Why You Should Have an Online Portfolio?

In this day and age where the landscape of applying for a job and hiring for a position has become increasingly flexible thanks to the Internet, making yourself stand out has become quite more challenging. This holds true especially when you are vetting for a distant working setup, where the traditional face-to-face interview is not a necessity anymore. The right outplacement may be able to help you make it out there gracefully but if you are looking to do it on your own, it’s probably good for you to know that applicants these days are investing time and effort to drum up their online portfolio. And for many good reasons. Here are a few ones to help you realize the value-adding benefits of an online portfolio.


It makes you stand out

You know what they say about first impressions, right? It may not hold true to all circumstances that it lasts, but making a good first impression is definitely something we could all agree on. In the past, a meaty resume may just do it, but these days, an online portfolio in your resume is what will make you stand out.

Rather than just telling what you have done in your previous job and merely listing down all your achievements, having an online reference that your potential employer can check on and review for themselves helps them save time doing manual verification of your skills. It also gives you a great avenue to showcase not just your skills but more importantly, the quality of work that you do.


It gives you visibility

It is typical for any person to do research when investing on something–be it a gadget or a trip–each one of us just wants to make sure we make the most out of our money and the experience. The same principle applies to any employer. Before hiring anyone for the job, they will make sure they do their part of due diligence. Hello, Google. Instead of letting them flip over the Internet for additional information about you and your work, providing them a link to your online portfolio leads them right where you need them to be. Also, keep in mind that having this online reference makes you a more credible candidate. 


It lets you market yourself easily.


In the professional world, you are the reflection of the quality of work you do. And while it seems easy to just let it be known with a long list of achievements, having a portfolio to back up your claims may just be the best way forward. Not only that, but it also saves you time from the traditional and extremely manual putting together your past work and binding them together in a folder. Doing this over and over every single time you apply for a job is really an inconvenience for both you and your employer. Having an online portfolio, on the other hand, gives you a handy reference that you can just easily link with on your application forms.

All these reasons and the fact that your contender has one should be enough motivation for you to start working on a good online portfolio. Before you know it, your online portfolio has opened new doors for your career.

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