How Does an End-to-End Recruiter Improve the Hiring Process?


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If you have a busy HR team and need to do some major hiring, an end-to-end hiring solution might be just what you need. Your HR team has a lot to do, and it’s important that you get your empty positions filled as soon as you can.

As you read along here, you’ll learn more about what you can expect from an end-to-end hiring solution and what one can do for your organization. It’s important to know all your options in hiring since it can have such a strong impact on the future of your organization. This article will let you know what end-to-end hiring is, how it works, how and when it can help, and what to do if you think you’re in a place where an end-to-end solution is right for you. 

What Does End-to-End Recruiting Mean?

End-to-end recruiting, also known as recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) is when you hire a recruitment organization to take care of a bigger than usual part of the hiring process. Most of the time, recruiters will only perform a small part of the hiring process, such as sourcing or an initial interview or two. With an end-to-end solution, that role is massively expanded.

With a full end-to-end solution, the recruiting organization takes care of virtually the whole hiring process, from sourcing all the way down to making the job offer, doing the background checks, and even some of the initial onboarding. Your HR team would only have to do a few of the later interviews and make the final hiring decision.

Naturally, an end-to-end solution isn’t going to be the ideal solution for every organization all the time. But when your HR team is struggling and facing a time crunch, it can be a major lifesaver. Let’s talk about some of the major benefits of an end-to-end solution. 

Benefits of End-to End Recruiting

Because end-to-end recruiting takes much of the responsibility for hiring and puts it in a trusted recruiter, a lot of the benefits have to do with freeing up your own HR team for other pressing work. When your HR team is pressed for time, you can get the maximum benefits from an RPO or end-to-end solution. 

  1. Better Cost Per Hire

Every company wants to decrease expenses and increase productivity. With an end-to-end hiring solution, you can expect to save 50 percent or more on your cost per hire. This is because most of the work is done by the recruiting organization, leaving your own HR team to do its own job improving your company’s health.

An end-to-end hiring solution comes close to taking the whole hiring process off of your hands. And that means the whole process, starting from sourcing, interviewing, scheduling interviews with your hiring team, making the job offer, doing background checks, and even onboarding. Your HR team will be able to focus on more important work within your company.

  1. Better Quality Hires

The quality of the talent an organization can bring in is the main thing that differentiates it from the competition. Without good talent, an organization can’t survive, and with good talent, you could almost say an organization can’t fail.

One of the biggest reasons an end-to-end solution is able to improve the quality of an organization’s hires is its ability to reduce the time to hire (more on that later). But an end-to-end solution can also improve the quality of hires because of access to passive candidates.

You probably already know that active candidates are the ones actively searching for a new job, while passive ones are more or less happy with their position. The thing is, passive candidates are usually much better. It takes partnering with someone outside of your organization to bring in those passive candidates. 

  1. Better Time to Hire

In most cases of hiring, the best candidates on the market are into a new position within ten days. That’s about what you’d expect since the best candidates can expect to be snatched up pretty quick by smart companies who know what’s good for them.

But most companies don’t make their hiring decisions fast enough to pick up the best candidates. The average company’s time to hire is 21 business days. That’s not so good. It means the only way your organization is going to get the best candidates the market has to offer is if you get lucky.

An end-to-end hiring solution cuts out a chunk of the red tape that goes into the hiring process. That’s the reason why end-to-end hiring solutions cut down the time to hire by an average of 40 percent. It may not guarantee the perfect hire, but it definitely helps your odds. 

  1. Added Flexibility in Hiring

End-to-end hiring allows your organization more flexibility in the hiring process. When hiring is a high priority, you can emphasize recruitment, while you can ease up on it when hiring is a low priority.

In this situation, your own HR team is left free to adapt to your organization’s demands. This means you won’t have to have your HR team expand or push themselves to the breaking point during high-priority hiring time. With an end-to-end recruiter, your organization is left free to pursue its own goals, without having to put too much emphasis on the hiring process outside of making the final call.

What to do if You’re Interested in End-to-End Recruiting

If you want to work with an end-to-end solution or an RPO, the first thing is to find a recruiter who offers it. Not all recruiters offer an RPO, and not every recruiter who offers an RPO offers a full end-to-end solution. If you’re interested in an end-to-end solution, talk to a recruiter you can trust or find another recruiter who offers a full end-to-end solution. An RPO isn’t necessarily the solution for every situation, but it’s useful to remember it’s an option when the time comes. Talk to an expert in RPO to learn more if you’re interested.

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