Top 5 Tips For Resume Writing


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Your resume is a tool that will start the process of communicating information from a job seeker to a potential employer.  It will provide vital information that the potential employer needs to make decisions regarding candidates and jobs.  The problem is that a lot of resumes have small flaws in them that will stop any further analysis of the data they provide.

The modern job market is competitive and you need to have a resume that stands out and makes an impact on hiring managers.  This does not mean that you should have glitter explosions or scented paper for your resume.  These are over the top gestures that will often hinder more than help.

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If you need to create your resume or simply update it, take a look at this resume writing guide that can help you stand out.  These tips offer a strategic approach to your resume that will avoid the traditional mistakes and leverage your experience.

The Layout And Formatting

You need to avoid any creative fonts and borders that will distract the person reading it from the content.  A traditional font that is easy to read such as Times New Roman is recommended in size 9 to 12.  You should also have black font on a white background.  Your name and the companies you have worked for should be in larger font size as this will maintain professionalism but create a flair of creativity.

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You Have Seconds To Shine

A hiring manager is going to skim your resume and you need to grab their attention quickly to ensure your resume gets passed on.  Highlighting your key accomplishments and the most relevant skills for the job in the top half of the resume is vital.  A summary statement will often be filled with clichés such as being enthusiastic and hard-working.  You should make this area concise and on target for the job.  Use bullet points instead of paragraphs as this is easier to read and visually effective.  There is no need for a long narrative because you are not pitching a best-selling novel.

Have Experience In Reverse Chronological Order

Chronological format resumes are what hiring managers prefer and you should have your present or more recent hob on top and work backward.  You need to list the full name of the company, the industry, size and if they are publicly held.  After this, you will need to have the title of your position then your accomplishments.  If there are lapses in employment, this will often be a cause of concern and you will need to change your employment history to work relevancy order instead.

Customize For Each Position

Your cover letter and the summary statement will need to be customized for the job that you are applying for.  You need to immediately state the job you are applying for and stay away from buzzwords.  Tailor the resume to reflect the experience you have for the position you are applying for.

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Quantify Your Accomplishments

Your accomplishments are the most important part of your resume.  This is where you demonstrate what you can bring to the company and where you make your resume appealing to managers.  You need to identify the right metrics and instead of having a list of responsibilities, have achievements that are specific to each role and value-added.  Highlight the numbers, percentage increases and the reduction in expenses.  Identify the challenges that you encountered and list the action steps that you took to overcome them.


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