7 Best Skills You Can Learn From Home


Career Advancement

It takes 10000 hours to completely master a skill, but only 20 to learn the basics.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, most of us have more time to spare. While it is a good time to binge on Netflix or catch the latest gossip on social media, you are better off learning a new skill.

Sit back because we are about to let you in on seven valuable skills you can easily learn in your free time. Each of these skills holds the potential to dramatically improve your personal and professional life. However, how quickly you can pick up on any one of these skills depends on your interests, strengths, and sometimes temperament.

1.  Personal Finance Skills

Personal finance skills can enable you to have full control over your finances, make smart budgeting and investment decisions, and be well prepared for emergencies. Unfortunately, these skills are not emphasized in school.

The good news is that personal finance skills are easy to master. There are tons of free online courses you could take up. You could also listen to podcasts, read books or check hundreds of articles on the subject online.

2. Language Skills

With the advent of applications such as Rosetta Stone, learning a new language is now easier and cheaper than ever. You can access content from the best instructors from thousands of miles away, with just an internet connection and a few clicks. Learning a new language makes you more marketable, allows you to communicate with more people, and broadens your perspective.

3. Coding Skills

In the near future, merely being computer literate may not be enough. The ability to design and build a website, desktop or mobile application will increasingly grow in demand. Developing any of these things, however, typically means learning a programming language.

To be a web developer, HTML, CSS, and Javascript are must-have skills. To make Android apps, you need to learn Java or Kotlin, while for iOS apps, you need to be proficient in either Swift or C#.

4. Writing Skills

Writing skills are invaluable both in the office and away. Being able to craft compelling business emails and letters can make you a valuable employee.

If you are great in copywriting, you can choose to become a freelance writer and work on your own terms. You can also make use of your skill to sell your products. People who read a lot tend to be better writers. You can also take up a writing course, seek mentorship from an experienced writer, and, most importantly, practice as much as can.

5. Accounting/Bookkeeping Skills

Although these skills are closely related to personal finance skills, these two should not be confused. Accounting skills are essential for both entrepreneurs and employees, but unlike personal finance skills, they cannot be easily acquired without formal training. Fortunately, there are lots of online courses that can help you master the ins and outs of bookkeeping.

6. Art Skills e.g., Drawing & Painting

It is commonly believed that art is an innate skill. This, however, is a misconception. While some people are more artistically gifted than others, it is possible for anyone to learn how to be a better artist.

You can learn how to be good at any art form you choose, whether it’s drawing, sculpting, painting or singing. Art not only helps you express yourself better, but also makes you a better problem solver, enhances your creativity, and provides entertainment.

7. Culinary Skills

Spending most of your time at home means you have to cook your own meals. Cooking not only allows you full control over your diet but much like art, also allows you to express yourself. Take this time to learn new recipes, and to perfect recipes, you may not have fully mastered yet.

Still Think, TV is the Best Pastime?

Of course, you could always catch up with a good movie sometimes but not every time.

Spend some of this time learning a new skill, and you just might discover a new passion. Who knows, it might develop into a side hustle, possibly one that even earns you more than your current day job.


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