Skills Required to Start a Career in Cryptocurrency Trading


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Cryptocurrency is the next big thing according to experts. In 2017, we witnessed a sharp upward movement in all cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin. Although prices were eventually stabilized, they still managed to grab the attention of everyone.

Recently, Facebook announced its upcoming cryptocurrency – Libra. Since the announcement was made public, experts believe this will be another of Facebook’s next big successful projects.

Since cryptocurrency is the future, many people aim to forge a career in this industry. There are only a few courses available that can help you master cryptocurrency. You can easily take up a job in cryptocurrency if you develop some required skills. If you wish to take up a cryptocurrency trading course, you must be aware of the required skills before starting.

There has been a rise in cryptocurrency jobs lately. According to a survey conducted by UpWork, blockchain development is the second-fastest-growing skill. According to Paysa, the average salary of a blockchain job is close to $100,000.

There are two types of career options available in cryptocurrency: cryptocurrency development and cryptocurrency trading.

Skills required for both careers:

Skills for Blockchain Development

If you love coding and want to be a blockchain developer, here are some skills you need to develop:

The blockchain industry is new therefore employers don’t expect you to be a master in this area. To become a blockchain developer you need to understand Object-Oriented Programming and Fragmentation. A blockchain application consists of two parts – front end and back end.

The front end is developed using web stacks like HTML, CSS, AngularJS, and Node.JS. The back end is developed using Serpent, Mutan, LLL, and Solidity.

In addition to these programming languages, there are some blockchain developer tools that you need to learn.

These are:

  • Interactive Console
  • Test Net
  • Solc Compiler

Skills for Blockchain Trading

If you want to become a blockchain trader, here are the skills you should develop in order to be successful:

Analytical Skills

Technical analysis is widely used in data analysis.


Traders need the information to make decisions.


Focus is a skill that you develop when you practice it. To become successful in any field, you need to be focused.

Emotion control

Many traders make decisions emotionally which leads to a loss. Controlling your emotions is the biggest challenge in trading. You need to learn this very skill to become a successful trader.

Bottom Line

Developing skills takes time and practice. You cannot expect to learn everything in a short span of time. Start learning a few skills at a time and learn more as you progress. Time invested in learning always pays off.


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