Unconventional Careers That Provide Freedom and Pay Well


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There is no denying that life is short. This sentiment especially rings true for those who work a traditional 9-5. For most of us, work will consume a huge chunk of our waking hours. Whether you love or hate your job, we must all continue to grind in order to fund our dynamic lifestyles.

That said, in this day and age, work doesn’t have to be so rigid in terms of time consumption. There are a variety of flexible career options available that provide flexibility, giving you a better work-life balance and greater overall happiness. Here are 5 unconventional careers that not only offer freedom but pay well too. 

Creative Director

Creative directors are close to being jacks of all trades. They are responsible for leading and directing creative staff in the production of advertising and marketing collateral while also ensuring that visual communication standards are met across all many forms of social platform and media.  This is not only a highly desirable position but also a position that requires a varied range of experience. Preferable candidates are well-versed in marketing strategy, project management, digital media with some skills in IT. As you’re working to produce creative objectives from marketing goals, a background in copywriting or design will allow you to thrive in this field. 

If flexibility is what you’re after, then this option may be perfect for you. Being a truly creative mind will take you everywhere. Working in different locations to inspire new ideas, creative directors generally have a good work/life balance. Many creative directors are able to either work from home or other remote space outside their main office. 

Creative directors with a wealth of experience are highly sought after, with many receiving an average $111,000 per year.


The primary goal of a copywriter is to produce written copy to advertise products in various forms of media. Once you build an impressive portfolio, working as a copywriter offers some flexibility. This means you can work on a freelance basis, seek out jobs in your spare time and work remotely. And with companies needing copywriters for everything from product marketing to email newsletters, copywriting is a huge part of most business’ sales strategy. 

This demand is reflected in the projected job growth, with the copywriting industry expected to grow 5% to 9% over the next six years. 

Online Instructor 

Have you got a skill you’re proficient at? Perhaps consider becoming an online instructor. Through websites such as Skillshare or Lynda, you can develop and curate your own curriculum to help others learn on the go. This career option will give you the freedom to design your own course structure and offer educational resources to students from all walks of life. 

You can literally teach ANYTHING online; there’s always someone who wants to learn what you know. Expert in windows? People wanna know! Got the inside scoop on how people can get more followers? You can sell that! For this direction, you don’t need any qualifications, just knowledge, and a passion. Realistically, your earning potential is only limited by how much time and effort you put in. 

That said, if you’re looking to work as a professional online educator, you’ll need to get yourself a degree in the field you’re teaching. While your salary is dependent on the course you’re teaching, the more qualifications you’re able to accrue, the more incentive you’ll receive.  

School Bus Driver

While this option may not seem like the most glamorous choice, there’s a real demand for drivers in this current climate. Throughout the nation, there are approximately 480,000 school buses transporting students each and every day. This means that 480,000 drivers are needed to fill this demand. Driving a bus may seem like a thankless chore, but in reality, this career path is far from boring. 

School bus drivers need to prepare for a range of scenarios including medical emergencies, traffic, as well as performing specific safety maneuvers to suit different situations. Currently, there is a slew of bills being passed in multiple states to address and maintain school bus safety. As such, it’s a school bus driver’s duty to not only obtain their CDL and school bus endorsement but also stay up to date with updated training procedures. 

Bus drivers are a crucial part of any city’s transit infrastructure meaning this career path is highly secure. Depending on where you live, this job can be surprisingly lucrative. In states such as New York and Illinois, drivers can expect to make upwards of $60,000 per year. 

Food Scientist

Food scientists make food fun. Almost any food product you see on the shelves had a food scientist working on it. These scientists are tasked with the unique job of researching and analyzing the foods we eat to improve taste and storage times. Not only this, a food scientist is responsible for ensuring that products pass the sanitation requirements, set by the government while also maintaining nutritional content.  This may sound like a stressful job description but actually, food scientists work in a calming and quiet lab environment. 

Food scientists who have completed a Bachelor’s degree in food science or chemistry receive $61,805 on average.

So, what do you think? Will these 5 unique career options see you expanding your working horizons. 


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