Interview Questions to Ask

So you’re done with your Interview. Your interviewer asked you so many questions and you answered all of them very confidently, great. So also think you’ll be hired? Best of luck. Suddenly interviewer asks you a quick question again and the question is “do you have any question for me?” Most probably you’ll answer it saying “no, not now”.  Believe me if you’ve answered to this question in this way in your recent interview, you’ve lessen your chances to be called back. HR experts says whenever your interviewer ask this question, you must have some interview questions to ask in advance.

It’s pretty common interviewer ask this question to the candidate at the end of an interview. Today I’m going to share a secret with you, which will help you boost your chances to be hired.

A Job interview is not about you only answer to the questions asked by employer rather you should ask some questions at the end of the interview to show how concern you’re about the job opening. When you ask questions to your prospective employer, you leave an impression into its mind and then they easily recall you.

In simple words I would say you interview back your employer. This is the way you can find out if the vacant position is the right fit for you. Below are the questions you may ask during interview to your employer.

Interview Questions to Ask

15+ Interview Questions to ask Employer

Below we’re listing some interview questions to ask employer when you’re asked to ask one.

  • If I were to join from tomorrow, what will be the most prioritized work for me?
  • Is this a new position? If not why this position is vacant?
  • Do you prefer existing employees for promotion or you hire a new employee for a higher position?
  • Whom this position reports to? If I got selected, can I meet him/her?
  • What personality traits make a candidate best fit for this profile?
  • What changes are you expecting the new candidate will bring into this position?
  • How many employees are already working in this department?
  • What do you like most working with this organization?
  • Do you need some references?
  • Is this job required travel? If yes, how often?
  • What are the growth prospects in this organization for this profile?
  • If I got selected for this profile, how soon I’ve to join?
  • Is there any question I can answer for you?
  • How do you evaluate someone’s work performance?
  • How do you describe the culture of your organization?
  • Will I be hearing from you or should I contact you?

Questions not to ask in an Interview

There are some questions you must take care not to ask to your employer, here are some of them.

  • What does the organization do?
  • After how many day after my joining i can take leaves for a holiday?
  • Do you provide free parking?
  • Can i shift to other department if i selected?

There are many other interview questions to ask employer but the above mentioned are most common. If you’ve any other question in mind that you think we should include in the list feel free to let us know using our contact form. Hope you’ll ask these interview question next time when you’ll get interviewed.


Exit Interview Questions

Exit Interview is a common practice that HR Managers follow to get feedback from a resigning employee. Generally Human Resource department prepare a set of Exit Interview Questions in advance so that the reason can be find out about employee departure. The feedback that has been taken from the employee during Exit Interview session can be used for the betterment of the organizations. This is the time when you can even retain the employee by solve his grievance or offering him what he wants.

Exit Interview QuestionsUnlike a Job Interview there is no right or wrong answer of Exit Interview Questions, rather company take this session as an opportunity to find out what their employee thinks about the organization and what changes they want to bring in the organization. On the other hand employee also get a chance to speak out what he always wanted to say to the management. This is how it’s a win-win situation for both employee & organization.

This is our advice to our readers to be calm & respectful during the exit interview even if your terms were not good with your supervisor. To HR managers our advice is to read out this amazing post on Wall Street Journal Blog about the One Question to Ask in an Exit Interview. HR managers should also ready with the following checklist for the effective execution of the exit interview.

Some Sample Exit Interview Questions

Here is a set of sample exit interview questions to you may ask during an exit interview.

  • What is the main reason behind you leaving your job?
  • What are the other reasons behind your departure?
  • What are the wonderful moments you enjoyed with us?
  • What were the worst moments of your life you spend with us?
  • What triggered you to start looking out for a job?
  • Were you satisfied with your salary?
  • What were the extra job responsibilities you were taking care of apart from your KRA?
  • What do you say about the communication within organization?
  • The benefits that company was offering to you, were you satisfied with them?
  • What did you see in your new company that you made the decision to accept their offer?
  • Anything that your new company is offering to you that our organization doesn’t offer to employee.
  • How about the supervision you received here?
  • What to you like most about the company ?
  • What do you like least about the company?
  • What recommendations you want to make for the company?
  • What are your views about the management & leadership of the company?
  • Would you recommend this company to your friends or any prospective employee?
  • What can we do to make you stay with this company?
  • Would you consider again to work for the company?
  • What according to you your immediate supervisor should do to improve in his management style.
  • Did your job duties were same as was communicated to you when you had joined us?
  • Did you get the timely feedback about your performance and area of improvements?
  • Did you get the enough training to perform your job effectively?
  • Do you have any question or do you want to say something?
  • What improvements you want to bring within customer service & relations?
  • What do you think about the appraisal system that we follow?
  • What training or improvement you find help you the most?
  • What are the things that motivates you in this company?

These Exit Interview Questions has been formed just to give you an idea. you can alter or even replace any of the question mentioned above based on your requirement. Always keep in mind the prime objective of exit interview is to find out the loopholes within the organization and develop a fix for it. Hope our article will help you draw a better strategy for your next exit interview.


Highest Paying Jobs In United States

Looking for Highest Paying Jobs? It’s always better to have an idea in advance about the highest paying jobs available in the market so that we can plan our future as per our interest. If you’re living in United States and planning to make a career choice, this could be the game changer post for you. We’re listing some best paying career options available for US citizens along with annual wage estimates. here is a top 10 highest paying jobs list to give you an idea about best career options available for you.

Highest Paying Jobs

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs List

Medical Professionals

No doubt Medical professionals are a clear winner of best payout takers. The wages of these professionals are so high simply because of the investment they made in their study & risk involved in their job. They also have a great responsibilities on their shoulders because someone’s life is depend on their prescription. Among all the medical professionals Anesthesiologists, Surgeons, Obstetricians and Gynecologists are Orthodontists are few who gets the highest salary. This is the most lucrative career option available but still the truth is more than 80% of medical students carry a debt as per a recent study. So if you think you’ve enough money to spend for your study, career in Medical could be the right choice for you. The salary of medical professional in US ranges from $1,50,000 to $2,40,000 which is highest among all other career options available.

C Level Executives

Days are gone when C level executives were getting the highest payout. Now they have become the highest paying employees after medical professionals. c level executive specially CEO’s gets a lucrative package in United States. CEO’s of consulting, banking & investment firms usually got the highest payouts. In 2012 John Hammergren were the highest paid CEO in US, who earned $131 million during that period. It’s not easy to become a CEO of a company. generally candidate with up to 30 years of experience & skills got a chance to become a CEO of a company. The CEO usually reports to the board of directors.


Orthodontists are medical doctors who examine, diagnose, and treat dental malocclusions and oral cavity anomalies. This is another best paying career option available in US. More than 5000 Orthodontists are available in the country and the average wages for these professionals is approx $2,00,000 per year which puts this career into highest paying jobs category. Extensive skills & experience is required to pursue this job. A minimum bachelor degree is required to make a career in this field.


Psychiatrists are medical doctors who study & treat mental disorder & mental illness.This is another higher salary occupation in United States. A bachelor degree followed by medical school is required to become a Psychiatrists. The average payout for this profession is $1,80,000 which makes it an attractive career choice.

Engineering Manager

Engineering Manager generally plan, coordinate & execute projects. This is another a role of high responsibilities. The demand of skilled Engineering Manager is a bit high in the market & that’s make it a perfect career option. To become an Engineering Manager a bachelor degree followed by an MBA is preferred. The average salary for this occupation is $1,20,000 per year.

Natural Sciences Managers

Natural Sciences Managers are responsible to oversee the work of other scientists such as such as agricultural scientists, chemists, biologists, and geologists. You can get into this field with minimum a bachelor degree but an MBA is advisable. These professional generally involved in research & development area. to become the highest paying natural sciences manager you must have an aptitude for key business functions, such as marketing, sales and finance. The average salary for this occupation is $1,15,000 per year which put this occupation among highest paying jobs.

Computer And Information Systems Manager

Computer and Information Systems Manager is a person who is responsible for overall plan of organization’s information technology & system. You can start your career as a programmer and later when you got some experience you can shift your career to Computer and Information Systems Manager. This career require lots of skills & analytically thinking. The job includes to secure company information, deploy software, IT management and introducing new technologies in the company. This job offers a salary approx $1,12,000 per year. A degree in computer science makes you eligible for this profile.


The primarily work of a lawyer is to represent clients in criminal and civil litigation. They also makes legal documents and advice clients on legal transactions. Now a days all businesses hire their personal lawyers to handle their legal obligations. Lawyers must pass the bar examination offered by the state in which they wish to practice. Lawyers generally draw approx $1,10,000 per year as a salary which put this job in highest paying jobs.

Marketing & Sales Managers

Almost all the firms, big or small require a marketing & sales manager which makes this career as highly demandable. A marketing manager is responsible for marketing research, development of marketing strategy & plan, management of marketing mix & customer relationship management. On the other hand Sales manager is responsible for creating & executing overall sales plan for an organization. These professionals usually draw a salary around $1,10,000.

Airline Pilots, Copilots, and Flight Engineers

These professionals are responsible for the safe takeoff & landing of the aircraft. This is another lucrative career option with high amount of jobs available. Average salary for this occupation is $1,05,000 which puts it into highest paying jobs category. To get a good job in this profession someone needs several years of experience & a four year degree. you can get good job in regional or low cost airlines. Usually airlines hire pilots with 4,000 hours of flight experience.

Hope our list of highest paying jobs will help you find a best paying career for yourself. if you really liked this article must share this with your friends & family.


How to crack a job interview successfully after MBA?

This article will help you get an answer of most frequently asked question which mostly has been asked by fresh graduates and the question is “How to crack a job interview successfully”. Interviews have the biggest possible importance where even a slight wrong move will reject even the most qualified candidate. “Interview skills” are the primary necessity which should be learnt in order to come out with flying colors. Since, in such an age of intense competitive world, companies are not just relying on qualification of the candidates, they are equally looking towards the presentations skills as well. If you want to nail your first interview, then you need to show some gradients like zeal, enthusiasm and willingness. Most of the candidates miss these points and hence fail to crack the first interview.

Job InterviewI was aware of the same thanks to my college teachers from where I got my MBA degree and my hard work got me 84% marks in VTU University. Now, my aim was to enroll myself in a reputed and esteemed company. I was quite close towards imparting my services with an organization which has carved a niche for itself. Yeah, it was “Colgate”, but my biggest challenge was,

“How am I going to crack the interview?” and I was like tensed to the core.

In short, following things are needed to crack your first interview

  • Proper gesture and posture
  • Enthusiasm
  • Willingness to adapt to any kind of environment
  • Knowledge of the company
  • Practical or field knowledge
  • Remove any roadblocks that make you look immature
  • Etiquettes
  • To the point answers
  • Practice hard at home

If you want to succeed you have to be organized and defeat your weaknesses.

There were literally so many mistakes which were deterring me towards cracking a successful interview but luckily, my teachers worked intensely on my gestures. While having a right gesture and posture is important, but unnecessary or excessive body movement could become a impediment in your success. Interviewers do not like people in haste and this is where I needed to improve myself. Earlier, I had the habit of moving hands unnecessarily while talking to people and that was the area where I did my home work and improved a lot too.

Maintaining a normal pitch while talking re-affirms your confidence and so standing straight as well. I have seen many other candidates sitting with drooped shoulders. However, I was lucky to be guided with such detailed intricacies from my teachers.

I had another bad habit of biting my nails especially while conversing with people and I dedicatedly worked upon removing the same and luckily I did.  Needless to say, the eye to eye contacts were equally important towards emphatically asserting your point and I did master over the same too.

Besides working on my self, I equally gathered detailed knowledge about the company as I knew it is important to know about the organization where I am going to become a part of their ever increasing family. I was booming with confidence the moment I entered the “interview room”. In order to impress them, I asked previous employees about the questions they got asked. How did they manage to get into the company or what situation worked in their favor? It not only helped me to gain knowledge about the company but also about the HR. Impress the HR by telling them that you know few things about him/her and why you admire him/her and what they do.

There were three interviewers who all were impressed with my exemplary personality and confidence as I answered all of their queries with a smiling face, thus registering never ending charisma. Finally, the efforts of my teachers, prayers of my parents and my hard work paved the way for me towards successfully cracking the interview at the first go itself. Thus, I became part of the renowned company as well.

This guest post is written by Ricky. If you’re doing MBA from VTU, then you can check your MBA result of VTU online or this link. All the best in your future endeavor.


Best Job Search Engines

Job search engines like Indeed, Monster, Career Builder, Simply Hired, LinkedIn, GlassDoor, etc are some of the names which are most popular among job searchers. These Job search engines are not only free but also gives instant results. Job searcher just need to sign up with them & they start sending you best job matches right into your inbox. If that’s not enough you can yourself search for the jobs using their search feature which is available on each of these websites. If you’re a smart phone user, there is good news for you, some of these job search websites also have smart phone compatible apps that you can install on your phone for free & can do a job search on the go.

Almost each one of us do need these search engines now & then to search for a job for ourselves or for a friend or colleague. High number of available Job search engines on the web sometimes makes it difficult which job search engine worth spend time on. Although almost all of these job websites offer similar kind of services but the results are not the same.  Like us, employers are also active on those sites which have a great candidate base. Our today’s post will tell you some of those job search engines which are best on the web & also worth spend time on.

job search engines

Best Job Search Engines on the Web is truly a global job search engines having its presence in 50 countries. Monster is a leading online global careers network founded in 1994 by Jeff Taylor. To offer better access to available jobs on the website, Monster offer a free smart phone App which is available for Windows, iOs, Blackberry & Android platform. Monster list full time, part time & hourly job in almost every field of business. More than 1.1 million job listings, and more than 41 million resumes from job seekers makes Monster a good choice for your job search campaign. is indeed a best website to give a try for your job search. Like it has a huge database of registered users who are actively looking for a job change. Indeed is one of the website which is most popular among best employers. More than a billion job searches happen on this giant job search engine by half a billion people. This amazing job websites gives user an access to apply for jobs posted by thousands of trusted & highly paying employers. Indeed has a very good search feature which enables user to narrow down the search results as per their requirement. It has huge job postings available from around the globe. Close to 1,00,00 jobs are being posted on Indeed every day which clearly makes it best search engine on the web.

If you’re looking for a job search engine which is simple yet effective, we’ll recommend you to give a try to  This is of the fastest growing and popular job portal on the web. It allows its users to configure its account in the manner he wants. Users can block some companies to see their resume. Users can even search & save the results and can also manage the email preferences. The job search engine already got many awards from reputed organizations & has a presence across the globe with its country specific job sites. SimplyHired was launched in USA in 2005 to make the job search even a better experience. James Beriker is a President and CEO of this company.  This also gives many features including salary information broken down by location and occupation.

When you do a Google search about best job search engines, chances are you end up your search with It’s a highly reputed & most popular search engine among fortune 1000 companies. The job portal was started in the year 1995 & has more than 1.5 million jobs listed on it. Users can store upto 5 resumes on the site & can even store them privately so that companies can’t see them all. Similar to other job sites, it has a great job search feature & a cool job alert feature. That’s not enough, you’ll find jobs on this portal posted by more than 3,00,000 employers. The job search engine also has a global network of its country specific search engines, which give access to candidate about local jobs available in that county.

No we’ve not mistakenly mentioned this business networking site in the list. is indeed a great place to find a job: especially high profile jobs. Now a day’s HR Managers are spending most of their time on this professional networking site to find the right talent for their organizations. To keep this opportunity in cash, we have noticed, job seekers are taking this site seriously & results are amazing. Reid Hoffman in 2002 founded this amazing company from his living room & now it has become world’s largest professional network. There are more than 150 million members in over 200 countries using this network. You can recommend your friends & can get recommended by others to increase your reputation in this network. LinkedIn also provide a job board where you can find jobs posted by thousands of employers & can apply for them as applicable.

What is not a job search engine? Yes I know it, it’s not but it’s equally important to be on GlassDoor as on other best job search engines.  GlassDoor  is a free jobs and career community which provides “employee generated content”  about anonymous salaries, company reviews, interview questions, and more. It helps employees to take next big career decision after reading about salaries & company review, all written by real employees. Glassdoor has nearly 3 million salaries and reviews which make it different from other job search engines because none other job site provide such a great & in-depth content. On Glassdoor you can login with a Facebook ID, which now a days everyone has, to see how many of your friends are on Glassdoor & where are they working. You can also read to reviews posted by your friends. is a good choice to search jobs in USA , although it also has a website for UK & Canada. More than 36,500 companies rely on LinkUp to post job opportunities. It also offers mobile apps to search jobs on the go. LinkUp is owned and operated by JobDig which is a 12 year old job search company.


If you live in USA, could be the right place to be on. The U.S. Federal government has this giant search engine to help USA natives find a better job opportunity. You can even find worldwide jobs on this portal.

Hope this of our article about best job search engines will help you get a job quickly & will help you find a right employer. If you’ve a question, feel free to leave your comments.


Accounting Manager Job Description

This sample Accounting Manager Job Description will help you create an appealing Job Description which will sure attract good candidates for Accounting Manager position.

An Accounting Manager Job includes working under director of finance & manage financial activities and accounting functions on computers. The Accounting Manager Job also includes supervising accounting staff to carry out day to day tasks.

The Authority’s general ledger’s maintenance is a responsibility of highly specialized accounting work performed by Accounting Manager.

Accounting Manager Job Description Overview

  • The Accounting Manger works under the Director of Finance.
  • The denizen should have a supervisory, review and proofing reading invoices.
  • They responsibility of carrying out the organisation’s annual audit and recording financial statements.
  • Accounting Manager programs, arranges and also handles a assigned college or university as well as significant District-wide human resources plan as well as pair of records.
  • Supervise, approach and also synchronize the activities connected with a number of fund and also human resources products and services that will may include, but are certainly not on a, normal human resources, records payable, payroll, auditing, relationship management, treasury supervision, and also monetary reporting.
  • The Accounting Manager handles restricted deadlines and also a variety of human resources things to do including normal journal planning, monetary reporting, year-end audit planning.

Duties & Responsibilities of an Accounting Manager

  • Arranging liquid money that includes localisation and de-localisation of funds in various trusts and ventures.
  • Organizing a set of in depth records and classified files to document financial transactions.
  • Desk-ing on the table for customer service.
  • Accounting Manager Verifies financial reports by running performance analysis software program.
  • Accounting Manager also File and tally cash deposit records.
  • Produces financial reports involving the Authority’s trust accounts for monthly board gatherings. Coordinates all, month end, year end closing activities.
  • Resolves complicated accounting issues and assists other personnel withheld with different responsibility in letting the financial transaction run smoothly.
  • Monitoring entries in the general ledger on a monthly basis to ensure accuracy of posting.
  • Maintaining records of vouchers, invoices, checks, bills, tax receipt, account statements, reports and filing it in the ledger.
  • Maintain precise records in order to indicate the economic problem on the corporation’s funds administration as well as reconciliations. Provide many economic cancelling for you to administration such as Balance Linen as well as Revenue as well as Burning transactions.
  • Accounting Manager maintains year-end functioning paperwork as well as spreadsheets, as well as improves prep for virtually any audits as well as self-sufficient testimonials.
  • Create, implement as well as observe inside adjustments.
  • Provide economic administration as well as cancelling to the Redevelopment Bureau.
  • The accounting manager supervises the work of fellow accountants, human resources assistants, and also other designated employees; designate, strong, observe as well as examine employees operate; plan as well as coordinate specialized advancement actions; implement corrective motion while suitable.
  • Produces periodic statements related to transactions and ad hoc financial reports.
  • Implements and executes suggestions to optimise accounting operations in order to make it productive.
  • Has to be flexible and can perform a wide variety of tasks.

Skills, Knowledge & Abilities Required for Accounting Manager’s Job Profile

  • Working experience of accounting operations (governmental/non-profit).
  • Updating financial ledgers and data; preparing personal phrases and reports, standard and subsidiary ledgers and support routines; research and resolve differences.
  • High supervising and monitoring skills.
  • Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and Governmental Accounting Standards (GASB) should on tips and should possess detailed knowledge about the aforesaid standard.
  • Knowledge of operating the concepts of capital budgeting.
  • Maintain effectiveness as well as useful personal methods through processes.
  • Examine as well as validate personal docs as well as entries.
  • Work independently inside the absence of supervision.
  • Analysing financial data and to prepare accurate reports in a specific timeframe.

Education & Qualification

  • A Bachelor’s Degree with stream in accounting is a must to become an accounting manager.
  • Three years of experience in the area of carrying out financial transaction, budgeting, letting out payrolls, buying and selling, accounts payable and accounts receivable.
  • Should know the technical know-how in working with a non-manual monetary/financial management system.
  • Must be able to gist up the data in the most efficient and productive way possible.

Accounting manager’s position is a peaceful and perk full one, with loads of potential to rise and shine.

Salary Range

The salary for Accounting Manager Job profile ranges between $7,210 – $8,764 per month. the figure has been taken from a united states website.


Accounts Receivable Clerk Job Description

The below mentioned job description for accounts receivable clerk profile is given to help you write an effective accounts receivable clerk job description. You can edit edit the job description as per your requirement.

Accounts Receivable Clerk Job Description Overview

  • The Accounts Receivable Clerk is held with the responsibility of supplying financial, administrative and clerical services.
  • He/she should also ensure that the effectiveness and efficiency along with accuracy is maintained in financial and administrative operations.
  • The Accounts Receivable Clerk must comply with established policies and procedures.

Some Key Points:

  • Senior Administrative Officer (i.e. SAO) has to work along with Accounts Receivable Clerk
  • Financial, administrative and clerical services are undertaken by Senior administrative officer who takes care of all the payments and monitoring expenditures
  • Salaries/payment procedures has to be handled by accounts receivable clerk
  • Financial transaction should be carried out without delays and hindrances this is possible only when Accounts Receivable Clerk is efficient enough
  • Buyer-supplier relationships are essential to maintain which is possible only when the payments to vendors and suppliers are being paid within the time limit.

Responsibilities & Duties of Accounts Receivable Clerk

A.) To maintain credibility at peak levels operations has to be carried out daily and in a proper way.

These include:

  • The acquisition form of each transaction, past present and future have to be dealt with utmost care and high level of concentration.
  • Tax receipts vouchers and purchase orders and payment document have to be processed and prepared.
  • Raw materials and the human resources are to be requested by the denizen.
  • Organizational norms rules and regulation related to finance have to be taken special care.
  • Creating archives of purchase orders, tax receipts and important transactional documents.
  • Enveloping the checks and mailing them to the vendors.
  • Publishing the reports of money delocalization and mailing the report to the senior.
  • Enlisting all vendor checks in the log book and updating it regularly.
  • Scrutinize backup reports after data entry.
  • Maintaining updated vendor files and file number.

B.)  Provide receptionist services

  • Direct telephone calls and react to inquiries
  • Answer devices
  • Greet and aid guests
  • Collect income and still provide receipts


  • Accurate and perfect in carrying out tasks.
  • Ability to with hold classified information such as employee information, future ventures.
  • Possessing the knowledge of office administration and bookkeeping procedures along with payable and receivable accounts and updating ledgers.
  • Experience of handling Payroll functions. 

Skills Required for Accounts Receivable Clerk Profile

Possession of these skills would make the denizen favorite:

  • time management skills.
  • trouble shooting and analyzing the situation according to the ongoing crisis so that he may evolve with an appropriate solution to the problem.
  • High concentration is required as attention to minute details and high level of accuracy need to be maintained while updating the ledgers.
  • Bookkeeping skills have to be extremely professional as the ledgers go through thorough scrutiny during audits.
  • Spontaneous thinking and decision making skills.
  • High verbal and listening communications skills.
  • very effective organizational skills.
  • effective written communications skills.
  • High computer skills and including the ability to operate computerized accounting, spreadsheet and word processing programs, and email at a highly proficient level stress management skills.

Educational Qualification:

  • An undergraduate degree preferably with Accounting as a core subject.
  • Several months of internships with a reputed firm.
  • Experience certificate.

Characteristics of the Incumbent:

  • The denizen must imply confidentiality in performing the duties of pecuniary nature.
  •  Honest and trustworthy people are encouraged.
  • Receivable accounting clerk should also possess basic kin-ship quality of being respectful, cultural awareness, compassion and sensitivity.
  • Work ethics and punctuality are of utmost importance.

Accounts Receivable Clerk Average Salary

An accounts receivable clerk generally earn an average salary of $30,000. The salary could vary from country to country. the data has been taken from a reliable website based in united states.


Job Description Template

If you’re looking for a job description template, you’re reading to the right article. This job description template will make your job description writing process a lot more easy. This job description template will give you a head start towards writing an effective job description which will attract even more job application & will sure help you hiring a right candidate.

Before moving further you may like to read these sample posts.

The above mentioned posts will give you an idea on how people write a job description and how you should go about. In my further post you will get a template that you can use while writing a JD.

Major Sections of a Job Description Template

Job Title & Location

Every job description starts with a job title followed by the location of the job. You should also mention the company name after this. e.g Sales Executive, LA

Salary Range & Reporting Details

In this section you may include a range of salary that you’ve decided to pay for the role. e.g $25000-$35000 per year.

Profile Overview

Write a small sentence or two about the purpose of the job. This will give an idea to the candidate what role this job requires.

Area of Responsibilities

This is the major part of a job description. In this section you must write 8-12 points about the key responsibilities that your prospective employee will be dealing with. For example if you’re writing a JD for sales executive profile some of the responsibilities may include.

  • Gathering data from different sources e.g Search engine, Business Directories, Yellow Pages.
  • Making outbound calls to generate leads
  • Making & sending proposals to the client.
  • Making followups with the client.
  • Closing the sales.
  • Make sure the payment should be collected on time.

Skill Set

This section includes the required skills to perform the job. Some of the skills that required to perform a Sales Executive Job could be

  • Excellent Verbal / Written Communication and Negotiation Skills
  • Experience in selling X solution
  • Open to travel
  • Corporate selling experience

Education Background & Experience

  • Preferred Degree or Diploma:
  • Years of Experience:
  • Preferred Industry background:
  • Other Requirements:

Company Profile

It’s always good you write a small but appealing company profile at the end of the job description. It helps getting attention of a candidate & influence him to apply for the job. This should not be more than 3-4 lines. Also include a link to the company website in this section so that candidate get some idea about the company profile.

below is a sample of a job description which i found helpful to share with you.

Contract Manager Job Description Template – DOC

Hope this post about Job Description Template will help you writing your next job description. This post is written just to give you an idea about sections used in a typical job description. If you’ve any query on this feel free to contact us.


Accounts Assistant Job Description Sample

An Accounts Assistant is withheld with the responsibility for assisting the team of accountants with junior accounting duties. She/he shall directly report to the Director of Finance. An accounts assistant job description generally includes with basic book keeping activities, working with sales and purchase ledgers and running calculations to ensure that records and payments are correct.

Some Key points:

  • Accounts Assistant is responsible for maintaining the accuracy while updating the accounts, payable and receivable sub-ledgers, should be checked by the assistant.
  • Accommodating monthly account with the help of industry specified computer software and in accordance with government policies.

Accounts Assistant Duties and Responsibilities:

Accounts assistant has 3 major area of his work namely:

  1. Payable Accounts
  2. Receivable Accounts
  3. Pay Roll

1.) Accounts Payable:

  • Accounts assistant carry out bills and invoices from vendor and supplier in a specified time frame.
  • Verifying accuracy, approvals and account coding with keeping the policies of Ministry and agency requirements.
  • Checks and associated reports should be prepared timely as required by the agency policies and schedule.
  • Pre-authorized payments should be maintained per 30 days.
  • Maintain and scrutinize accounts Payable sub-ledger journals for compilation of General Ledger monthly.
  • Enter and update records of checks cashed, Demand drafts or invoices to accounting software regularly.
  • Respond to vendor inquiries till satisfaction as required.

2.) Accounts Receivable:

  • Accounts assistant process all client or miscellaneous payments daily or as required to sub-ledger.
  • Maintain and distribute accurate listing of suspensions in accordance with agency policies.
  • Preparing and maintaining list of over dues and transferring it to Director of Finance for adjustments, write- off or collections.
  • Maintaining accounting adjustment forms.
  • Attending to the needs of client or payer and satisfying inquiries as required.

3.) Payroll:

  • Possessing working knowledge of the payroll process.
  • Should be able to use software and provide backups as required.
  • Reconciliation of monthly ledger along with the Director of Finance.
  • Getting the bank reconciliations for approved from the Director of Finance per 30 days.
  • Preparing annual budget in accordance to the company policies.
  • Assisting with telephone coverage during the lunch break.
  • Recording staff absences.
  • Attending the needs of Director of Finance while maintaining the record for retention requirements.

Accounts Assistant Qualifications:

  • Accounts assistant should have comprehensive knowledge of computer accounting software systems.
  • Vastly experienced in processing and maintaining entries and accommodations in accounts payable, receivable, sub-ledger and general ledger.
  • High interpersonal skills and be good at communicating to folks.
  • Diploma in accounting (2 YEARS) to attain certification of general accounting or completion of one-year University courses in Cost Accounting.
  • Two to three years practical accounting experience or a vigorous internship under a respected firm.

Hope the above mentioned accounts assistant job description will help you writing a better job description.