Tips to Make a Successful Career Change in Your 20s



Some choices are straightforward, but the decision to make a career isn’t one of them. No matter what has pushed to have a career change, there are risks involved. But if you plan correctly, and set yourself up for success, you will go through the change more swiftly than you could have imagined. Whether you are fully decided or floating on the fence about career transition, here are some tips to make a successful career change in your 20s.

  1. Choose your next career wisely

Picking a future career can be daunting. Are you going for a purely new job path or build on what you have been doing? Starting over will require a lot of energy and patience. An easier way is taking what you have and advancing on that.

Just be a little creative in selecting your next career so that you would find yourself transitioning from that too. To make the change successful, target the most marketable fields. Choosing a marketable career means that you will have the best chances to succeed in the competitive market. For instance, a project management career is one most in-demand roles that will never come to an end as long as organizations carry out projects.

  1. Analyze your skill sets before making a career change

It’s essential to analyze all your skillset. Not just the ones you use in the current position as you could possess a variety of strengths and interests that will make your new career blossom.

Now that I want to be a project manager, do I have the skills to continue with my new career? If the answer is a NO, then you should consider ways of acquiring those skills, which may involve going back to class to study. So, you will need to look at PMP requirements and enroll for the course. Studying a certification that relates to your new job will be the first stepping stone to your successful ending.

  1. Network

There are certain habits that success-oriented people practice. Networking is super helpful across your whole career, as well as during a change. Maintaining diverse contact with other people can expand your chances of succeeding in your targeted job. By having various friends that work in different areas, especially the field of your interest, you can get a mentor or someone who can help along the way. Even more, they may be able to help you land your dream job.

  1. Keep Learning

Whether its an online class or asking others how to tackle some tasks, leaning will make you always smarter in your career. Changing a profession may require you to study extensively to learn what roles await you on the other side. And as you learn new things every day, the more you become conversant with your new career and fall in love with it.

Hopefully, with this information, you can feel better about changing career in your 20s. It’s not hard to transition into a new profession when you are young, but complicated when you put it off.


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