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SO today we’re going to help you write an appealing job description for a receptionist role. This Receptionist Job Description will help you understand, how you can write an appealing job description by yourself for a receptionist role.

Unlike other job profiles where talkative people are less entertained by employers, a talkative receptionist with a smiling face is first choice of all employers. So if you’re talkative & extrovert, a career as a receptionist could be the right career option for you.

The primary role of a receptionist is to greet & welcome people at reception and assist them properly. Other than this receptionist also inform company officials about the arrival of the guests & also handles telecommunication system.

In our today’s post we’ll talk about the possible role & responsibilities a receptionist may have, Skills & education requirement for the profile & Salary benefits. So let’s start with receptionist role & responsibility.

An Example of Office Receptionist Job Description

Office Receptionist Job Roles & Responsibilities

  • Welcoming & greeting guest who visits office & assist them appropriately.
  • Informing office officials about the visitors.
  • Maintaining employee & department directories.
  • Taking phone calls & forwarding the same to appropriate persons.
  • Maintain a healthy working environment at receptions by following appropriate rules & regulation.
  • Sorting & distributing mails.
  • Booking meetings.
  • Receiving couriers.

Skills Required for Receptionist Role

The following skills are desirable for an office receptionist profile.

  • Good verbal & written communication skills.
  • Must have good command on spoken English.
  • Should have good telephonic etiquette.
  • Should be a good listener.
  • Should posses good command on MS Office Suites.
  • Should be able to work under pressure & deadline.

Education Qualification

Although there is no set qualification is required for an office receptionist role but employer prefer at least a graduate degree.

The Career Growth Path

You may think what could be the growth path if you join as a receptionist in any organization. There are ample amount of opportunities within the organization if you start as a receptionist. You have a good chance to enter into admin department and to climb the ladder of success. Do you know HP CEO was a receptionist when she started her career? so don’t worry about the growth.

Money Honey

It’s a fix 9 to 6 job with a decent amount of money. in the UK, receptionist are getting a whooping of 12k-25k Euro based on their experience.

So what are you thinking about tight your shoe lases & get up to hunt a job an office assistant. If you have any other query related to how to write Office Receptionist Job Description feel free to contact us.


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