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This Administrative Assistant Job Description will help you writing an appealing job application. Research shows applications with good written Job Description attract more candidates.  Below is just a sample of a job description for an Administrative Assistant Job.

Administrative Assistant Job Description Overview

Administrative Assistant Job Description

The administrative and clerical service, in order to ensure effective and efficient operations which by the way contributes to and impacts on the organization’s economy and is linchpin of several outcomes, falls under the duties of Administrative Assistant job description.


  • Reports to the Senior Administrative Officer.
  • Administrative and clerical services have to be closely monitored by the Administrative Assistant.
  • Establishing that the Municipal activities are not hindered by any kind of obstacles or problem.


Sound municipal operations are carried out in an effective, up to date and with cent percent accuracy and the aid for doing so are provided by Administrative Assistant.

  • Typing correspondence, reports and other documents.
  • Maintaining office files and creating the database for easy access.
  • Opening and distributing the mails to the employees
  • Taking minutes at meetings
  • Distributing minutes along with agenda
  • Coordinating repairs to office equipment

Administrative Assistant Job Description includes providing support to Council and ensuring that Council’s supply line isn’t broken and are provided with the resources to make effective decisions.

  • Maintaining records of confidential files and classified information.
  • Maintaining decisional records.
  • Arranging for payment of honorarium, where the receiver remains anonymous
  • Carrying out researches and assisting with the preparation of motions, policies, rules and regulations, and procedure.
  • Reviewing and editing reports to the Board
  • Corresponding to Board members
  • Prepare documents and reports on the computer
  • Scheduling event such as board meetings
  • Preparing agendas for Board meeting
  • Preparing and supplying refreshments and necessities such as files, documents and packages for Board meetings.
  • Record minutes and submit minutes for approval
  • Providing receptionist services. This makes the Administrative Assistant the face of the organization for in person visits. His/her’s impression on the visitor would be vital for the organization’s future business ventures. The services include greeting and assisting visitors, answering phones, directing calls and responding to inquiries.


Administrative Assistant must be an undergraduate preferably in Home Science ( with bare minimum

  • Experience of handling office administration and bookkeeping procedures.
  • Experience of managing the council and committee systems
  • Ability to withhold classified information and maintain a high level of scrutiny over confidential yet concerning financial matters.


Administrative Assistant must have the following skills:

  • Interpersonal skills which includes team building, analytical problem solving and decision making along with high communication skills and effective verbal and listening abilities.
  • Attentiveness to little details and high accuracy along with very effective organizational skills.
  • Possessing quick hands on computer to operate spreadsheet and word processing programs.
  • Stress management skills 


  • Externally imposed and extreme conditions under which the work must be completed which is hindrance to the current flow of work and creates hardship for the denizen.
  • The main consequences of imposed working conditions are increase frequency of physical demands and obstacles working opposite to the motion of the flow.
  • Long hours sitting in front of the computer can imply strain and becomes quite serious psychological issue when someone has to concentrate through the strain. The Administrative Assistant will also have to do some lifting of supplies and materials from time to time.
  • Not only the job demand but even the environment has its adverse effect on the flow of work.
  • The denizen is put up in a posh area with an open area.  Faced with constant interruption and disturbance, the denizen must possess high concentration power.
  • He/she is required to spend long hours indulged in his work with high concentration. One small mistake by the denizen and that can prove to be the linchpin of downfall of the company’s economy.
  • Some of them may be exposed to conditions that may cause mental or emotional stress.
  • Target of the office politics, humiliation and insult if the associated deadline aren’t met.
  • The denizen must also deal with a wide variety of people on various issues.

Hope this Administrative Assistant Job Description Sample will help you write an effective job description. This is just a sample so you’re free to alter it as per your requirements.


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