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Technical Interview questions are hard to find.If you have to go for a technical interview, you would be searching for the important questions that are most likely to be asked in the interview. A technical interviewer basically wants to test your knowledge on general computer aspects. We now present to you few of the most frequently asked technical interview question to help you get prepared for the interview.

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We here shared a list of technical interview questions which are frequently asked by the companies nowadays in a technical interview. Also we give the answers as well as idea to attempt the these kind of technical interview questions. The list of these technical interview questions are following:-

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Sample Technical Interview Questions

    1. Which platforms have you worked on?
    2. Which development tools are you proficient in?
    3. Which programming languages are your strengths?
    4. Which certification do you have to help you for this job profile?
    5. How much coding experience do you have in a particular programming language?
  1. Which according to you is the best language to build cross platform applications?
  2. How do you rate your basic logical building in programming on a scale of 1 to 10?
  3. What is the importance of algorithm building while development of a project?
  4. What are the live projects you have worked upon?
  5. How do you differentiate compiler based, and interpreter based languages.
  6. How did you test your final projects?
  7. What according to you is the most important part while development of an IT Project for a client?
  8. Being a developer, would you be able to change to database profile if desired by the company?
  9. Which database according to you is the easiest to pair with any programming language?
  10. How do you differentiate software and a plugin?
  11. Which according to you is more powerful: Java Beans, or Visual Studio?
  12. How do you find the IP address of a PC?
  13. If your PC is not running well today, which is the first option you would choose to recover it?
  14. Can you give me a few examples of Low Level, Mid-level, and High Level Languages?
  15. What is the importance of SEO in website development?
  16. What do you think a Google Panda is?
  17. Do you know something about CPU Scheduling?
  18. What are the basic services running on a computer when a PC is kept on, without any new program opened?
  19. Can you give me a real life example of abstraction?
  20. Are you aware of the features of Object Oriented Programming Languages?
  21. Will you please differentiate the process of authentication, and authorization?
  22. What happens when I switch on a computer?
  23. Who do you think is more powerful, Mac, or Windows?
  24. How much time do you devote to testing in a particular project?
  25. Please describe me the basic concepts behind encryption, and decryption.
  26. Which database do you prefer to work with the most?
  27. If I gave you a website to design, which platform would you design it on, and why?
  28. When do you use Microsoft Outlook?
  29. Why do you think people prefer to format their drives in Linux, if the device is not working?
  30. What is the role of network security while setting up a new connection?
  31. What are the features that set Java different from all other languages?
  32. Can you tell me a few things about the latest version on HTML in market?
  33. What is your take on Google Glass?
  34. What are your weaknesses in IT department?
  35. How do you define an operating system?
  36. What do you think tier architecture is used for?
  37. How do you implement a waterfall model while development of a software?
  38. Give me an example of transaction logs.
  39. Which protocol is used by emails?
  40. Please differentiate an OSI model from a TCP/IP model.

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The above technical interview questions will help you crack the technical interviews. These technical interview questions gives you the basic idea that how the technical interview conducted by the interviewer.


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