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The full form of ACCA is the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. This examination provides an internationally accepted certification for accountants. The headquarters of ACCA is situated in London. The reason this examination is gaining popularity is that it caters to both undergraduate and master’s students. This examination has two levels, namely- Fundamental and Professional. The Fundamental level is meant for students who want to learn accountancy at the undergraduate level. Once the students pass this Fundamental level, they become eligible for the Professional level, which is considered to be equivalent to a master’s degree. Here are some tips and tricks to combat the tension before ACCA examination and score high.

Few tips to score better and shove off the tension with respect to ACCA examination:

Read examiners report

After every ACCA exam, the examiner’s report on the corrected papers is published in pdf format. This report is available online. Therefore, along with the preparation that you are carrying on, you should go through the examiner’s report once in a while. This report will contain the perception of the examiner on the answers. It will give you a hint as to why the examiner found an answer to be of less importance and had marked it with lesser points.

Read examiners approach

This is provided to clarify the doubts of students regarding any part of the syllabus of ACCA. The student may not understand what a certain portion of the curriculum asks for from the student. The student may not understand the ultimate objective behind putting certain topics to study in the ACCA curriculum. These doubts will be cleared after going through examiners approach. The reason studying this is important is that sometimes students feel that certain subjects are irrelevant in the curriculum and they give it lesser importance, even though it might have a huge impact when studying the course as a whole.

Take professional help

As this is an internationally acclaimed examination, you require professional help. This means that you should enroll in a coaching center that teaches the curriculum of ACCA. As this is an international degree, only mugging up the subject will not help. You need to sit for mock tests which will increase your confidence. The examiners testing your copy will be able to give you a firsthand report on your performance. Some of the best ACCA coaching institutions are Logic School of Management, Vidyabharathi Group of Institutions, Phoenix Institute for Financial Training, Lakshya CA Campus, etc. You will get detailed study materials and one on one assistance from the teachers. One of the properties that ACCA course demands from the students to excel in the examination is studying and comprehending the topics on their own. This is not possible by the students of the fundamentals level. Therefore, they require adequate guidance from the teachers. These coaching institutions provide such guidance.

Answer to the point

If you go through the examiner’s guide, then you will see that a lot of students lost marks as they deviated a lot from the topic. If the question asked is on taxation, then you need to stick to taxation and not incorporate any other topic here. This is a general problem of students coming from state boards. Sometimes in the state board examinations, more credits are given to students who have written more, whether relevant or not. However, here the examiners are very strict on marking and a slightest of deviation can cause you giving up a lot of marks.

Practice the problems

The problems related to accounts and taxation can be really tricky. Being a student of MBA myself, I know that some problems look all the same, yet they have a huge difference when you start doing it. Therefore, you might start a problem thinking a structure; it may turn out to be proceeding towards a different structure. This thing happened to me. I had to leave a problem, as I started it in the wrong manner. This will cause you a lot of loss of time. In order to avoid that practice different kinds of problems every day. You can attempt at least three different sums each day.

Have a good night’s sleep

It is very important that just before the examination, you have a good night’s sleep. You will not be able to focus on the paper and write properly otherwise. The subjects may be tough and you may be nervous. This is natural. However, the more you panic and the less you sleep the worse it would get. The night before the examination you need to forget everything and have an early dinner and go to sleep. This way you will wake up fresh the next morning. You will remember most of the things you practiced and maximum formulae for the problems.

Kerala, being one of the best education hubs in India provides the best ACCA coaching for hundreds of thousands of students each year. There are lots of good ACCA coaching centers in Cochin, which offer excellent ACCA training to students from all part of India. No matter which institute you choose, make sure that they have the best faculty, intensive coaching, superb infrastructure, excellent training materials, flexible timing, etc. Now, the choice is yours.

All the best to all ACCA examinees!


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