Advice For The Budding Bookkeeper


Career Options

Most large companies and organizations hire bookkeepers, including tax preparation services, accounting firms, and payroll providers to name a few. Other examples outside of the financial sector that commonly hire bookkeepers are local governments and municipalities, schools, and even local businesses. The point is, the bookkeeping profession is in demand! If you’re looking to gain the necessary skills and education required to have a successful career as a bookkeeper, continue reading for some helpful advice to get you started!

What Does A Job As A Bookkeeper Entail?

First off, a brief overview of what one that holds the bookkeeper title does on a given day will be helpful; A bookkeeper’s main function is to maintain accurate and high-quality accounting records for a given business. In order to accomplish this task, bookkeepers must input purchase ledgers and sales into accounting software as well as income from sales and receipts for purchases. They commonly manage the reconciliation of expenses and income while also being in charge of purchasing and sales ledgers. They input capital expenditures, categorize costs, and preside over accruals and prepayments. Some other common tasks a bookkeeper might be charged with include seeking out payments, making payments, creating invoices, and a variety of other administrative tasks.

Tips For A Successful Bookkeeping Career

Work On Your Teamwork Skills

As with most positions within a company, in order to truly succeed you’ll want to become a valuable part of the team! Bookkeepers typically need to keep close ties with accountants in a business so efforts should be made to keep on good terms with them! Accountants and bookkeepers will typically work together on a frequent basis in order for the accounting department to quickly and efficiently resolve problems. The accounting department functions much more smoothly as a whole when bookkeepers maintain concise and accurate records. While the accountant manages the more technical aspects of a business’ account, the bookkeeper’s life becomes much easier. A competent bookkeeper is an integral member of a successful accounting team. If your company’s records aren’t well maintained, problems will likely arise as a result! The bookkeepers main duty is to guarantee all numbers recorded add up as they should

Choose The Right Courses

Although it is possible to secure a job as a bookkeeper without previous experience, you’ll find much better success in securing the role you want with the right education. There are a variety of accounting and bookkeeping qualifications available from the IAB and various other outlets. Courses on many of the fundamentals are available, including applied payroll, practical payroll, computerized and applied bookkeeping, and manual bookkeeping. It’s sound advice that you reach out to someone at one of the various bookkeeping organizations for suggestions on what option might be right for you, as depending on your goals, one course may be better suited to you.

Get Qualified

Your chances at gaining the bookkeeping job you want grow significantly after you’ve obtained the right qualifications. Having proper certifications and qualifications prove that you have the knowledge required and help you to become a truly valuable member of any accounting team. Qualifications are just as good for those seeking a career as a self-employed bookkeeper. By gaining the necessary qualifications, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills needed to manage your own books. From here, it is easy to move on a career as a registered bookkeeper, chartered accountant or accounting professional.

Consider Online Or Distance Learning

Don’t limit yourself to local bookkeeping education opportunities! There are many great bookkeeping courses online available to you. Through email, phone, and web interface you are able to gain all the information and advice you need from leaders in the fields, all while working from the comfort of your own home and, commonly, at your own pace! Distance Learning is ever-growing, not only in the bookkeeping field, but in all career fields. Distance Learning allows you to secure a great education while maintaining your usual everyday priorities. Don’t discount Distance Learning as a means to securing a successful career in bookkeeping!

With the right mindset and a little time put into getting the right qualification, a successful career in bookkeeping is an attainable goal! By heeding the advice outlined in this article, you’ll find you are much more likely to land the job you always wanted!


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