How to Nail Your Marketing Job Interview Within the Print Industry


Job Interview

Interviews are by far the most intimidating part of the job application process for most people. But nailing an interview for a marketing job within the print industry is easier than you think. With these 5 interview tips from leading print agency Mixam, you’ll set yourself up for success.

Know the Company

Before going into an interview in any industry, research the company. Hopefully, you’ve already familiarized yourself with the industry and major agencies in it during your job hunting process. Once you’re contacted for an interview, though, you should take that research more in-depth. Look into that specific company and its position in the industry. Do they only focus on catalog and booklet printing, for instance, or do they specialize in other areas?

Read over the company’s website and social media profiles, looking for important details. Get a sense of what their mission and values are, as well as the kind of work they do. If they are a printing agency, they’ll be dealing with clients and customers. Look into customer reviews of the company, so you gain an outside perspective as well. If you’ll be working on this agency’s marketing efforts, you’ll have to know the company inside and out, including customer impressions of it. it certainly won’t hurt to start this process early!

Rehearse Your Questions

A great way to prepare for job interviews is to rehearse your answers to common interview questions. “Why are you interested in this company?” “What’s your experience in this field?” These are fairly common, as well as creative questions that speak to your personality and working style, like “How would you solve the following problem…” or “What experience do you have working on a team?”

Don’t forget to look up common questions for interviews in the marketing and print industries. Your interviewer will likely ask specific questions about these fields, so prepare your answers. It may happen, of course, that you’re asked a question you didn’t prepare. As long as you stay calm, collect yourself thoroughly and answer the best that you can, there’s no need to panic. Rehearsing ahead of time not only helps you prepare answers but also trains you to respond eloquently.

Establish Rapport with the Interviewer

Don’t forget that the interview isn’t just about your experience and qualifications. An interview, whether in person or over video conference, is a chance to glimpse your personality and demeanor. Print companies are looking for skilled candidates who can also fit in with their existing team. You may have a wealth of marketing experience in the print industry, but if you’re too shy and unfriendly – or overly outgoing and too friendly – the company may pass on hiring you.

It’s important, therefore, to connect with the interviewer. Make eye contact when they’re speaking, smile, and take little opportunities to show some personality. If you have a chance for small talk, take it. Ask the interviewer about their experience at the company. Use their name often when you’re speaking, too, as that helps to forge a stronger connection.

Bring Questions

The interview isn’t only an opportunity for the company to get to know you, it’s a chance for you to get to know them. As you’re researching the company, make a list of questions. Ask general things, like the projects they work on, who their major printing clients are, and what direction they’d like to head in.

In addition, ask questions specific to the marketing role you’re applying for. What would a typical day look like for you? Who would your team members be and what is their collaboration style? Does the company offer benefits to employees? Keep your questions genuine – ask about subjects you can’t find on their company website and that are of real interest to you. Prepare these questions beforehand, but also take note of new questions that pop up during the interview. Showing your interest in the company will always be a good sign for the interviewer.

Show Off Your Portfolio

Any marketing professional should have a portfolio of their work to showcase. Whether it’s clients you’ve run successful ad campaigns for or pieces of content you’ve written/created, bring examples of your work with you. Showing the results of your success is more impactful than telling.

Final Thoughts on Nailing a Marketing Interview in the Print Industry

Job interviews in the print industry, like any other industry, only require a bit of preparation to do well. You don’t need to stress over the interview if you follow these 5 tips from Mixam, a UK print agency specializing in booklets, catalogs, and saddle stitch booklet printing. Just stay positive and do your prep work – you’ve got this!

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