5 Reasons To Specialize In Cyber Security


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Today Cut has reported on the growing need for data analytics experts and underlined the increasing value of big data. In this information age, data is a new form of currency. Because of this, organizations are beginning to see the importance of keeping their data safe from malicious attacks. This has led to a tech industry where cyber security is now dominating all aspects. The world’s most vital industries, institutions, and corporations are in need of cyber security professionals due to the increasing variety and intensity of cyber attacks. We’ll be looking at the top reasons why you should specialize in cyber security right now.

Cyber security is a growing invisible issue

The threat of cyber attacks is not exactly a new problem. It’s an issue that’s been going on for many years. However in recent years, there has been an uptick in the number of attacks. Special Counsel recalls how legal experts highlighted a record number of data breaches back in 2017, equalling 1,579 different incidents in the U.S. alone. That number represents a 44.7% increase from the previous year, not to mention the millions of individuals whose personal data had been compromised. Tech Republic discussed that while this issue has been a threat for many years, it has only recently been getting publicity. This is because companies often opt out of reporting these breaches. One of the primary reasons why cyber attacks go unreported is because of the negative repercussions it can have on a business’ brand and credibility.

The talent shortage is becoming an industry crisis

Finding a job isn’t an issue for cyber security professionals. Recent estimates show that there will be around 3.5 million unfilled positions in the field by 2021. In a study, two-thirds of the organizations that responded said they lack the number of cyber security professionals necessary for the digital climate. This talent gap makes it all the more appealing to start specializing in the cyber security.

Federal agencies are prioritizing the field

Trip Wire claims that as cyber security continues to proves itself as a major issue globally, the government has been heavily investing in the sector. If it’s ever been your dream to serve the government, cyber security might be the best way for you to do that.

The opportunity of higher pay

IT-related jobs in general already have a 50% higher salary than the average American employee working in the private sector. Given the talent shortage and industry demand, cyber security professionals get paid even more. The median pay for a cyber security professional was $92,000 per year in 2016. This is compared to the median annual wage, which was $37,040.

You can carve a niche out for yourself

Cyber security isn’t necessarily just for professionals with coding or programming backgrounds. It’s a dynamic field that requires people from different types of working backgrounds. Furthermore, entering the cyber security industry allows you to carve out a niche and differentiate yourself. Anyone from a business administrator, policy manager or a designer can enter the industry. The important thing is to specialize, and fast.


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