Difference Between Job Description, Job Specification and Job Analysis


Job Descriptions

The first step that we take while writing a Job Description is Job Analysis.  It’s a process of doing an In-Depth analysis of a job and gathering information about the general tasks, or functions, duties, responsibilities and the outcome of a particular job. It’s a process where we actually develop the content for the job which further share with the employee to make him aware about his duties & responsibilities.

job Analysis

There are two outcomes of a Job Analysis

  1. Job Description
  2. Job Specification

The Job Analysis process include the following tasks

  1. Reviewing the job responsibilities of current employees & also gather the information about job responsibilities & duties from external sources like Internet.
  2. Analyzing the tasks required to be done by hiring the employee & duties & responsibilities of the employee.
  3. Finally verbalization of the outcome or contributions needed from the position.

An effective job description can only be written if you analyze the job properly. Try to gather as much information as you can while doing a job analysis.

Job Description is basically a list of duties & responsibilities required to perform a particular job. It generally contains the following information.

  • Job Title
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Qualification
  • Salary Range
  • Skills
  • Goals

Writing a good job description is utterly important for an organization because the outcome of hiring an employee is majorly depends on the available job description.

Job Specification is a statement which tells us minimum acceptable human qualities which helps to perform a job. It is a written statement of educational qualifications, specific qualities, level of experience, communication skills required to perform a job.

A job specification has the following components

Total Experience: It includes the total number of years of experience required to perform the job. Generally it is written in a range e.g 5-7 years etc.

Education Qualification: It includes what degree, training or certification required for the job.

Required Skills: This section includes physical, emotional, technical, and communication skills required performing a job and also including responsibilities involved in a job.

Job description and job specification are two integral parts of job analysis. They are the written documents helps both employer & employee to understand the job requirement. These documents are very important to find the best fit for the available job.

Hope this article will help you clear the doubt on Job Analysis, job Description & Job specification.


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