9 Effective Ways You Can Rock Your First Day at Work


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It’s your first day at work and you want to look and give out the best first impression possible to your co-workers.

You don’t need to give everybody donuts because that’s an unsustainable way of maintaining a great impression in people. Instead, you can look into the following ways listed below that are more effective when it comes to rocking your first day at work.

1. Research about the company dress code

On your first day at work, you don’t want to stand out too much. You want people to know that you’re here to work and that you fit in just fine. One obvious way for you to stand out is by not following the company’s dress code on your first day.

To avoid making this mistake you should make sure that your research about the company dress code beforehand. Some companies are more professional and want you to look more business-like while some don’t mind a shirt and pants situation.

2. Pack all necessary supplies

Another thing you can do that will make sure you’re prepared to tackle your first day at a new workplace and by packing all your necessary supply.

What is considered necessary for some jobs is unnecessary for another, so that depends on your work.

Also, you don’t want to be over-prepared with the supply. You wouldn’t want to come into work hearing a lot of things would be looking like it’s your first day of school instead of your first day on the job.

3. Do a dry run of your commute

In your new workplace, you’re probably not going to be used to the commute to and from your new office.

Knowing that you are not used to the location of your new office may lead you to be late for your first day on the job. And being late on your first day at the office is not exactly the best impression you can impart on people.

To avoid doing that, make sure that you do a dry run of your commute to the office.

4. Get ready to ask questions

Since it’s your first day on the job, you will not know how your new workplace does their jobs and their processes. Therefore you will need to be prepared to ask a lot of questions and to take a lot of notes especially in the first few weeks of being on the job.

Asking questions is not only an indication that you’re interested and curious about the job that you’re doing, but it’s also showing people that you’re serious about your work.

5. Arrive 15 minutes before start time

It’s not enough for you to get to your location or your office on time. A good practice to follow is to arrive 15 minutes before any start time including your first day at work.

There are many reasons why this is good practice but in particular, for a first day on the work, you may need to fill out a couple of forms. You want to have enough time to do this administrative work and do your workload at the same time.

6. Relax to optimize productivity

Another thing you should remember to do when your first day at work is to relax. If you’re too anxious about what will go on your first day then you might not be able to focus.

Aside from that, relaxing can help you be more productive at work. You won’t end making your co-workers anxious, either.

Have breakfast and a good night’s sleep so you can relax on your first day of work.

7. Do not forget to smile

Although nobody should tell you what exactly to do, it’s still a good idea to learn to smile at the people you’re meeting on your new job. You’ll be surprised how forgetting to smile at one person can affect you for a long while in the office.

You don’t have to crack a big wide grin all the time but at the very least you should look like you’re approachable. Have a small mild smile on your face when meeting someone new.

8. Give a 30-second introduction

You’re going to be making a lot of introduction. That’s inevitable.

So before you get to work make sure that you prepare a 30-second introduction so that you can get this out of the way as soon as possible. Plus, that way you aren’t stumbling around for what you’re supposed to say and how you’re supposed to describe yourself to people.

9. Get organized

We proselytize the importance of having a clean and organized workspace at Maid Sailors Office Cleaning Service NYC. It can help you make a strong first impression, as well as impress upon people that they should take you seriously.

Besides, it’s your first day. Keeping your new desk organized shouldn’t be that hard. 

As they say, first impressions last. Thus, you want to be more proactive in shaping this first impression. With the ways listed above, you should have an easier time having a great first day at work.


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