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Want to contribute an article to TodayCut.Com? We welcome experienced writers to write for us on topics related to Jobs, Careers, Education, and Recruitment.

TodayCut is a popular website in the Jobs & Career space. We started this site back in 2013 and since then we are committed to providing helpful information to our readers that can help them with their job search and career enhancement.

We are now expanding our team of writers by welcoming guest contributors to write for us.

Remember, this is not a “write for us get paid” opportunity and you will not get any compensation for your article. However, linking out to your blog or website from the author’s bio is fine with us.

Topics we cover on our website  are as follows:

You can take the help of the below topics while writing your guest post for our website todaycut.com.

Jobs:  Job trends, career advice, interview tips, resume writing, salary negotiation, job search strategies, specific industries (e.g., tech, healthcare, finance)
Career: career development, career paths, career change, soft skills, leadership skills, work-life balance, specific job titles (e.g., software engineer, marketing manager, teacher)
Education: educational resources, online learning, skills development, career training, higher education, specific educational programs
Recruitment: hiring trends, talent acquisition strategies, employer branding, recruiting technology, candidate experience, specific industries (e.g., HR tech, recruitment agencies)

write for us contribute a guest-post

What Types Of Articles Do We Accept?

  • Career Advice
  • Software as a service (SaaS)
  • How to find a job in a SaaS company
  • Job Tips
  • Job Interview Questions 
  • Human Resource Topics
  • Resume Writing Tips
  • Detailed Job Descriptions
  • Job Trends in 2024
  • Recruitment Advice
  • How to guides
  • Case Studies
  • Finding jobs on Linkedin
  • Linkedin career advice
  • Write for jobs blog on AI careers
  • Artificial Intelligence Jobs
  • AI jobs in 2024
  • Prompt Engineering Jobs
  • Jobs in FAANG Companies
  • Tech jobs
  • Remote jobs
  • Career Development
  • Higher Education
  • HR Trends
  • Anything that can help our readers with their Job search or career enhancement.

How to pitch your topic idea?

If you want to write for us.

Please send your guest post email pitch to our “Write for us” page, our email address is  taf@aol.in

Please keep the subject line of your email as “Guest Post Idea for TodayCut“. This helps us fight spam emails.

Consider suggesting a few article ideas so that we can pick one out of them.

Don’t forget to include some of your previous writing samples in your pitch.

We carefully evaluate every application and try our best to respond to every application that we receive.

Since we take the quality of the article very seriously, we don’t publish every article that comes our way.

We wish you all the very best for your first guest post for TodayCut.com  Thanks!

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