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10 Frequently Asked Top Interview Questions and Their Best Answers

top interview questions answers

Discover the top ten most popular job interview questions and learn how to answer them correctly to pass your job interview successfully and land your desired job.

Top 10 Interview Questions and Best Answers

Do you want to discover the top ten questions most frequently asked during job interviews? Would you like to discover proper answers to those questions? If so, then read on. In this article, you will find the top ten questions potential employers may ask you together with corresponding responses to those questions.

It is not usually easy to land a good job. You are supposed to submit a CV first. Many candidates don’t know how to craft great resumes so they use reliable services like, where one can purchase high-quality custom written resumes at low cost. Next, you come to a meeting with a recruiter, and this stage is just as difficult.

The recruiter asks you various questions. Some of them may be difficult to answer right away. But today you are going to discover the ten most popular questions recruiters ask together with the proper answers in order to pass a job interview successfully:

How do you see yourself in 3-10 years?

Perhaps this is the most traditional question which has a few nuances. To come off as an avid careerist is not always a successful step towards a job offer. If you’re applying for a position where only horizontal growth is possible, you should not talk much about your professional ambitions.

Not everyone needs leaders, and if you really believe in what you are talking about, then maybe you should not consider this particular position? Otherwise, just describe in detail your planned future career growth and show your desire for development.

Persuade us why we should hire you.

This is a very tricky question for many.  That’s the point of it. To answer, you must have several strong arguments, not so much in a professional as in a psychological dimension. It is at this point that you should show your wit and emphasize those personality traits that are not reflected in the resume which make your superior to other candidates.

Tell us about your hobbies

This question traps people who are not into any real hobbies. Is reading, traveling or cooking a worthy hobby that is not a shame to share with the employer? Before mentioning a particular hobby, you should thoroughly study the company, its values, philosophy and views of the leaders. Otherwise, you can get into an embarrassing situation. For example, it’s not a smart idea to discuss your passion for hunting when being interviewed by a Greenpeace member. If you do not know the company well enough, your response about hobbies should be neutral.

Tell us about your parents

Many job seekers react to this question emotionally, perceiving it as an intrusion into their private lives. But since it is not uncommon, you should be prepared for it. The question is directed at understanding the potential scenario of your behavior. So don’t be afraid to tell a little about your parents, family and the environment you grew up in.

Why have you chosen us?

Why do you want to join our organization?” is one of the most frequently asked interview questions. If you really dream of working for this company, then it will not be difficult for you to show your interest, passion, and loyalty. It is a good idea to conduct some research in advance and talk about the company’s strengths and advantages that attract you. It is important for the employer to see a confident and positive attitude, and to hear a clear and reasonable answer.

Describe your biggest failure

Everyone has ups and downs in their lives, so you cannot deny the possibility of your failure either. You should give an honest answer to the question, describing your solution of the problem. Most recruiters collect recommendations from past employers before making a final decision, so don’t try to hide any facts from your recruiter.

How do you feel about social networks?

Here you need to emphasize that you strictly control the time spent on social networks. You need to make it clear that it has never affected the quality of your work. If you are an expert whose job involves using social media, then you need to describe how you successfully do your job using those tools.

Do you have a good sense of humor?

If you have a neutral joke in your mind that is not tied to politics and vulgarity, you can share it. You can also tell a funny story from your work experience. However, there is nothing wrong if you can’t tell a joke or anecdote to your recruiter.

What kind of fruit do you associate our company with?

It is difficult for a recruiter to evaluate a candidate if he or she is under stress. These kinds of questions often help to ease the situation and make a candidate more relaxed and at ease. It is impossible to prepare for this question, but it will be easier for you to come up with an answer to the question if you understand why it is being asked in the first place. So don’t take it too seriously and just answer whatever comes to your mind.

Will you continue to work for us if we stop paying you money?

Many candidates get caught by this question. They believe that “yes” is the right answer. However, recruiters are looking for honest and self-aware people. So don’t say “yes” if deep in your heart you know that it’s not true. Give an honest answer to the question.


Finding a great job is not easy. However, if you are well prepared, it will be easy. Now that you have discovered the ten most popular job interview questions and the corresponding answers, you are able to pass any job interview with ease and land your desired job.


Career Options after MBA in Marketing

career options after mba in marketing

Planning to build your dream career in Marketing? Are you ready to experience a hunky-dory lifestyle after completing your management course?

MBA in marketing is one of the most popular degree course among students today. And why not! The crying demand of the organizations to increase their sales in the competitive world has extended the scope of MBA marketing beyond limits. Though the management employees may face issues of low salary during a recession or the boom times, the opportunities are limitless otherwise.

Over the years, the phrase ‘MBA Preferred’ has been a major requirement on the top online job portals like Monster and Indeed.


Well, industry experts believe that MBA professionals are more likely to look at the bigger picture and not limited to focusing on one or two specific aspects of a business.

And, the best part is:

An MBA in marketing is a high-status degree offering competitive advantages over other courses.

Wait, you must:

Look into the major benefits of choosing MBA marketing degree.

  • Advancement in Designation – MBA marketing helps graduates develop a variety of skills like leadership, financial, management, networking, etc. These skills help them qualify for managerial and executive positions in various industries. Moreover, having adequate professional experience can earn them promotions to higher positions as marketing managers, marketing and business development managers, brand managers, sales managers, and marketing director.
  • Enhanced Knowledge Pool – MBA marketing program offer graduates various opportunities to polish their knowledge graph through advanced business coursework and marketing-specific electives. They are able to increase their knowledge on mainstream business topics including human resource, finance, marketing, and corporate management.
  • Networking Opportunities – MBA marketing is one stream that gets people closer to you. Marketing involved direct interaction with businesses and customers. Even you get chances to closely interact with talented individuals from all across the globe during your graduation phase. This, in turn, enhances the experience by exposing you to various business practices, opinions, ideologies, and cultures.

And it gets better:

Graduates having MBA in marketing get exposure to uncountable career opportunities in the marketing field and beyond.

Let’s break it down:

Career Opportunities after MBA in Marketing

Below are the top career options after MBA in Marketing.

Marketing Managers

Their core responsibilities revolve around leading the marketing team and managing and servicing the customers. This position requires intensive industry knowledge, research, and leadership skills. 

Brand Managers

Marketing graduates on this position are responsible for positioning and promotional activities. Their responsibilities include market research activities, advertising, media production, etc. Simply, they are responsible for branding and promotion of the organization where they work.

Sales Manager

Offering effective customer service, developing business growth strategies and their monitoring, assessing sales and fixing targets, monitoring retail trade and distribution schemes, etc., are important aspects of their role and responsibilities.

Corporate Sales Manager

These are the professionals who engage themselves in B2B sales and are responsible for coordinating with the purchasing department or top management directly to ensure sales of their products.

Market Research Analyst

These marketing professionals come up with methods and procedures that can be used to obtain data their organization needs. They are responsible for designing, implementing and analyzing the market and offer support for the development of marketing plans towards the business growth.

Product Manager

Graduates appointed as product managers are accountable for positioning, design, and specifications of company’s products. They are responsible for monitoring the performance of products seeking feedback from the market on a regular basis. 

Management Consulting

MBA marketing graduates who have exceptional problem-solving skills can build their career in management consulting. Professionals here are responsible for identifying and resolving organizational issues along embracing innovative ideas and methods of problem-solving.

Here’s where it gets good:

There are many career prospects for MBA marketing graduates other than their core field.


If you are somebody who isn’t fond of working with people, you can be your own boss. MBA in marketing enhances the ability of the graduates to be an entrepreneur. If you are financially capable and confident enough to take risks, you can launch your own business in any field.

Digital Marketing

This is a new role that is getting widespread popularity among MBA graduates these days. Professionals as digital marketers work towards building a positive image of their company and its products and services on the web. As Internet marketing professionals, their role is to drive traffic to their website and social media channels with the aim to increase brand visibility and turn potential customers into their long-lasting, loyal customers.

Since you are reading this article, we believe you are a marketing enthusiast and hope that the above information would help you make your career decision.

Share your views and comments with us!

About Author:  Kamini Vyas is a part-time blogger at Easy Management Notes and also a management enthusiastic. Easy Management Notes provides students & professors a platform to share their study notes, research paper, case study & other study material online.


How To Get The Superb Language Skills To Start Working From Home

Language Skills To Start Working From Home

Every one of us knows how hard it is to wake up early on a Monday to get to work. It gets even worse once you hit the road and get stuck in traffic. Hopefully, you haven’t gotten used to this because you can earn what you’re earning right now (or even more) without dealing with all these hassles.

More and more people are embracing freelancing to get away from the stress of a regular 8 to 5 job. Plus, it’s one of the few ways you can get a decent-paying job without getting buried in student loans from a pricey college degree.

Here, how well you can speak or write in a foreign language plays a huge role in getting hired because you won’t see your employer. So if you’re interested in joining this global workforce, here are a few tips for you to gain superb language skills.

1. Know when you need help

Everyone’s not good at everything, and that’s okay. However, you should know when you need help.

For example, If you feel that you aren’t reaching your full potential in speaking Spanish on your own, you can get an online tutor from sites like Preply here to get help from someone who’s already an expert.

And because this is already online, you would be able to talk to your future clients with confidence.

2. Start writing

Maybe you don’t consider yourself a writer, but you don’t have to be one to express your opinions. Write about anything at all: your interests, your day, your job, or even your favorite cartoon.

The important thing here is to get yourself comfortable with the language because in all relationships, communication is key.

Plus, essay writing is a very profitable zero-capital work. Clients will always judge you with how articulately you communicate your great ideas. So, great language skills will make you look and sound smart.

You may feel you’re not that good at it at first, but you’ll improve over time.

3. Read books

Reading is a great way to pass time and to hone your language skills. In books, you introduce yourself to a lot of ideas and concepts, learn new words, familiarize yourself with better sentence structures, and many more.

Of course, the kind of books you read has an effect on how much you’d get out of the experience. But remember to take into account your fluency in that language as well.

If you are a native English speaker or are already fluent in English, these books would help you up your reading level, as well as writing and speaking skills. But if you’re not, try to look for reading options that are a little less challenging.

4. Let others critique your writing

Getting something you spent hours on put on the hot seat doesn’t exactly raise your self-esteem, but it shouldn’t dishearten you either.

Instead, you should look at it as an opportunity to correct your mistakes and to develop your language skills. Even experts were once amateurs. The only difference between the two is how they handled criticism.

But if you’re not yet comfortable showing your work to other people, use free online tools like Grammarly. The problem here is, it’s not a hundred percent accurate so you should build up the courage to let actual people see your work.

By freelancing, you can work anywhere in the world where there’s an internet connection. If you want to have this life, you need to be an expert communicator. But how can you do that without superb language skills? Follow our four tips and before you know it, you won’t even need your regular job anymore.


5 Tips To Impress Your Interviewer During A Job Interview

Tips To Impress Your Interviewer

Everyone of us understands the importance of a job interview. They become more important when you’re appearing in a job interview of your dream company. It is like do or die kind of situation when you really need that job. You can win this battle by impressing your job interviewer.

We all have grown up listening to the old saying i.e “First impression is the last impression”. This becomes very true in a job interview. If you’ve managed to impress your interviewer in the first 2 minutes after you enter the interview room, you have won the half battle.

In this article, we’ll give you 5 tips that will help you impress your interviewer during a job interview.

How to Impress Your Interviewer : 5 Tips For Success

Here are the 5 tips for interview success

Wear a Professional Attire

Research says that the first impression is formed within the first 30 seconds as soon you enter into a interview room.

People make first judgement about you just by looking at you. If you’re looking good, people will create a good image about you in their mind.

How you dress up tells a lot about your personality. If you want to impress an interviewer, there could be no better thing to do than wearing a professional attire in an job interview.

Also, carry a formal shoes with your attire. This will make you look even more professional and sincere.

Make Your Own Professional Resume Website

Today is an era of technology. Since the domain name registration cost and web hosting services has become very affordable, this is the right time to secure your own domain name and build a resume website on it. If your name is Mike Hudson, a domain or could be a better choice for you.

You can use WordPress to build your website. There are thousands of free themes available to choose from for your website.

To register a domain name and web hosting for your website, you can choose Godaddy.

Godaddy offers web hosting services for as low as $1 per month with a free domain name. Read the linked article to know more about how can you get Godaddy $1 Hosting Deal.

A personal resume website that is build on your own domain name will definitely help you leave a good impression on the interviewer during a job interview. This becomes more relevant when you’re going to appear in an interview in an IT company.

Read About The Company

Knowing about the company before the interview is very important. Many a times an interviewer intentionally ask this question “what do you know about this company?” to judge if you’ve prepared for this interview or not.

To gather knowledge about the company, you can visit their official website or can surf the internet to see if the company was in NEWS in the recent time.

Also read company’s mission and values. This will help you pitch yourself in line with company’s growth plan.

Prepare A Story About Your Past Successes and Lesson Learned From Failures

Everyone loves to hear stories and so does an interviewer. It is a good thing to prepare a story about your successes and failures. This will help you get the conversation going in the interview and will also help the interviewer to know more about you.

Interviewer wants to know what skills do you poses and what past experience you have that can help their company in their growth path. Always try to add elements in your story that the interviewer can relate with the job opening they have in hand.

Ask Questions

Interview is not about just answering the questions that are coming to your way, rather it is a 2 way process. You should always prepare some questions well in advance for the interviewer. This will give interviewer a sense that you are interested in the job and interested about it.

These were the top 5 tips from our side that we think will help you leave a good impression on the interviewer. We wish you all the best for your interview and success.


How to Start Your Career as a Writer

how to start a career as a writer

Writing is regarded as one of the most lucrative and fulfilling careers in the world. Although thousands of people take up writing careers regularly, many of them end up frustrated and give up their lofty dreams totally.The bitter truth is that writing isn’t for everyone, but with the basic skills, determination, passion and a burning desire to learn, you are good to go. Starting a career in writing doesn’t necessarily require a degree in literature or creative writing. Truth be told, a great percentage of the best writers engaged in writing as a hobby while in college. Consider the following steps as you kick start your writing career.

Establish an online presence

The whole world has gone digital in recent years. The 21st century writer has long realized the importance of having an active online presence. It’s a no-brainer if you want to be discovered by clients and editors. Social media is now more than connecting with friends and family members; it’s fast becoming an avenue to establish one’s credibility and proficiencies. Set up a blog and share valuable content via your social media profiles. As you build your online presence, be wary of anything that can ruin your reputation, because people usually look up the online information of anyone that they want to work with.

Hone your writing skills

A writing career gives room for constant improvement. Endeavor to update your writing skills. As time goes on, you can even enroll in an online writing class. It’s obvious that the competition out there is really intense and you need more than excellent writing skills to succeed as a writer. Entrusting your academic papers into the hands of cheap coursework providers will ensure that you have more time to improve your writing skills. Develop other skills like social skills, editing skills, copywriting skills, marketing skills, SEO skills and the art of pitching effectively. In addition, learn how to use a computer and the basics of researching with search engines. Stay on top of your game by being regularly updated with the latest trends in the writing industry.

Network effectively

Networking is an essential aspect of every career. Many writers can attest to the fact that they discovered juicy writing gigs through referrals. In this wise, strive to build meaningful relationships with others. Remember to network with people from other fields too. Social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn is a great way to keep in touch with your contacts. Leave your desk and attend networking events in your area. It’s even possible to meet people whose impact will go beyond career.

Define your area of specialty

It’s true that you are a writer, but avoid the mistake of dabbling into all types of writing. The number one secret of successful writers is writing on topics that they really care about. Choosing to work on a few topics or niches is a sure way to be recognized as a professional writer. Make the decision on whether you want to write for the web, print or both. Opt for a robust niche so that you won’t run out of jobs.

Be ready to work for free

There is nothing like overnight success in writing. You will face rejection several times and can even spend many months or years as an unpaid writer. This is the main reason why amateur writers are often advised to keep their day jobs. Guest blogging, writing for local publications and college newspapers are opportunities to acquire experience and make you visible.The bottom line is to allow your passion shine through your craft always.


4 Creative Writing Careers That Actually Pay

Creative Writing Careers That Pays

Making a career with the help of your writing skills seems like an amazing thing to do. However, many of us still hesitate to make writing their profession. Actually, it isn’t surprising at all: we all have heard stories of people, who wanted to make money on writing but ended struggling to pay their bills on time and producing a huge amount of dull and similar-looking texts.

Such things do happen, especially if you don’t have enough experience and confidence to ask more for your work, to pursue better clients and more interesting jobs. However, this doesn’t mean that this is going to happen to you, especially after you’ll read this article. In it, I want to tell you about 4 amazing and interesting writing careers that do help you earn decent money.


I’m not talking about creating copies for different private clients here – this work isn’t usually as well-paid as it could be. Working for the advertising agencies instead can help you earn decent money as well as gain valuable experience. Copywriters that work in the advertising can write ads, brochures, texts, emails, and so on.

Novel writing

If you are more a writer than a marketing specialist, consider novel writing instead. You can try writing your own novel and sell it or try working as a ghostwriter, creating something for the clients under a pseudonym. Of course, in the second case you won’t be credited for your writing – however, it could be a great opportunity to strengthen your skills and receive a proper feedback.

Moreover, these days you don’t even have to find a publisher to do so: there are many self-publishing options too. Though this option has one big drawback: you won’t be able to ensure your income as it will depend on whether your book will succeed or not and you will still need money to live on during your writing process.

Writing for a company

Looking for something more stable and still interesting? Well, then consider working as a content writer for a company. There a lot of companies these days that look for writers, willing to offer them a well-paid job (often even remote one). However, it could be hard to find such companies on the most popular freelance websites – moreover, not all of them actually search for writers on such websites.

The best way to find this kind of job is to contact the companies that interest you directly, offering them your services. Or you can monitor their websites, looking for vacancies and applying once they appear.


This is probably one of the best opportunities to earn money on writing. First, it allows you to write about things that actually interest you, about things you really like. Second, it allows you to be your own boss and to create your own personal brand. Third, your income and your schedule will depend on you only.

However, there’s a drawback too. When it comes to blogging, you have to invest a lot first before you start receiving profit from it. In the beginning, blogging is all about working for nothing, doing your best to promote your blog and to make it popular. You’ll have to wait at least a few month before trying to monetize it. However, you can still gain necessary skills, experience, and money, working as a blogger or as a guest blogger for another company.

Of course, while these careers can help you earn decent money, it won’t be easy too. Your success depends not only on the career you choose but also on your writing skills. You have to work hard, trying to become a better writer all the time, take creative writing lessons, learn more about the market, and do many other things if you want to succeed. But it is definitely worth trying.

I wish you good luck with that and hope that you’ll be able to build a writing career of your dreams.

About the Author

Sophia Clark graduated from the University in the City of New York with B.A. in Journalism, 2011. She is a creative writer from New York who loves to share her thoughts with readers. In her free time, she enjoys writing fiction as well as reading it. Her big dream is to publish a novel one day.


6 Job Interview Secrets to Land Your Dream Job

 Job Interview Secrets

Job search requires a bunch of our precious time, but the truth is you never know whether the next to follow interview will be successful. For that reason, it is highly important to learn something new in order to rock on in your next job interview.

Do the Research on the Company

Have you ever heard that 47% of hiring managers tend to eliminate the majority of the candidates since they know almost nothing about the company. Almost half of the experts are going to the job interviews without a solid understanding of what establishment they’re going to work at is doing. Make sure to take the time to surf the company web site, social channels, blogs, etc. in order to have efficient knowledge of the company. Create a brief review of the company for yourself or address to a writing service like with a request to do that for you.

Dress for the Interview

The question about what one should wear – something casual or a suit – has one common answer – it depends on the kind of a job you’re interviewing for. In other words, if you do not get dressed for the job of your dream, you won’t succeed. According what up to 70% of hiring managers say, they used to eliminate almost all job seekers since they were too trendy. Never hesitate to ask how you’re supposed to get dressed for the interview.

Keep Away from the Last Meeting of the Day

The key reason why one should avoid the last meeting of the day is that usually by the end of the workday our mind is full of too many things like dinner plans, to-do things for the next work day, kids’ homework and so on. And, don’t even think about scheduling the job interview on the end of the day on Friday.

Create a Resume that Stands Out

The hiring managers see tons of terrible and great resumes every single day. What makes a stunning resume? First of all, make sure to clearly define what problems you’re capable to solve for a particular company and adjust the resume depending on the job available.

Don’t Lie

For some reason, a lot of job seekers get the impression that the best way to get a job is to dance around the tough questions. You do not have a particular skill? Just be honest. State it. Never try to hide it by talking about the things that aren’t relevant. Make sure to say you do not have that skill, but inform your interviewer that you do have some other related skills.

Ask Your Own Questions

A successful interview is not about just sitting in a room and giving prepared answers to the hiring managers’ questions. This is a great chance to learn more about a position, the company and the potential place you’re going to take in that world. Ensure to prepare a list of thoughtful questions before your interview and find the right moment to ask them.

Even if you are a perfect fit for some job posting, I’d still suggest you follow these same rules. Aside from winding up with more interviews, you’ll also likely to find one that offers a real career move, not just another job. It all starts by being different.


Career in Business Management

career in business managementIf you have a degree in business management, certainly, you can find yourself in a soup! Where to go, what to do and to settle at what salary! No, don’t take me wrong, I am not being negative. It’s just that you will be having so many options to spoil you! Having a diversified career waiting for you, sky is the limit. Ranging from working as a business manager to managing a restaurant or supermarket, or from managing an international brand to your own business, you have so many options to choose from! But from where does such numerous options come? Obviously the answer lies in the fact that from where you have pursued your degree and what you achieved which other could not. These are the certain things which can play a decisive role in designing your future. The world of business management is vast and you have to decide over what you want to achieve!

What all you achieve!

A degree in business management gives you a concrete foundation about managing employees and create a dynamic workplace environment, which is beneficial for all.

The course in Business Administration or Management is among the most popular streams which requires a way more experience than any other business management courses. If you pursue higher level courses, say postgraduate degrees in business management, then you are more knowledgeable than others who just know how to push paper and delegate. With the business management courses, you can learn the skills and tools which are highly required for running a business successfully, leading from the front and improving your organizational skills.

On the other hand, the courses in business management also seek to foster ethical and social responsibilities of the individuals. The program is designed to follow two objectives, which are:

  • Ensuring quality postgraduate training in order to meet the requirements of the knowledge society.
  • Complementing the capabilities and skills acquired in undergraduate teaching.

Considering specialized knowledge

These day, the employers are quite peculiar about hiring people having specialized knowledge rather than a generalized knowledge, and this is the reason why the companies nowadays ask for specialized management degree. There has been a history of students with the specialized MBA degree getting placed well by the job industry, and the credit goes to the expertise held by the candidates. The knowledge is always helpful for the company, as well as the candidate, even in the bad times, and this bodes for better job retention. According to the job industry, following trends have been observed:

The industry reports a great increase in the applications for specialized master’s courses. The courses, which attracted the applicants most, are:

  • Masters in finance programs
  • Master in management programs
  • Master of accounting programs

Better Job Opportunities

management educationHaving a business management degree in hand, you can always look out for better job opportunities. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), anticipates a 12% growth between 2008 and 2018, with the individual competition getting stiffer with each passing day. Getting jobs at higher level management positions isn’t that easy, hence the competition is always neck to neck. However, at executive levels, the market is less competitive, but still, having a business degree in hand keeps the individuals apart from other potential employee applicants.

As a business management degree holder, you can look out for various options across different streams. Here are some examples of careers available

  1. Finance Manager
  2. Human Resource Manager
  3. Marketing Manager
  4. Operations research analyst
  5. IT manager
  6. Management analyst
  7. Financial analyst
  8. Investment Banker
  9. Investment Fund Manager
  10. High-End Management Consultant

Salaries for the management professionals are certainly higher. The market pays well to those who have a hands-on experience about working in the industry. If you seriously want to make big money, work as intern with some big brands, may be they will absorb you later, based on your performance, or you can have your way to some other well-known names and shape up your career.

The Conclusion

Considering the present scenario, management education has become one of the most demanded curriculums across the globe. According to the Financial Times, a degree in MBA from a reputed institute is something which employers look for! Business schools offer programs in different streams of MBA, which can prepare the best workforce of future. The influence of western businesses schools can be seen in the methodologies that are implemented by the business schools across the world to better develop their graduate programs and educate their students, betting that investment by foreign entrepreneurs in the country like India is getting higher day by day.


Business Analyst Resume

Business Analyst Resume Sample: Today on our website we’ll talk about sample Business Analyst resume. In this post we’ll cover all necessary requirements that you need to know before, when you’ve a business analyst interview ahead.

A Business Analyst (BA) is an important person of the organization who analyzes the existing position of organization and then he/she designs a system for the same kind of businesses, departments, and organizations to assess models of business with sound integration of technology 

So, I want to share with all you some Business Analyst resume tips and these tips will definitely help you to get this job. We know that we are moving towards the end of this year and according a business news papers sources there are a huge demand for business analysts in U.S.A in 2014, so this resume is going to be very helpful to all of you as you apply for a business analyst jobs in 2014.

Business Analyst ResumeWell, There are many types of business analyst resume samples are available on the internet but today I am going to show you a most relevant resume sample to your preparation for business analyst resume 2014 & this will help you in both way if you are applying as a fresher or as an experienced one, you can add or delete things that you want in this resume.

Mr. James Anderson is the respective candidate and he is applying for the post business analyst in a reputed company of U.S.A.

As he mentioned all necessary requirements in his resume along with resume cover letter. Below is a resume sample for the applying post of business analyst. The following sample would provide you the relevant idea that you need for preparing a Sample business analyst resume.

Business Analyst Resume Sample

James Anderson
1234, South End Church,
Castle Street, CU 02356
(123) – 7890456.


  • Good track record of delivering and providing high performance technology solutions to match the challenges of today’s business scenario.
  • Excellent command & Sound knowledge of latest sofwares related to business analysis.
  • Over 10+ years of IT experience of which, 6+ years as business analyst, 4+ years as a requirements analyst of systems in U.S.A based Multinational company.
  • Proficient in computer operating such as MS office, MS outlook.
  • Excellent command in both written and verbal communication skills.
  • Great ability to work on multiple projects & handle different tasks at once.
  • Pleasant knowledge and experience in different disciplines such as: business analysis, project management, technical specifications and data mapping etc. 

Academic Background and Certification:

  • Achieved Business Analyst Degree from the STATE UNIVERSITY, LA, in 2000.
  • Master of Business Administration, STATE UNIVERSITY, LA, in 2002.
  • Diploma of Advanced Information Technology, Information Technology Institute, CA
  • Achieved several other Certification and honors till this date like
  1. Project Management PMP Certificate from PMI (Project Management Institute) .
  2. OCP Oracle Certification from (Oracle Certified Professional).
  3. State level Award for Business Analysis and Economic Excellence & Growth.

Professional Experience Summary:

ABC Corporation, Loss Angeles
Senior Business Analyst
January 2009 to Till date

Presently working as  a Senior Business Analyst since January 2009 in the Business Department of ABC Corporation in Los Angeles and efficiently handling and performing the following projects and essentials things on this job:

  • DSD Anti Money Laundering Project:  Effectively handling and managing the project with the help of different softwares on business analysis. Working on scope of the project, identifying the stakeholders, identifying the risks, identifying the activities and different variables, estimated the time and resource required in the project and monitering all the phases until successful completion of the project.
  • Silver craft project: Lead and monitor the project considering each and every thing from beginning to end taking care of all the impacts to the enterprise data warehouse and analyze it. 

EFG Corporation, New York
Senior Business Analyst
January 2003 to December 2008

As a Senior Business Analyst in a Reconciliation project at EFG Corporation, where I provide solutions to the clients to achieve their customer business goals by:

  • Responsible for preparing and maintaining high level of business requirement and also deal with detail requirement specifications, designing of data flow process.
  •  I worked on this project by using different technical tools such as MS office tools and remote access tools.
  • As far as technical specifications are concern I take care of every part of the project and mapping for calculating and reporting risk.
  • Interacting with core business clients and work with dispersed stakeholders.
  • Explaining and gathering business needs to understand business idea after that converting business idea into frame-ready, then implement it into high-level business requirements.
  • Provide support to business and development team throughout implementation of different strategies. 


Mr. David Smith, CEO
EFG Corporation, New York
Email id:
Contact no: 2121 – 320 – 120


Customer Relationship Manager Interview Questions and Answers Sample

customer relationship manager interview questions and answersHi, friends many times we see a lot of questions coming in our mind when we have an interview such as Customer relationship manager interview questions and answers. We hesitate a bit while appearing in the interview room so, today on our website; I will give you some interview tips and job interview questions and answers in a way that will help to ace a job interview.

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5 Common Customer Relationship Manager Job Interview Questions and Answers

These are the common customer relationship manager interview questions and answers that will help you to get your Customer Relationship manager job with an ease and comfort: the first question in CRM interview questions and answers is,

Tell us about yourself ?

This is a most common interview question that is asked in almost every customer relationship manager job interview so you must be prepared about this very carefully. Here, I want to tell how you should get over this question easy and comfortably; many times we see that people respond this question talking about their personal life but that is completely wrong. By this question an interviewer wants to know about your abilities & how you demonstrate yourself so, you should start speaking from academics and end it on your last job profile & if you are a fresher then show off your strengths and about your projects and summer training that you’ve handled during the academics

Why do you want to work in this industry?

This is another important question from a common interview questions and answers asked by the interview board for a customer relationship manager. Here, interviewer wants to know that how bad you are willing to do this job so you must be really aware about this situation. By answering this question you should not say that you like this industry this is wrong way to handle this kind of question. You can rather say that I love to communicate with new people therefore, I am so passionate about this job or you can display your previous job experience or you can show you success story.

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Why are you leaving your current role?

By this interview question, an interviewer wants to know about your future goals and how capable you are for your life’s challenges & how you handle and cope up in a new environment. You should not say that your boss was not a good person or you should stay away about badmouthing your previous boss.

You can get over this question by smartly answer that “I’ve learned a lot from my current job profile, but now I’m looking forward towards new challenges & responsibilities on my shoulders, to broaden & shape my career in way that helps me to achieve my future needs and to gain a new sets of skills, therefore I see a lot of potential for me, in this job.’’

Where do you see yourself in next five years?

By this question an interviewer wants to google how much you’re ambitious, career-oriented, and committed to have a future with their company. So instead, of saying about your dream for an early retirement, or you can say or give them an appropriate example on your future plans and growth with this company also by this question you can say that how beneficial you can be with this company in a future period of time.

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What salary are you looking for?

This is another commonly asked question in any job interview. By this question about CRM interview question and answer interviewer wants to know about your financial need because everybody does work hard to be financially sound. But here rather saying that I was earning $25,000 – so, now I’m looking forward $30000. This is a wrong way; you should avoid saying exact number of your need.

You can say that “I am more interested in role than the pay so I could expect to be paid the appropriate amount for this role, based on my five years of experience.

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So friends these customer relationship manager interview questions and answers will help you find out your customer relationship manager job. We’ve tried to answer it in short way to give you a little understanding about cracking a job interview about customer relationship manager. In our upcoming posts we will try to discuss on other questions that may come your way during an interview round. Wish you all the very best from !