10 Frequently Asked Top Interview Questions and Their Best Answers


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Discover the top ten most popular job interview questions and learn how to answer them correctly to pass your job interview successfully and land your desired job.

Top 10 Interview Questions and Best Answers

Do you want to discover the top ten questions most frequently asked during job interviews? Would you like to discover proper answers to those questions? If so, then read on. In this article, you will find the top ten questions potential employers may ask you together with corresponding responses to those questions.

It is not usually easy to land a good job. You are supposed to submit a CV first. Many candidates don’t know how to craft great resumes so they use reliable services like resumecheap.com, where one can purchase high-quality custom written resumes at low cost. Next, you come to a meeting with a recruiter, and this stage is just as difficult.

The recruiter asks you various questions. Some of them may be difficult to answer right away. But today you are going to discover the ten most popular questions recruiters ask together with the proper answers in order to pass a job interview successfully:

How do you see yourself in 3-10 years?

Perhaps this is the most traditional question which has a few nuances. To come off as an avid careerist is not always a successful step towards a job offer. If you’re applying for a position where only horizontal growth is possible, you should not talk much about your professional ambitions.

Not everyone needs leaders, and if you really believe in what you are talking about, then maybe you should not consider this particular position? Otherwise, just describe in detail your planned future career growth and show your desire for development.

Persuade us why we should hire you.

This is a very tricky question for many.  That’s the point of it. To answer, you must have several strong arguments, not so much in a professional as in a psychological dimension. It is at this point that you should show your wit and emphasize those personality traits that are not reflected in the resume which make your superior to other candidates.

Tell us about your hobbies

This question traps people who are not into any real hobbies. Is reading, traveling or cooking a worthy hobby that is not a shame to share with the employer? Before mentioning a particular hobby, you should thoroughly study the company, its values, philosophy and views of the leaders. Otherwise, you can get into an embarrassing situation. For example, it’s not a smart idea to discuss your passion for hunting when being interviewed by a Greenpeace member. If you do not know the company well enough, your response about hobbies should be neutral.

Tell us about your parents

Many job seekers react to this question emotionally, perceiving it as an intrusion into their private lives. But since it is not uncommon, you should be prepared for it. The question is directed at understanding the potential scenario of your behavior. So don’t be afraid to tell a little about your parents, family and the environment you grew up in.

Why have you chosen us?

Why do you want to join our organization?” is one of the most frequently asked interview questions. If you really dream of working for this company, then it will not be difficult for you to show your interest, passion, and loyalty. It is a good idea to conduct some research in advance and talk about the company’s strengths and advantages that attract you. It is important for the employer to see a confident and positive attitude, and to hear a clear and reasonable answer.

Describe your biggest failure

Everyone has ups and downs in their lives, so you cannot deny the possibility of your failure either. You should give an honest answer to the question, describing your solution of the problem. Most recruiters collect recommendations from past employers before making a final decision, so don’t try to hide any facts from your recruiter.

How do you feel about social networks?

Here you need to emphasize that you strictly control the time spent on social networks. You need to make it clear that it has never affected the quality of your work. If you are an expert whose job involves using social media, then you need to describe how you successfully do your job using those tools.

Do you have a good sense of humor?

If you have a neutral joke in your mind that is not tied to politics and vulgarity, you can share it. You can also tell a funny story from your work experience. However, there is nothing wrong if you can’t tell a joke or anecdote to your recruiter.

What kind of fruit do you associate our company with?

It is difficult for a recruiter to evaluate a candidate if he or she is under stress. These kinds of questions often help to ease the situation and make a candidate more relaxed and at ease. It is impossible to prepare for this question, but it will be easier for you to come up with an answer to the question if you understand why it is being asked in the first place. So don’t take it too seriously and just answer whatever comes to your mind.

Will you continue to work for us if we stop paying you money?

Many candidates get caught by this question. They believe that “yes” is the right answer. However, recruiters are looking for honest and self-aware people. So don’t say “yes” if deep in your heart you know that it’s not true. Give an honest answer to the question.


Finding a great job is not easy. However, if you are well prepared, it will be easy. Now that you have discovered the ten most popular job interview questions and the corresponding answers, you are able to pass any job interview with ease and land your desired job.


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