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We know how it is, you love to travel but scrimp and save all year for that dream getaway. Maybe you’ve grown tired of squirreling away year only to be able to enjoy yourself for a few weeks at a time? Why not make money whilst you travel? It’s completely possible, we assure you, here are 15  of the best jobs for travel lovers.

  1. Teach English as a foreign language

This is one of the most popular jobs for someone who wants to work while exploring the world. English speakers are sought after in many countries around the world and providing you have a TEFL certificate you will find many opportunities to teach and travel. You don’t have to be fluent in another language or have years of teaching experience, there is plenty of jobs just waiting for you from South America, China, Japan, the Middle East or teaching remotely online. Teaching English as a foreign language is a good job if you want to make traveling your career.

  1. Work in a government position

This is ideal for those who have studied subjects like International Development or Social Policy. If you manage to get a job in foreign affairs or with the consulate offices you can expect to have wide travel opportunities. However, you will not have a say in where you are posted, but this will open the door for a truly adventurous travel lifestyle.

  1. Become a tour guide

If you are passionate about the new city or country where you are living and want to share its cultures and history with others then maybe consider becoming a tour guide. You will have to be outgoing and friendly and know your stuff, but this can be an incredibly rewarding experience.

  1. Flight attendant

This is the perfect job for anyone who loves to travel and it is also easily attainable. Imagine a life of jet setting around the world and staying in a different location on a regular basis. You’ll also benefit from discounts flights with some airlines and a variety of locations you can transfer to. You’ll have to definitely be a people person, but regarding qualifications as long as you have experience in customer services or customer service or airline qualification then you meet the criteria for most airlines.

  1. Work on a cruise ship

There are plenty of jobs on cruise ships, from bartenders, waiting staff, beauty therapists to entertainers. They are highly sought after, but if you manage to secure a job you will make a living by traveling the world and will also receive free accommodation and meals!

  1. WWOOF

If you want to give back then take a look at WWOOF ( World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms). This initiative offers travelers a chance to do farm work whilst traveling, so you can finance your trip of a lifetime whilst on the move.

  1. Work as an au pair

If you love children and have studied or trained in childcare then working as an au pair may be for you. As an au pair you will often live with the family, look after the children and receive a small salary for your services. It is a great way to completely immerse yourself in another country, however, you will not make a lot of money and your time to explore will be limited as it will be dedicated to the children you care for.

  1. Teach yoga

If you have a niche skill such as yoga, then why not do something you love and get paid for it? Train as a yoga teacher and take your skillset on the road. You can take part in plenty of teacher training academies in India, Nepal or Bali, so why not transform your hobby into your day job?

  1. Bartender

As long as you have experience and the necessary working visas required you can become a bartender pretty much anywhere in the world. From a hostel in Barcelona to an Irish bar in Budapest, you can enjoy the nightlife and immerse yourself in a new culture all whilst earning money.

  1. Ski or surf instructor

If you love skiing or surfing, why not take a seasonal job as an instructor? Popular locations include Canada or Austria for skiing and Mexico and Hawaii for surfing. If this is your passion, why not look into making this the first step of your dream getaway? You can enjoy teaching what you love, exploring a new country and will be able to use your well-earned money to finance further travels.

  1. Work for an international hotel chain

If you work for an international hotel chain there are lots of opportunities for transfers to other locations around the world. If you can speak more than one language then this will open the door to new positions elsewhere. Inquire with your company about the possibilities and see if you can make this dream a reality.

  1. Travel agent

If you really love travel, then why not make it your career? Not only will you get to fulfill the travel dreams of others, but your company will also often send you on their holidays so that you can give your customer an honest review. You will often receive heavily discounted holidays for yourself and your family and may even receive free travel depending on the company you work for.

  1. Photograph & film travel

Are you a talented creative? Then why not make a living staying on the road full-time and sell your images and videos online? This job will enquire a small investment and some skill on your part but as long as you have perfected your craft you will be able to make it a realistic career option.

  1. Become a travel blogger

Becoming a travel blogger is more attainable than some may think. It will take time to establish yourself and you will have to start off working for free to gain a name and traction for yourself. You will slowly be able to make some money off this, but it is all about how you sell your blog and your brand. Everyone has to start somewhere and as long as you perfect your writing skills and follow basic digital marketing advice it can be an option for you, however, don’t underestimate the amount of work you will need to put in. This is a 24/7 job that will require you to be social media savvy.

  1. Freelance

You can pretty much become a freelancer in anything and work remotely. All you need is a laptop and a good Wifi connection and you’re good to go! From copywriting, web design, marketing or interpreting, there are so many jobs out there that you can be your own boss with. Many small companies have started off life like this and have built a name and following for themselves whilst on the road.

Written by Stuart Cooke, Blog Editor at Mybaggage.com a luggage delivery service that helps people move all around the world for their dream jobs.


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