3 Tips For Attracting Candidates In The Rubbish Removal Industry


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You’re setting up your London rubbish removal business, following all the administrative steps required thus far. Now you’re at one of the most critical points – hiring removal employees. Hiring the right staff is essential if you want a successful business, in any industry.

It may seem daunting searching for the perfect employees who encapsulate everything about your company, goals, and mission. After all, you started a business because you had a vision. You want to find team members who will share and uphold that vision. But no pressure, right?

The hiring process in the rubbish removal industry is similar to most other industries. You post an advert, you receive applications, you interview, you hire. Of course, there’s much more to it than that. Even before you post a job online you have to think about the candidates you want to appeal to.

Here are our top 3 tips for attracting candidates in the rubbish removal industry. 

Be Transparent

While undergoing a hiring process of any kind, it’s important for waste removal companies to be transparent. Primarily, this is in regard to salary and benefits. Adverts that mention nothing about salary get 75% fewer hits than those that do. From the jobseeker’s perspective, a salary range will help determine if they should apply. You might not be comfortable putting this info on the listing, or you may not be able to. If that’s the case, at least put a range so candidates have an idea of what you’re offering.

Benefits and salary are crucial points that require transparency for attracting candidates, but they’re not the only ones. Articulate the job description clearly. State in precise terms the tasks involved and what your standards are. Candidates are more likely to respond to a waste removal job advert if they can clearly imagine themselves doing the job.

It’s also essential to be authentic. Avoid vague, watered-down job description language. Let your company voice come through to make yourself more memorable to candidates. And remember to keep things genuine – don’t be quirky just for the sake of grabbing attention. If you’re having trouble writing a concise job description, use an app like Hemingway App to scan your text for vague language.

Make a Name for Yourself

The advert is one great place for authenticity, but it’s not the only avenue for expressing your unique company voice. Aim to promote your brand before and during the hiring process. You want candidates searching for waste removal jobs to at least have heard of your company.

If they haven’t heard of you, though, it’s no problem. Just make it easy for candidates to find you. Have your website up and running before you start hiring your rubbish removal employees. At the very least, have a verified social media page. If jobseekers have trouble finding info about you, it might scare them off. Job scams are prevalent online, and most candidates are extra careful when applying.

Your website or profile doesn’t have to be elaborate, especially if you’re starting out. A simple, professional page stating who you are, that you’re hiring, and some contact info should be enough. If you want to get your rubbish removal company out there before you hire, consider content marketing and managing your social media presence. With digital marketing tools, you have the potential to reach even more candidates.

Invest in Your Talent

Make it clear to candidates that you’re willing to help them grow. Especially among millennials, a company’s “coaching culture” is a key feature for deciding to apply for a job. Many workers in the rubbish removal sector today want to know if they’ll have a good experience with a company before they apply. You show candidates that you value their overall well-being by offering good benefits and flexibility, prioritizing their health and work-life balance.

In addition to benefits, let candidates know that you’ll help them develop their professional skills. Do you imagine your new hires eventually moving up in your waste removal company and taking on more responsibility? If yes, then say as much in your advert and in interviews. If you want to be competitive as a London rubbish removal company in attracting the best candidates, show that you’re willing to take care of your employees.

Final Thoughts

Hiring the best workers for rubbish removal especially in a city like London can be a challenge. Don’t let this part of starting your business keep you from success. Overall, knowing what kind of talent you want, being clear about your objectives, and a willingness to train great employees will help you attract the rubbish removal professionals you’re seeking. 

Harsha Rathnayake is the CEO of Junk Hunters. Junk Hunters started in 2009 and now has an annual turnover of over £2million. Harsha has experience in growing teams from the ground up and is now utilizing this knowledge to create successful franchises.


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