The Inner Workings of a Winning Job Post: 7 Tips for Attracting the Perfect Candidates


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When it comes to business, there are very few successful endeavors a business owner can develop with a team of one. So, when it comes to finding and onboarding talent to round out the staff, one of the first steps is knowing how to entice top applicants.
Take a look at the following suggestions for how to build your next job listing so you can cast a wide net in a quality workforce pond. You’ll need to get more information out to prospective candidates to land a better hire.

1. Post the Job Early

Job seekers tend to kick off their search at the first of the week. Monday morning is the height of motivation and ambition. Have your job post ready for those who are eager to start their job search on Monday morning.

2. Get to the Point

When someone is surfing job openings, they are already looking within a particular field of interest or expertise. It’s not necessary to detail every element of the job description. LinkedIn’s behavioral data consistently shows that shorter job posts receive higher rates of applications.

3. Stay Professional

Taking a job is binding an applicant’s livelihood to your business. It’s good to write in a not overly technical manner, but it should not be casual. If the tone is too conversational, you may convey to the applicant that you are not serious enough about succeeding. Job seekers want to attach themselves to a company that will offer growth, experience, challenge, and incentive.

4. Disclose Compensation

As candidates peruse job openings, they are mentally considering which jobs are worth their time and energy to investigate further. Some may already have an idea about the amount of compensation they need when considering potential employers. Additionally, job postings that leave this detail out can often be assumed to be low-paying. Unless the goal experiences, you’ll miss the opportunity to catch that candidate.

5. Don’t Limit the Candidates

There are some positions or fields that are commonly thought of as more appealing to specific demographics. You may not have any control over who the particular job may entice, but as you write up the posting, be sure to keep your language as open to any age or sex. A bias can inadvertently be included by using words such as “aggressive” or “nurturing.” Instead, opt for language that might equally apply across demographics.

6. Don’t Sell Your Business

Candidates are not concerned about the details of company life and culture at this stage in the process. Besides, a quality candidate will do their research, most likely through your website, before an interview. Your presentation of the specific job position should be the focus of the post.

7. Identify Success

As candidates review the compensation, expected experience level, and required education, they ask themselves if they qualify. However, quality candidates will also ask themselves if this is a place they can be successful. The post needs to include some information on what success would look like to the person doing this work. This is a great way to weed out the wrong candidate by allowing them to determine early in the process if the job is not a good fit.

Some of these tips will help you narrow the field to the best applicants. Some will help your post earn a higher number of responses and applications. Many will help you discover some subtle adjustments that may make the applicant search more efficient. Altogether, they provide a streamlined method of creating a winning job post.


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