How Improving Your English Skills can Give You Better Employment Opportunities


Career Options

More and more people are looking at improving their English skills nowadays. Some do it for personal reasons, while others do it for added self-confidence, especially in conversing with others.

No matter what your reason is, improving your English skill set opens a lot of doors for better opportunities.

Let’s take employment, for example. A person who is highly proficient in English tends to be more expressive compared to his or her colleagues. You speak your mind more and, therefore, be able to acquire the respect of your peers.

Although most would agree that the language you speak should not be the sole reason for your success, to excel on that skill, however, gives you a bit of an edge.

Working on your English skills can definitely provide you a better employment opportunity. And listed below are some examples:

Find a job outside the country

The job opportunities your country of residence offers may be limited, or sometimes does not even provide the kind of skill set you want. Therefore, you find yourself looking for better options elsewhere.

Working abroad lets you see the world from a different perspective. You will get to experience a whole new different culture and will be introduced to different people from different walks of life.

And since conversing in English is inevitable, to be proficient in the said language will definitely make you feel poised and composed all the time.

It gives you the advantage

English is the universal language of business ‒ everybody knows that.

To be well equipped with a varied vocabulary does not only help you in conversations. Remember that writing your resumes or letter of intent has to be written in English too.

The English language is the only bridge that can fill the gaps of cultural differences both in the everyday world and the corporate world.

Therefore, improving your English skills gives you one or even two-step advantage from the rest, even from those who have English as their first language. Trust us that is possible.

Tool for employability

The corporate world becomes pickier when it comes to choosing their next employee from a sea of applicants. Therefore, you have to up your game, especially if you are new to the field.

And that will only be possible if you leave a positive impression from the interviews you attend.

The ability to verbally communicate with persons from inside and outside of the organization takes the number one spot on skills and qualities every employer looks for. And that is based on a study made by Boston University Center for Career Development.

This means you may acquire the knowledge or skill appropriate for the job. But, if you cannot converse well, private companies might still see you as not employable enough.

It is the global business language

As mentioned before, English has become the universal language in the business world. Even non-English speaking companies such as Microsoft in Beijing, Airbus, and Renault have started to mandatory use the English language in their day-to-day business transactions.

If you wish to work in an inefficient company, then, by all means, work on an unrestricted multilingual firm. But who would want that? No one.

Therefore, if you wanted other people to listen to you, work on improving your English skills as soon as you can.

More opportunities within the company

People who can express themselves well using the English language stand out from the rest. Therefore, they are the same people who are most probably eligible for the promotion.

It is not enough to have confidence in you alone. No matter how confident you are, if you cannot convert a client meeting to a sale due to the language barrier, it’s useless.

Your manager may present different responsibilities and opportunities, which may be outside of your scope of work. Use this chance to know more and then be able to do more for your career growth.

Improves agility

Working in a corporate world puts you in a constant competitive pressure. And if you are not fluent in English at the same time, it makes you feel restrained.

You may tend to think that what you can do is quite limited. And the next thing you know, you are not efficient anymore with the job.

One way of improving your agility and multi-tasking skill is to be able to communicate with everyone in the workplace without any hesitation. You break that language barrier that somehow sets you apart from the rest — leaving you to be more productive and coherent at work.

Ability to express formal communication

There are times that you will find yourself in discussion with your supervisor or manager. And you are expected to hold a formal conversation, of course.

By formal communication, we mean using the universal language and not your vernacular language.

Remember that even if you have the same nationality, talking to your higher-ups should still be done with respect and professionalism. So make sure you are ready anytime by continually working on your English vocabulary.

Wrap Up

If you find yourself excited about the employment opportunities listed above, then what are you waiting for?

Go ahead and complete that PTE test booking to know which level you are when it comes to English language fluency. And at the same time, to understand where else you could improve.


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