Employed in Tampa, Fl- Am I getting Employee Benefits?


HR Practices

In most cases paying your employees, a set amount isn’t always going to fully satisfy their needs. This is where providing employee benefits comes in. Providing these benefits such as health insurance, 401K, dental insurance, vision insurance, life insurance, etc. will really make your employees feel valued and can actually increase their overall work performance. Knowing that they have these benefits available to them, will also make them want to stay long term just because a lot of other places may not offer what your company does. I guarantee you, providing these perks will make a better workplace not only for you but your employees as well. Below we will talk about how these benefits can improve their work performance.

  1. It helps employees work more towards something. A lot of the time, employees just focus on their salary and forget the importance it is to work towards their benefits. That may be true, especially if you work for a company that has a lot of opportunities for growth. If you work in a small business like Alltrust in Tampa, FL, however, or are stuck in that same position because there really isn’t any room for growth, then yes, these benefits are key. What this means is that there might not be room to move up, but people are going to want to stay working for you because of the great benefits the company offers them. This will also increase productivity and will give them the peace of mind they need knowing they have health insurance if any emergency ever happens.
  1. Employees will Feel Important and Appreciated. As talked about above, a lot of times employees don’t feel appreciated. They feel like they just go to work to increase the overall productivity of the company or perceived value of what their immediate boss is expecting from them. But what are they getting in return? Yes, salary but that’s it? It is not efficient for the employee or the business overall if you’re just going into work and walking yourself through the motions especially if you work in a large corporation. It’s important to keep in mind if you treat your employees well by not only giving them a salary but other perks as well such as benefits, then this will often lead to a smaller turnover rate for employees. Not only turnover rate, but also rate of productivity for those you hired and expect to get their jobs done. Appreciation breeds creativity, loyalty, and more positive employee morale.
  1. Extra Perks (Employee Benefits) can make employees lives less stressful and more enjoyable. Many people are getting paid low salary, and they often rely on employee benefits such as health insurance or flexible work schedules. Believe it or not, this can improve the lives of your employees because most of the time, these benefits can be a lot more expensive if you don’t take advantage in your workplace. Employees that are getting underpaid will really value their job and are going to want to stay working there because it is what works best for them.
  1. Improve Overall Wellness of Employees. Being healthy often leads to a happy work environment. Another benefit that is highly recommended in a business is either providing a gym at the workplace or offering discounted/free gym memberships to employees. Keeping your employees healthy will not only make it a better work environment, but it will also help them focus on what needs to get done. There are numerous studies that show how productivity increases as your overall health and activity levels increase. This not only helps your employees’ home life but also what you as a business owner want your employees to achieve in the office.
  1. Confidence Booster. We all know by now that having happy and positive vibrations in a workplace is key for success. It will make your employees actually want to come into work with a clear mind ready to get their day started and stay focused. It is very important that companies do all they can to keep their employees happy. If employees come into work feeling appreciated and valued, they will be better at their jobs because they are more than glad to be working in your company that offers so much to them. Also, having a hotline is another perk you should think about for your company. That way if an employee needs support during a difficult time, they have someone to talk to.

Final Thoughts

There are so many benefits you can provide to your employees. Obviously, it depends on how much you are willing to invest in them but just put yourself in their shoes. It would be great to work for a company that offers great benefits. From childcare, to even working from home. That can cut costs for employees such as not having to pay for a babysitter or saving your money on gas because you have the ability to work from home. There are so many ways you can increase the performance of your employees.


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