Top 5 Social Media Privacy & Reputation Concerns for Bloggers


Social Media

Social media has become a regular feature of human life in today’s world. Many people are hooked on social media for one reason or the other, and this is incontestable. However, beyond the attraction of social media, many people have to also grapple with the invasion of privacy and threats to their reputation.

Here are the top social media privacy and reputation concerns for bloggers:

Loss of Locality Anonymity

There are locality-sensitive apps that can be activated or de-activated on your mobile phones. Bloggers make the mistake of giving away locality-sensitive information that could expose them to risk.

It is common to find bloggers checking-in on Facebook when they arrive at events or travel destinations. While this might be necessary for sponsored events, it can be avoided in most cases.

It is important you look out for locality-based apps when posting on social media. There are some important tips you can use here:

  • Only use locality-based apps for social media posting when necessary
  • Do not reveal your check-in details on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram
  • If you must use a locality-based app, limit it to sponsored events
  • Avoid revealing your lodging details on social media.

Exposure of Personal Data

It is inexplicable to find people posting their Credit Card details online in photographic or image posts. With the rise in online scams and frauds, it is the height of naivety for anyone to reveal Credit or Debit Card details online.

Other personal data such as bedroom pictures and images have been exposed online through the hacking of users’ mobile gadgets.  Bloggers need to avoid using their social media account to post intimate photos or images.

Providing armory to extortionists through an otherwise negligent conduct should be avoided as much as possible. Personal Images that are wrongfully circulated online can damage a blogger’s reputation. Every blogger can take steps to protect their privacy and reputation by working with the experts at .

Social Media Account Protection

There is no doubt that bloggers are exposed to the risk of loss of their social media accounts as a result of hacking. This threat is real. Many celebrities and influencers have come under attack in recent years from devious hackers.

You have a reason to be vigilant and make sure you have taken due care to prevent account loss. You can heighten your social media account security by:

  • Avoiding use of easy-to-guess passwords like 1234 or your date of birth
  • Install a two-factor authentication like Google or Authy authenticator
  • Reviewing access to third-party apps

Palpable Threats to Job Security

Many bloggers have lost their source of livelihood because of some unguarded posts or comments made on social media. Every post you make should pass the test of bias, prejudice or malice. Do not forget that extreme views are increasingly censored in many parts of the globe.

When you are providing your personal views, do not fail to be contemplative in your choice of words. It is better to watch your personal views and prevent such from spilling into the public domain to hurt your paycheck.

When you post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram or other social media channels, be sure to stay away from any inciting or insensitive comments.

Product/Service Endorsement Litigation

Bloggers have to watch out for a number of risks associated with their professional assignments. As an influencer, when a product or service is endorsed by a blogger, many people would pay attention.

There is a lot of traction that a blogger’s endorsement can generate. In like manner, there is also a need to pay attention to personal and professional reputation. Endorsing a product or service can expose the blogger to possible litigation if the end-user has a reason to question the resultant value derived.


The social media age is awash with opportunities and threats that require a careful navigation. You need to evaluate the content you intend to post in every ramification before you go ahead. Never forget, that your security and paycheck could be on the line.


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