How Self-Development Can Help in Performing Better in Academia


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Schools and colleges arguably focus more on completing your academic courses. There are very fewer resources allocated to student’s personality development even though students who work on self-development become more capable of leading a fulfilled life in the future.

Your skills, competency, and world view have a more significant impact on your academics than you think. Your performance in academics also determines your professional future.

The majority of the time, students are indifferent about themselves. They refuse to face the music of their personality problems or beat around the bush in their self-made cocoon. That’s very convenient, but it won’t help in the long run.

Self-development planning is an extremely personal process. And before deciding your own goals, it is imperative to ask a few honest questions from yourself.

What do you want to aim for in life?

Do you want to change yourself to become a better person?

Are you really in charge of your studies?

What is Self-Development?

This is one of the most pertinent questions out of these few.

You can term the first part of self-development as an exercise where you try to self-access your learnings, achievement, and performance for personal or academic development.

The second part is to identify the gaps and work towards self-development goals with a structured plan.

Self-development will also give you much-needed clarity about where you want to see yourself in the next few months or years.

In short, self-development can help students in responding and presenting themselves to the world’s real-life situations in a better manner. No wonder, self-development is a $10 billion industry in the USA only.

So, the next question which must be brewing in your mind – ‘is it really worth it?’ The answer is yes. These reasons will help you understand better why self-improvement should be an ongoing process in your life.

Here’s how self-development help you perform better in Academia: 

  1. You Become Aware of your Weaknesses

There are times our paradise gets shattered when some third person comes and elaborates on your weaknesses. It might leave you both embarrassed and frustrated. It happens because sometimes we are completely unaware of our shortcomings.

However, self-aware people know about their weaknesses, and they keep on working them regularly as a part of self-development.

For instance, if you want to excel at artificial intelligence but have anxiety when it comes to programming, then you can start experimenting with code logic and seek help from your professors. It also allows you to reflect on your mistakes and learn from them regularly.

Self-development also motivates you to learn from anything and everything. It makes you do a lot of online and offline reading. So, if your reading skills are not that good, then self-development is a massive motivation to take reading as your daily staple.

Staying self-aware is the most significant part of self-development. You know precisely what is pulling you back and what is making you happy. It helps you understand your life, relationships, and life goals and how they are impacting your academics.

It might also help you come out of a failed relationship or a stressful part-time job, which is hampering your academic performance in the long run. It enables you to dig deep and uncover your core qualities/values.

  1. Set Career and Life Goals

Maybe the last grades you scored in your school weren’t good enough to secure a seat in one of the prestigious universities you are aiming for. Or you aren’t able to achieve a learning curve or unable to craft your personality to land your dream job.

You have the clarity of goals that would make you happy. But how to achieve them?

You already know the problems. Now you need to think about the reasons behind these problems to rectify them. It may be correct to say that you are comfortably placed in your current life schedule. But you need to do something different to achieve more valuable things in life.

Change is always uncomfortable, but it is the only constant. Join a personality development, dedicate more time in practicing subjects which you find difficult and most importantly, stay faithful and motivated towards your goal.

Do uncomfortable things repeatedly, do them without any supervision, and you will start finding comfort in them.

  1. Healthier Mind

The mind is the direct beneficiary of self-development exercise. You tend to deal with your thoughts and sentiments more efficiently. You learn to understand the cause of your emotions and are more equipped to deal with them rationally.

It is always difficult for a person to get a hold of anxieties and insecurities without complete self-awareness. Self-development exercise helps you introspect and improves your mental health to deal more maturely in challenging conditions.

Imagine yourself facing every challenge with sheer confidence. You get more motivated with every success. Same works for self-development. Overcoming your fear and weaknesses motivates you further to work on self-development and evolve yourself into a better version each day.

  1. Get A Purpose in Life

Self-development helps you to work for a larger purpose in life. You become motivated, committed, and go after your life goals with much clarity and perseverance.

When you become crystal clear about your goals in life, you also become capable of making better decisions. Because you are more self-aware and confident, you know your capabilities and never ignore your weaknesses as well. Naturally, you make more informed decisions by keeping your goals in mind.

  1. Become Above Average

More than 60 percent of the people stay average throughout their lives in whatever they do.

Only self-development gives you a chance to join significant leagues.

Take the case of Lewis Hamilton. We all admire his Formula-1 driving skills and the number of championships he has won. But very few people think about the kind of time he has dedicated to learn driving at Formula-1 levels and maintain his fitness levels.

The time until you become successful is called struggle, the struggle of self-development to join the top leagues. If you are continually working on self-development, there are higher chances of you not being a mediocre throughout your life.

Summing It Up

The key is to never give up.

Self-development is not only meant for students. It is an ongoing process through which you will have to improve and adjust yourself in different phases of life. However, people need to realize the importance of self-development in their student life only to have a better chance of living a better quality of life.

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