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In today’s day and age, data is the fuel that powers every economy of the world. Every industry from vehicle building to architecture, from online marketing research to agriculture uses big data to understand how each market reacts to change and how to improve the decision-making process.

Now, most people have heard about big data, but not everyone knows what it means (even though we’re using applications based on this concept every day). An explanation that’s easy to grasp, is that big data is defined extremely large sets of data that vary in complexity and come at an increasingly faster speed.

But, in order to be efficient and provide accurate and relevant information, big data must be processed and analyzed. And that’s where data scientists enter the stage. If you know how to manipulate and interpret data, you are among the most sought-after job candidates in the world.

However, it’s not easy to become a skilled data scientist. People who manage to be successful in this field are trained in a combination of computing, mathematics, statistics, and understand the business workflow from top to bottom. Furthermore, they are constantly learning and updating their knowledge database, to stay competitive and actual in a highly dynamic field.

While it may sound a bit scary (and highly analytical), a career in data science comes with plenty of perks and cool challenges. We listed some of the most interesting ones below, so make sure to have a look if you’re curious about the domain.   

#1: Job Security

Data scientists are in high demand right now, and they will continue to be. Big data is a phenomenon that’s growing at exponential speeds and it’s so ingrained in current technologies that it’s safe to say we can’t function properly without it.

As time goes by, more and more industries will become dependent on processing, analyzing, and understanding huge amounts of data. As a result, people who work in this domain don’t need to worry about losing their positions or wages going down.

#2: No AI Threat

As technology evolves, we see industries use robotics, automation, AI, and machine learning to replace menial jobs with high-risk factors. This means many people will lose their jobs because a machine can do it better, faster, safer, and/or cheaper.

But data scientists are not among these people. Data interpretation is a skill that requires the use of machines but also the finesse of the human mind. In fact, the domain is a fantastic opportunity for anyone interested in switching careers and upgrading their status.

#3: There is Diversity

Before the big data phenomenon exploded, the data science domain was addressed mostly by research organizations.

However, things are completely different now, when each company wants to have its own team of data scientists to make sure they read the market and understand their own segment of customers before the competition does.

So, there are plenty of interesting and challenging career options for anyone passionate about data and what they reveal.

#4: Impressive Career Growth Perspectives

The IT industry is massive at this point in history, but there are areas/niches where people feel stuck. So, if you find yourself in a position where things don’t move forward at the pace you want, a career change towards data science may be a good idea.

There is a shortage of people at all levels (from beginners to top managers) in this niche, so if you already have the mindset of a programmer or analyst, the switch should be swift. Not to mention that the career growth options are extremely attractive!

Furthermore, specialists in data science are paid better than most other IT professionals and the salary trends indicate positive exponential growth for the foreseeable future.

#5: You’re Not Tied Down

As a data scientist, you are not forced to stay with one industry, company, or even country. Since big data is everywhere, it’s easy to close shop in one location and start over in another.

There are exciting job opportunities in healthcare, marketing, finances, agriculture, architecture, management, and more. Also, you can get involved in governmental projects or can get affiliated with an NGO you support.

#6: Experience is not a Factor

This is the one field where experience is not required! True, it helps to have a solid background in data processing and analysis, but the field is relatively new so no one will demand it of you. Furthermore, the domain is highly dynamic, so you’re always learning something new.

Also, since many IT professionals from other fields take the plunge into data science, most specialists have a diverse background, that’s not necessarily built around big data.

#7: It’s Easy to Find a Job

Because the domain is expanding rapidly, there are lots of job opportunities, for all levels of experience and preparedness.

There’s also a shortage of skilled professionals, which makes this attractive for people who are not happy in their current careers. Usually, it’s quite difficult to find a good job opportunity when you switch fields, but because there’s so much potential, the competition is quite low, and everyone gets a fair chance.

Wrap Up

According to recent statistics, data science is the place to be right now if you have an out-of-the-box thinking and analytical mind! Still, it’s not a domain that will fit everyone, so it’s best to research the field before taking a decision.

There are plenty of resources and information available online for free, and people who want to take it one step further can find high-quality online courses on several different e-learning platforms. His way, you have the chance of testing the field and getting accustomed to the practices and pace of the job.

Author Bio: Danielle Canstello is part of the content marketing team at Pyramid Analytics. They provide enterprise-level analytics and bi software. In her spare time, she writes around the web to spread her knowledge of marketing, business intelligence, and analytics industries.

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