6 Most Rewarding Non-Customer Facing Careers in the Hotel and Restaurant Field


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The hotel and restaurant industry thrives on focused customer service. This is why most workers in this field are required to have a friendly disposition. After all, day-to-day operations are mainly about meeting new people and serving their needs. There is a lot of customer face time.

You may be thinking that because of the aforementioned, shy people will not do well in this field. This notion is inaccurate because there are enough jobs in the hotel and restaurant industry that do not include having to face customers or guests.

Rounded up below are six of them:

1. Human resources

The human resources department of both hotels and restaurants is focused on managing employee and business needs. Basically, if you get a job in this department, you will still deal with people but not the customers, which may be less daunting for you.

What’s particularly fulfilling about serving as an HR staff or executive is your work is dedicated to providing solutions to establish good employee and management relationships, and promote growth for the company.

2. Cook or executive chef

If you studied in a culinary arts school and want to cook delicious food for a living, you will naturally belong in the kitchen of a hotel or restaurant. Here you can develop your craft under the tutelage of famous chefs. You also have the opportunity of creating new recipes to keep the menu of the establishment exciting, fresh and interesting.

And if you do not like facing customers, you do not have to unless the concept of the establishment is for customers to watch and interact with the cook or chef.

In a traditional commercial kitchen, though, your work will restrict you to the behind-the-scenes action. You may only need to meet a customer if it’s a VIP who found great delight in eating the food you prepared and has requested to see you.

3. Florist

You may see some customers while you are doing your job arranging flowers to deck out function rooms and the hotel lobby. However, if your task is merely to come up with lovely flower arrangements to decorate the place, interaction with customers or guests will be minimal to none.

The job of a hotel florist is particularly satisfying because you can get as creative as you want. There are always different events and changing seasons to design new arrangements for.

4. Sommelier

Hotels and restaurants are always looking for new wines to offer customers, and they need a sommelier to advise them on the best picks based on their menu offerings.

If you are a certified sommelier, working for a restaurant or hotel is great for building your reputation as an authority. Likewise, it will allow you to sample new wines frequently and expand your unique knowledge and palate. Who knows, one day, you may be able to create your own boutique wine.

But like executive chefs, you do not need to face customers to do your job.

5. Accountant

Every business needs an accountant to stay on top of finances and ensure compliance with taxation laws. Hotels and restaurants are certainly no exception.

If you are a CPA, a law-abiding business will need you to perform financial overviews on day-to-day money activities. Your “checks” are crucial to achieving business goals for growth, longevity in the industry, and smooth operations.

6. Security

Security jobs are actually quite exciting, although they really do come with a lot of risks.

However, not all security personnel are on the front lines of danger. There are those who are tucked away in monitor rooms, keeping an eagle eye on the goings-on within the business establishment.

It is worth pointing out, too, that technology for security and safety is constantly developing and big establishments like hotels usually invest in the latest technology. For tech nuts, it is a wonderful opportunity to learn how to operate new devices that can make the job of keeping the business and guests protected much more efficient.

See, there are a good number of careers you can build in the hotel and restaurant field that would not require you to deal directly with customers, clients, or guests.

So, if you are eyeing the industry but you do not want a job that will bring you face to face with customers all the time, the jobs mentioned above are some of your best picks.

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Daulet Zhumagulov is the Founder and CEO at WeHoteliers, a specialized online hospitality portal in the GCC region where prospective and experienced talents can explore career opportunities and be discovered by the top employers in the industry. The company’s mission is to provide an efficient and modern platform that will focus on the needs and interests of hospitality professionals.


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