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Career Options

Planning to build your dream career in Marketing? Are you ready to experience a hunky-dory lifestyle after completing your management course?

MBA in marketing is one of the most popular degree course among students today. And why not! The crying demand of the organizations to increase their sales in the competitive world has extended the scope of MBA marketing beyond limits. Though the management employees may face issues of low salary during a recession or the boom times, the opportunities are limitless otherwise.

Over the years, the phrase ‘MBA Preferred’ has been a major requirement on the top online job portals like Monster and Indeed.


Well, industry experts believe that MBA professionals are more likely to look at the bigger picture and not limited to focusing on one or two specific aspects of a business.

And, the best part is:

An MBA in marketing is a high-status degree offering competitive advantages over other courses.

Wait, you must:

Look into the major benefits of choosing MBA marketing degree.

  • Advancement in Designation – MBA marketing helps graduates develop a variety of skills like leadership, financial, management, networking, etc. These skills help them qualify for managerial and executive positions in various industries. Moreover, having adequate professional experience can earn them promotions to higher positions as marketing managers, marketing and business development managers, brand managers, sales managers, and marketing director.
  • Enhanced Knowledge Pool – MBA marketing program offer graduates various opportunities to polish their knowledge graph through advanced business coursework and marketing-specific electives. They are able to increase their knowledge on mainstream business topics including human resource, finance, marketing, and corporate management.
  • Networking Opportunities – MBA marketing is one stream that gets people closer to you. Marketing involved direct interaction with businesses and customers. Even you get chances to closely interact with talented individuals from all across the globe during your graduation phase. This, in turn, enhances the experience by exposing you to various business practices, opinions, ideologies, and cultures.

And it gets better:

Graduates having MBA in marketing get exposure to uncountable career opportunities in the marketing field and beyond.

Let’s break it down:

Career Opportunities after MBA in Marketing

Below are the top career options after MBA in Marketing.

Marketing Managers

Their core responsibilities revolve around leading the marketing team and managing and servicing the customers. This position requires intensive industry knowledge, research, and leadership skills. 

Brand Managers

Marketing graduates on this position are responsible for positioning and promotional activities. Their responsibilities include market research activities, advertising, media production, etc. Simply, they are responsible for branding and promotion of the organization where they work.

Sales Manager

Offering effective customer service, developing business growth strategies and their monitoring, assessing sales and fixing targets, monitoring retail trade and distribution schemes, etc., are important aspects of their role and responsibilities.

Corporate Sales Manager

These are the professionals who engage themselves in B2B sales and are responsible for coordinating with the purchasing department or top management directly to ensure sales of their products.

Market Research Analyst

These marketing professionals come up with methods and procedures that can be used to obtain data their organization needs. They are responsible for designing, implementing and analyzing the market and offer support for the development of marketing plans towards the business growth.

Product Manager

Graduates appointed as product managers are accountable for positioning, design, and specifications of company’s products. They are responsible for monitoring the performance of products seeking feedback from the market on a regular basis. 

Management Consulting

MBA marketing graduates who have exceptional problem-solving skills can build their career in management consulting. Professionals here are responsible for identifying and resolving organizational issues along embracing innovative ideas and methods of problem-solving.

Here’s where it gets good:

There are many career prospects for MBA marketing graduates other than their core field.


If you are somebody who isn’t fond of working with people, you can be your own boss. MBA in marketing enhances the ability of the graduates to be an entrepreneur. If you are financially capable and confident enough to take risks, you can launch your own business in any field.

Digital Marketing

This is a new role that is getting widespread popularity among MBA graduates these days. Professionals as digital marketers work towards building a positive image of their company and its products and services on the web. As Internet marketing professionals, their role is to drive traffic to their website and social media channels with the aim to increase brand visibility and turn potential customers into their long-lasting, loyal customers.

Since you are reading this article, we believe you are a marketing enthusiast and hope that the above information would help you make your career decision.

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