Pros and Cons: Artificial Intelligence


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Artificial Intelligence is one of the greatest inventions of the 21st Century. It was first introduced to enforce the functions of computer technologies with the help of human intelligence. AI started helping in learning, reasoning and problem-solving in a more advanced way and that’s why the use of AI has been increased day by day.

But the thing is that the more technology has been moved forward, the more problem has been increased and AI is no exception. Anyway, if you are interested in signing up for Artificial Intelligence Training Courses Online and looking for the advantage and disadvantage of AI, this post is absolutely for you. Let’s jump right in!

To start with, let’s have a look at the bright sides (advantages) of AI and then proceed to the disadvantages

Solving Errors

One of the most notable advantages of AI is that it helps to solve errors in a broader aspect. For this reason, we can reach accuracy within seconds. AI has been used to reduce problems in different studies. There are robots with artificial intelligence that help humans to explore the world with fewer errors. They can go to hostile environments where human beings can’t reach.

Digital Assistant

Robots with Artificial intelligence are made in such a way that they can interact with human beings whenever needed. They are used as digital assistants who can assist people by identifying and solving problems. They are never distracted by human feelings or any other worldly things which are the main advantage. They are rational, logical and at the same time, durable.

AI Doesn’t Need Breaks

As human beings, we need enough rest or to take a break after a certain period of time. We have limitations. We cannot be active throughout the day. But AI doesn’t need a break. Since it has no human feelings, it does not get bothered if you make it work for several years at a stretch. You can get a virtual assistant whenever you want as AI helps you 24/7.


AI is time-saving. For instance, an OMR machine can examine 1000 sheets within 10 minutes which cannot be done by human beings. AI can bear laborious works without any problem that we human beings can’t do.

Now, let’s look at the downsides of AI

Addiction to Technology

As you can see, technology has made our life simpler but at the same time, it snatched away some important things from our life. Technology is addictive for kids and grown-ups. Most of the people of all ages cannot think of their life without the help of technology for a single day which is really a threat. This addiction leads to psychophysical diseases like frustration, depression which are prone to suicide.

High Cost

Artificial Intelligence is costly. The machines that bear AI are complex. Moreover, the repairing cost of the machines also requires high costs which are really a big issue. The software used in the machines needs to be updated with the advancement of technology and to cope with the world which needs huge cost. Machines are getting smarter day by day but human beings are getting trapped into it.

AI Lacks Creativity and Personal Engagement

AI can help you get your job done within seconds but it can’t design any jobs. It has no intelligence or creativity of its own. Plus, it lacks personal interactions with others as well.


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