How to Start Your Career as a Writer


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Writing is regarded as one of the most lucrative and fulfilling careers in the world. Although thousands of people take up writing careers regularly, many of them end up frustrated and give up their lofty dreams totally.The bitter truth is that writing isn’t for everyone, but with the basic skills, determination, passion and a burning desire to learn, you are good to go. Starting a career in writing doesn’t necessarily require a degree in literature or creative writing. Truth be told, a great percentage of the best writers engaged in writing as a hobby while in college. Consider the following steps as you kick start your writing career.

Establish an online presence

The whole world has gone digital in recent years. The 21st century writer has long realized the importance of having an active online presence. It’s a no-brainer if you want to be discovered by clients and editors. Social media is now more than connecting with friends and family members; it’s fast becoming an avenue to establish one’s credibility and proficiencies. Set up a blog and share valuable content via your social media profiles. As you build your online presence, be wary of anything that can ruin your reputation, because people usually look up the online information of anyone that they want to work with.

Hone your writing skills

A writing career gives room for constant improvement. Endeavor to update your writing skills. As time goes on, you can even enroll in an online writing class. It’s obvious that the competition out there is really intense and you need more than excellent writing skills to succeed as a writer. Entrusting your academic papers into the hands of cheap coursework providers will ensure that you have more time to improve your writing skills. Develop other skills like social skills, editing skills, copywriting skills, marketing skills, SEO skills and the art of pitching effectively. In addition, learn how to use a computer and the basics of researching with search engines. Stay on top of your game by being regularly updated with the latest trends in the writing industry.

Network effectively

Networking is an essential aspect of every career. Many writers can attest to the fact that they discovered juicy writing gigs through referrals. In this wise, strive to build meaningful relationships with others. Remember to network with people from other fields too. Social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn is a great way to keep in touch with your contacts. Leave your desk and attend networking events in your area. It’s even possible to meet people whose impact will go beyond career.

Define your area of specialty

It’s true that you are a writer, but avoid the mistake of dabbling into all types of writing. The number one secret of successful writers is writing on topics that they really care about. Choosing to work on a few topics or niches is a sure way to be recognized as a professional writer. Make the decision on whether you want to write for the web, print or both. Opt for a robust niche so that you won’t run out of jobs.

Be ready to work for free

There is nothing like overnight success in writing. You will face rejection several times and can even spend many months or years as an unpaid writer. This is the main reason why amateur writers are often advised to keep their day jobs. Guest blogging, writing for local publications and college newspapers are opportunities to acquire experience and make you visible.The bottom line is to allow your passion shine through your craft always.


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