8 of the Best Liberal Arts Degrees to Consider Going for


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Did you know that tech companies are actively seeking liberal arts degree holders? While it sounds surprising, it actually makes a lot of sense: liberal arts training focuses on generating creative ideas. That’s often what these up-and-coming businesses need the most.

What exactly is a liberal arts degree? Well, liberal arts is another word for humanities studies and includes a lot more degrees than you likely anticipated. In general, it teaches students to form arguments, solve problems, and communicate.

So the age-old misconception of the “useless” liberal arts degree no longer applies. Whether you’re a recent graduate or you just want to go back to school, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of the 8 best liberal arts degrees that’ll point you towards a brighter future.

1. English

It may be surprising, but an English degree offers a variety of job opportunities. The traditional routes are becoming an author or a journalist. However, there’s actually many more outside the box opportunities.

You can also become a technical, scientific, or business writer. These careers offer some serious cash, with an average salary of $71,950. Become a senior copywriter at the company and you’ll be making up to six figures.

These career aspects make English one of the best liberal arts degrees out there.

2. Graphic Design

This degree is ranked by Ed4Credit as one of the top arts degrees, and it’s easy to see why. Graphic design artists work at a variety of advertising and marketing firms. Businesses may also hire them directly.

With a variety of in house or online degree programs, it’s easy to get started with a degree in graphic design. And it’s not only for marketing: some graphic designers take a more creative route and become pure artists or get involved in game design. You can even cross over to a similar field and get a job as a museum curatorial.

3. Public Relations

Public Relations majors often work as a public relations specialist. These specialists focus on the brand identity of businesses or celebrities. For this job, you’ll only need a bachelor’s degree, so it’s a great return on your educational investment.

You’ll be responsible for increasing brand visibility and sustaining investment support. You’ll also help run public relations campaigns. With time, you’ll qualify to become a director, which makes a salary in the six-figure range.

4. Music

While it may come as a surprise, music is one of the most versatile arts degrees, which puts it firmly on our list of the best liberal arts degrees. You’ll be eligible for careers as a film scorer, jingle writer, or a typical performer. You can also use your music degree to become a music therapist, musical coach, or music publisher.

With a music degree, the choices are endless. And there are a ton of job opportunities with a two-year degree. With this degree, you’ll prove your musical capabilities on a professional level.

5. Drama

With a drama degree, the potential earnings are enormous. After all, famous actors make millions of dollars each year. But even if you don’t make it big, there are still a plethora of job opportunities.

If you want to stay in the field of drama, you can focus on theater design, directing, or script-writing. But there are also a variety of companies that are open to hiring individuals with drama degrees. After all, a drama degree indicates a penchant for public speaking.

6. Economics

In case you didn’t know, economics is considered a liberal arts discipline. And, unsurprisingly, a degree based around money has great salary prospects. So if you like crunching numbers, you might want to consider this degree option.

The major itself offers you the opportunity to work in a variety of fields such as business, health, government, or education. You’ll collect and analyze data, prepare reports, and even design new policies. For the upper levels, a graduate degree is a must, but either way, this major has amazing career prospects.

7. Film

The odds of becoming a professional director with your film degree are slim. However, there’s actually a lot of job opportunities with a film degree. Not all jobs require a position in Hollywood: there are plenty of local news stations that need your help.

Film training is very broad, offering more tangential post-graduate opportunities. You’ll learn film editing, mass communication, broadcast, and writing. Any of these are applicable to a variety of jobs, giving this versatile degree a well-deserved place on our list.

8. Psychology

Psychology is a great example of a degree that’s at the intersection of liberal arts and STEM. There are a variety of options with a psychology degree. But most options within the field of psychology itself need a post-graduate education.

You can pursue psychological research with a Ph.D. or psychiatry with an MD. However, some careers in counseling only require a master’s degree. Read our article on becoming a clinical psychologist if you’re interested in this route.

A degree in psychology also demonstrates that you understand people. This is a quintessential quality in the business world. That means that your degree will open a lot of doors outside of science and medicine.

The Best Liberal Arts Degrees Are Waiting for You!

We hope our list of the best liberal arts degrees has inspired you to pursue the degree of your dreams. Are you ready to start your college degree program? Read our guide on preparing to go to the college of your dreams.


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