6 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Consider a Career in Marketing


Career Options

Most people approach career decisions with a level of apprehension.

With good reason. This will be what you spend the bulk of your adult life doing. The wrong choice affects more than just your professional life. It will also bleed into your personal life.

If you have seriously considered marketing, indeed, you are on track for something great. But maybe you are not fully convinced. Here are six compelling reasons why you should consider a career in marketing.

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1.  You Will Be Spoilt For Choice

Marketing is the backbone of any organization irrespective of the industry. If you do break into the field, you can virtually work in any industry you can imagine.

If you join an agency, this will be even more so, as you will work on different products which could be in all kinds of industries. Should you ever get tired of marketing, monotony will unlikely be to blame. Marketing will always accord you an exciting, dynamic, and challenging work environment.

2.  Opportunities for Travel

If the idea of going to different destinations interest you, marketing is a role that can make that happen.

You will occasionally work for companies with an international reach, meaning you might find yourself in different countries pursuing interests. This will also expose you to different cultures and help you build international networks.

3.  You Love People

If you are the extroverted type that thrives meeting, being around, and talking to other people, you will immensely enjoy marketing.

Once you become a marketer, your role will place you with company executives, brand ambassadors, influencers, distributors, and customers on the day today.

You will need to have business interactions and even build long term relationships with a myriad of people. If being around people energizes you, give marketing serious consideration.

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4.  It Supports Entrepreneurship

If you have dreams of working for yourself one day, a career in marketing can support this dream.

Once you gain solid experience in the field, you can think about starting your own marketing agency. To be successful, ensure to build networks and get a few solid accounts before setting up shop.

You can also work for yourself on the side and keep your day job. Things like social media management are things you can do part-time for extra income.

5.  Good Salaries

While doing something you love is important, being well remunerated to do what you love is even better. In recent times, the boom experienced in the marketing industry has unsurprisingly translated into good salaries for professionals in the field.

Granted, salary packages vary from industry to industry and from city to city; however, you can expect a good entry-level package and grow from there.

One of the things you can do is to seek career progression through improving your knowledge base. Taking online marketing courses from time to time can give you the necessary push.

6.  Good Job Prospects

Because marketers are needed across all industries, they are always in demand. And this is the norm world over.

Good job prospects are important because they will support your financial goals. With marketing, you don’t have to worry about staying out of work or making ends meet. The only requirement is competence. If you can’t hit quotas, you are unlikely to enjoy a thriving career in marketing.

Make The Move

If these reasons sound compelling, it is time to make you move to actualize your dream. Getting some training is the first step towards a stellar career in marketing. Once in, hard work, commitment, and talent will help you gradually progress in your career.


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