, and check if the work there is going on smoothly or not. Make amendments in the team members if necessary.
  • Travel across various countries if required to attend various seminars, and events.
  • Coordinate the sales operations with all the other departments of the company.
  • Establish performance goal for each employee, and monitor if the employee is able to meet up the expectations or not.
  • Continuously motivate the sales team, and inspire them to stay focused on company’s goals.
  • Seek out new customers, and sales opportunities to help build up the empire.

We have made ourselves very much clear that being a Sales Director is not at all an easy task. You sometimes need to work under a lot of stress to achieve the objectives. To be an outstanding Sales Director, you must have following skills:

  • Outstanding Communication, and Negotiation skills is a must have.
  • You must understand the basic business policies.
  • Besides being self-motivated, you must be a source of inspiration even for the co-mates. There is no place for people who give up very soon.
  • You will have to be enthusiastic towards you work. No results can be achieved without showing the dedicated passion, and dedication.
  • You must be good at report preparations, and data analysis work.
  • An impressive personality would surely help you crack the nut here.
  • You must be able to cope up with stress as working under deadlines is not at all an easy task.

Sales Director Educational Requirements

You may include the educational requirement in a Sales director job description you write. Basically in this field, experiences speak more than certificates. But still there are a few educational degrees which might help you to make the perfect choice for the job.

  • A bachelor’s degree in any business field with MBA.
  • A Level 4 Diploma in Sales Management.
  • Advance Certificate in Sales Management
  • Intensive Diploma in Strategic Sales practice

With higher experience, new doors will open up themselves. The more experience you have, the more desirable you are in the market, and the more companies are willing to pay you.

As per ISMM reports, the future in field of Sales Director is really bright. Sales Directors often grow and become the managing directors, and CEOs of the firm. They have a large team to lead, which when provided with the right directions can do wonders.

Sales Director Salary

You should include a salary section in any Sales Director Job Description you write, it makes it attractive. Sales directors earned a median salary of $150,042 according to report. The salary report also states that the median salary range for a sales director fell between $125,722 to $177,676.


CEO Job Description

A Chief Executive Officer or CEO is highest ranked executive in an organization. A CEO is a person who actually shape the growth path of a company & takes major decisions for the success of a company. A CEO Job Description includes variety of different duties & responsibilities and they majorly depends on the nature of an organization & it’s vision. In our today’s post we’re gonna write about a typical CEO Job description which will help you write a good job description for a CEO profile.

CEO Job DescriptionA Chief Executive Officer generally reports to board of directors. In some countries CEO’s also called as Managing Directors, Executive Directors or Chief Executive. Generally board of directors delegates responsibilities to CEO. These responsibilities varies company to company & it’s legal structure. A CEO works as a main channel of communication between board of directors & company operations. He give a clear picture to BOD about how company is working & where it is going in a period of time. In smaller companies a CEO takes almost all the decisions. He also involves himself in hiring the employees. But in larger organizations his responsibilities are totally different, he generally keep busy in formulating the future growth plan and evaluating the results.

CEO Duties & Responsibilities

You may include the few duties & responsibilities in a CEO Job Description, although these are majorly depends on your company size and company vision & mission.

  • Building a work culture
  • Hiring & Leading a team of senior managers
  • Setting a budget within organizations
  • Giving directions to the employees so that company vision can be fulfill
  • Creating, communicating, and implementing the organization’s vision, mission, and overall direction
  • Setting up the strategies in the organization
  • Evaluating the results of the organization
  • Preparing annual operating plans as per the directions set by Board of Directors
  • Submitting the operating plans for approval
  • Setting up long term & Short term goals for the organization
  • Evaluating organizations staff performances
  • Inform the important updates to staff & board of directors
  • Oversees the organization & managers operations in compliance with the law & regulations
  • Representing the organization in media & other public events
  • To achieve the organization mission successful
  • Raising funds for the organization
  • Develop fund raising strategies
  • oversees employees in fund raising activities
  • oversees staff in making reports for funders
  • Stay informed about the current trends related to product & services offered by the organization
  • Managing marketing opportunities for the organization
  • Preparing broad Marketing strategies & directing marketing team to meet the goals & developing PR

Skills Required

You may include skills section in your CEO Job Description. The skills sets could be differ what we’re suggesting below but you may write the following skills in your CEO Job Description.

  • She should be influencing in nature & Should be capable enough to build a healthy work environment
  • Should be able to create long term & short term goals for the organization
  • Should be able to create a strong team of leaders
  • Should be able to make others fall in love with their jobs by assigning right people at right place
  • Should reward people for the achievement they done

Education Qualification of a CEO

Although there is no set qualification is required to become a CEO. We’ve seen in past that many CEO even never went to college and some of them were college dropouts. Companies hire CEO on the basis of their reputation in the market & their past experience. Although generally companies prefer a CEO with at least a graduate degree or MBA with 15-20 years of experience with a successful track record.

CEO Salary

CEO Salary majorly depends on the size of an organization & the responsibilities a CEO has. Oracle CEO gets a salary package of $96,160,696 which is highest in the market but some small companies CEO’s even don’t get a package of 1/10 of what Oracle CEO is getting.


Medical Assistant Job Description

Medical Assistant Job DescriptionA Medical Assistant is a multi-skilled medical professional & an integral part of medical team who performs various roles including administrative tasks & clinical procedures. The role of a Medical Assistant may vary depending on size of Doctor practice. A typical Medical Assistant Job Description may include the following points as we’ll mention in this of our article.

A Medical Assistant performs tasks like attending patients phone calls, taking patient history, helping doctor examining patients etc. In this of our article we’ll try to give you a picture about the major duties & responsibilities that a Medical Assistant carry in a typical Medical Assistant Job Description.

Medical Assistant Job Description, Duties, Responsibilities & Salary

Medical Assistant Duties & Responsibilities

As we’ve mentioned earlier that Medical Assistant job include various duties & responsibilities depending on the size of the health care provider. We’ve classified Medical Assistant job duties & responsibilities into two sections i.e Administrative Duties & Clinical Duties.

Administrative Duties & Responsibilities

  • Welcome patients in person or over the phone & answering there queries
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Completing reports by collecting information about test, examination & treatment.
  • Maintaining revenue reports by  recording billing information; completing insurance forms; responding to insurance and other third-party inquiries
  • Handling Emails
  • Handling & Maintaining Medical Records
  • Maintaining inventory, placing orders, collecting receipts
  • Keep the equipments safe & ready for use
  • Maintaining a healthy  work environment

Clinical Duties & Responsibilities

  • perform nursing under the supervision licensed health care provider.
  • Assist patient during the examination
  • interview patients to take their case history
  • Measuring vital signs
  • Give medicine & Injection as directed by doctor
  • Give patient advice about medicine & food as directed by doctor
  • Perform ECG
  • Lab Procedures
  • In some states Medical Assistant also take X-Rays
  • All other duties as assigned by Medical Coordinator or Supervisor

Skills Required for Medical Assistant Job

There are few skills that a Medical Assistant must posses although there could be many other skills required as per the job.

  • Customer Service & Telephone Etiquette
  • Ability to maintain healthy work environment
  • Ability to perform phlebotomy
  • Go getter attitude
  • Should be able to work under pressure
  • Some office management skills

Qualification for Medical Assistant job

A high school diploma & college is required to be eligible for this job. Some health care centers also require a medical assistant certification although that is not applicable for all the jobs.

Medical Assistant Salary

On an average a medical assistant earn $20,000 per year although if you’re a experienced candidate your average may go upto $40,000 per year.

Medical Assistant job is a 40 Hours job per week and in US it is a 9 to 5 job. As we’ve mentioned Medical Assistant Job Description includes a diversified tasks to be performed. If you’re working in hospital you may have to work in rotational shifts. Some hospitals also appoint part time Medical Assistant so if you wants to work only on weekends, there is a good chance for you.

So basically Medical Assistant Job description includes to perform patient-oriented procedures and tasks under the supervision of licensed physicians.

We hope the following Medical Assistant Job Description will help you write a better job description for Medical Assistant profile. The job responsibilities may vary as per your requirement so feel free to add delete any point as per your requirement.


Sales Executive Job Description

Sales Executive Job DescriptionA Sales Executive is any person who has trained and practiced the science of the business sales for a particular company and ultimately executing that science. It is the responsibility of the Sales Executive to attract the Business opportunities for any company also its main task is to create business opportunities for the companies. Here we’re writing about Sales Executive Job Description & How much salary a sales executive can drawn.

Some Key Points

  1. Senior sales executives are responsible for the planning, coordinating and directing an organization’s movement of the customers or the distribution of the products.
  2.  They generally manage a team of the salespeople, set a target for the companies sale and goals, establish a sales territories and they also decides how the staff should be trained.
  3.  These individuals have some special kind of the skill sets which includes the analytical and the people skills.

Sample Sales Executive Job Description

Job Category: Marketing / Sales
Specialization: Business Development

Candidate should be Graduate with Direct Sales experience in Telecom, Office Automation, Banking and Insurance.

Industry: Telecom

Skills Required To Perform The Job

  • The candidate should be Graduate in the Business or management.
  • The candidate should be Graduation in the Computers, Engineering or Technology related studies.
  • The candidate should be having Strong Business related Knowledge.
  • The candidate should be having very Strong communication skills.
  • The desire for the sales job with strong determination.
  • The candidate should be self motivated in achieving the goals.
  • The candidate should posses the high skills of teamwork.
  • The candidate should perform the job independently.
  • He should be having the capability to thrive in today’s competitive market.
  • The candidate should have some work experience in this field so that he can face the customers easily with full confidence.

Sales Executive Duties & Responsibilities

A Sales Executive has the responsibility of the sales of any company into the market so he needs to make sure that he fulfills his duties and responsibilities with full desire and determination.

The Duties and the responsibilities of the Sales Executive job persons are given below.

  • He should maintain good relationships with the companies customers through regular Phone contact, e-mails or the personal contacts.
  • The Sales Executive should build a connection between the current market and the future market with his company.
  • The Sales Executives should provide the accurate feedback on the future buying trends to their employers.
  • The Sales Executives should review their own aim and the performance at exceeding their targets.
  • The Sales Executives needs to assist the management in taking the appropriate decisions in the discussions in the forthcoming products and on the special promotions.
  • The Sales Executives records the sales and the other information.
  • The Sales Executives reports the sales report to the sales department.
  • The Sales Executives displays the efficiency in gathering the customers and market information to enable conflicts regarding the customer specifications to their managers, delivery and the variation in the prices.

Sales Executive Educational Qualification

  1.  Any degree in a subject is required.
  2. Some jobs also require relevant qualifications particularly in medical and technical sales department.
  3. Having an experience in commercial area with customers can be beneficial.
  4. Have a good knowledge of Networking is required.

Sales Executive Salary

A Sales Executive generally earns an average salary ranging between $69000  to  $75000. The salary often includes benefits including commission based earning, health insurance and a company vehicle.

The above mentioned Sales Executive Job Description has been given just for the reference purpose. Feel free to change anything as per your requirement. In the above Sales Executive Job Description salary range has been given for US, it could differ in other countries.