Different Types of Accounting Courses


Career Options

Whether you are looking for a career change or interested in brushing up your accounting skills, accounting courses provide a wonderful opportunity to learn professional skills for career progression and also to diversify education. Accounting studies include a wide range of subjects like managerial accounting, taxation laws, auditing, fraud detection and so on.

It is a vast subject and there is always a scope to learn something new. The aspiring accountants usually enrol in a full-time degree programme that covers most of the accounting subjects.

Accountant graduates usually choose career options like payroll clerk, accountant, tax advisor, retail banker, cost estimator, chief financial officer, auditor, financial analyst, laundering consultant, etc.

There are dozens of excellent accounting courses offered in both online and classroom mode that covers specifics of different accounting sectors. Each accounting course can open up a different career path. We’ve rounded up a bunch of accounting courses and also explained a bit on what they cover to help you make the right choice.

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Financial Accounting Course – Harvard Business School Online

If you are interested in adding basic accounting capabilities to your job function, this course from Harvard Business School is probably the right choice for you.

The two key takeaways from this course are the following: you can learn to interpret or build the financial statements and present the financial results to the senior management.

The course features interviews with business executives and leaders from around the globe. The students need to work through lots of real-world business scenarios during the course. Upon the completion of the course, you’ll be awarded a certificate of completion from Harvard Online Business School. The students must complete the course assignments and earn sufficient points in quizzes to earn the certificate.

ACCA Accounting Course Online

The ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) is a professional accounting body that is recognized and respected around the world. It’s recognised in around 180 countries with over 200,000 members. Over 600,000 students were awarded ACCA professional accountancy qualification till date.

As ACCA is a globally recognized accounting qualification, it is the best way to build a career in finance and accounts. It has a flexible examination format and the students can pursue the course during their graduation. There are numerous ACCA accounting courses, both free and paid.

Though the free courses are good enough to learn the introductory accounting concepts, it is recommended to choose a paid course where you can learn all the subjects required to earn ACCA certification.

Diploma in Accounting

Many accountants start there with a simple diploma course. It’s the best place to start learning the basics of accounting and enough you to qualify for jobs like payroll accounting, bookkeeping etc.

You can easily get a clerk or bookkeeper with a diploma in accounting. However, it is difficult to go very far in your career with just a diploma certificate. You may have to do an Associate Accounting Course or ACCA accounting course online or Bachelors in Accounting through online distance education for your career progression.

Generally, diploma in accounting courses covers just four or five subjects that are bare basics for qualifying you for a job.

Finance and Accounting Courses & Training – LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn has done a wonderful job of putting together all the basic concepts of accounting in a concise manner. Irrespective of your educational qualifications and skill set, this course will help you to brush up everything and learn a couple of things.

The course includes the tutorials on popular software like Excel, QuickBooks and Quicken. You can also learn how to manage your small business, personal finances and professional accounting.

It’s one of the highly recommended courses for aspiring accountants and entrepreneurs. The best part is you can access this course for free for one month on the LinkedIn website.

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Wrapping up…

An additional skillset or knowledge in Accounting always opens up new career opportunities. The online course makes it possible for us to pursue new courses at low tuition fees and great flexibility.

Our list covers free and paid online accounting courses that will help the aspiring accountants to learn from scratch. Take a look at all the courses mentioned in this list and choose the one that fits your requirements and expectations the most.


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