10 Highest Paying Fresh Graduate Jobs in 2021



Landing a high-paying job is an achievement and a great step that leads you to the peak of your career. As a fresh graduate, that will be the most rewarding period of your life. Entry-level jobs are usually considered to offer meager salaries.  But there are highly paid professional jobs which I will be highlighting as you read on.

Although fresh graduates are at the lowest rung of any career ladder, their job focuses on skill development. They learn while on the job and master their skills over time. If you are lucky to have studied a professional course in college, be rest assured that you will earn a befitting remuneration.

Here are the 10 highest paying fresh-graduate positions after conducting an in-depth survey of the different careers scaling the employment charts in 2021.


    Software Engineer (Annual Salary: From $80,000)

Diversification in the aspect of software design under the field of technology has been the trend globally in recent times. Most countries ascribe their development and financial growth to the level of computerization. Fresh graduates in software engineering are highly sourced by industries involved in the design and manufacturing of various products. Aside from those companies, computer networking, and data processing organizations like IBM, Microsoft and Google need the skills of a software engineer.


    Petroleum Engineer (Annual Salary: From $65,000)

The level at which engineers are needed in petroleum industries is phenomenal. Oil refining and drilling is one aspect of a country’s resources that requires absolute management for growth. Developed countries depend on the excavation and drilling of petroleum resources for their advancement. Low-income countries rely on advanced nations for refining their oil due to insufficient manpower and equipment.


    Registered Nurse (Annual Salary: From $50,000)

If you think entering the nursing workforce requires some experience, then you should read on. You do not need any skills other than the ones you have from college. When you start your job in the hospital or any healthcare environment, you will gain hands-on knowledge with time. The baby boomer population’s need is likely to result in a shortage of nurses in a few years from now. Recently, young and fresh graduates are highly sourced by various medical institutions to bridge the insufficient hands-on deck.


    Account Executive (Annual Salary: From $55,000)

You will be expected to manage relationships with existing clients rather than sourcing for fresh clients. It is similar to a sales role where you will settle clients’ needs and wants. You will surely fit into this position if you enjoy relating with people. It is based on a client service approach and can be a rewarding career path.


    Financial Analyst (Annual Salary: From $59,000)

As a financial analyst, your daily duties will be stated by your employer. Organizations that require such service are numerous, ranging from banks and consulting agencies to insurance companies. Your duties will be to analyze data, build mathematical models and prepare reports. You will need to be good with numbers and pay detailed attention to work.


    Teacher (Annual Salary: From $40,000)

Working as a teacher can be a rewarding career despite the chaotic nature involved in handling kids of different backgrounds and temperaments. The challenges faced in teaching toddlers and teenagers could be unbearable and frustrating, but the knowledge you instill in them is what you should consider. Building a child’s mind from a tender age is worthwhile, and your energy as a fresh college graduate is all that is needed.


    Graduate Assistant (Annual Salary: From $50,000)

The role of a university graduate assistant is more bearable than that of a classroom teacher. You have to work closely with senior lecturers and professors, assisting them with administrative tasks. After a couple of years on the job or after acquiring your master’s degree and Ph.D., you will become an experienced lecturer.


    Sales Representative (Annual Salary: From $30,000)

Becoming a sales representative involves the ability to showcase the products or services of your employer. Extroverts have the convincing power to attract customers to patronize them. Therefore, it will be an easier task if you are not the shy type.


    Physical Therapist (Annual Salary: From $60,000)

To become a skilled physical therapist, you may require an advanced degree. But that shouldn’t discourage you because you can begin as an intern or based on entry-level where you will earn as you learn. The job involves helping patients through non-invasive methods to improve their physical mobility.

  1. Paralegal ($30,000)

This is a good entry-level job suitable for someone that wants to work in a law firm but isn’t willing to be a lawyer. You can undergo professional training or acquire an associate’s degree for 2years to qualify as a paralegal.

Final Thoughts

If you have read this and you still have a choice to choose a career path, you should weigh the options and select the one that will meet your goal personally and financially. But if you have just graduated and are assuming you need some years of experience before you can land a job in your field, don’t panic. You can put in applications to serve as an intern, volunteer, or work as an entry-level employee.


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