5 Ways a Management Degree Can Help You Land an HR Job


Career Advancement

So you just finished school and are looking to start your career. Or are you looking for a change of pace from your current job? Your management degree opens your options to many industries. 

Human resources is a great area to step into and it pays to know that you have the resources to use like benefits technology software. It’s a constantly growing profession. And there are countless roles from recruiting to management. Your degree may not be in HR but that doesn’t mean you are unqualified for a position in the department if that is your goal. 

Your management degree makes you appealing to companies looking to hire for human resources jobs. Your wide range of knowledge makes you a great candidate. Here are a few ways that the skills you gained with your degree can help you land an awesome job in human resources. And how to showcase them to potential employers.

Business Skills

Management degree coursework includes a wide variety of coverage of all aspects of a business. These skills are beneficial to positions in many areas of a company. This is especially true for human resources. Having this wide range of skills and flexibility is appealing to employers.

Having knowledge of organizational development is key to being successful in human resources. Knowing how a business runs from top to bottom makes you a more thorough employee. It also helps in human resources where you are dealing with a wide variety of workers at different levels and lines of business.

Even just a small amount of financial knowledge can make you a more efficient and conscientious employee. Understanding how compensation works and an understanding of the bonus structure is essential in human resources. Being aware of your company’s bottom line is helpful in making decisions regarding employees.

Explain your variety of skills and showcase them in your resume. Employers like to see a wide range of knowledge about all the areas of their business. Describe any extra certifications you have acquired throughout your education. Make it clear that you want to use your skills to help them improve and grow their business.

Performance Management and Recruiting Skills

Gaining and developing strong employees is an invaluable skill. Employers see hiring people with these people skills as an investment and resource to their company. Having a management degree gives you a solid knowledge base for employee development.

Recruiting quality employees, especially in competitive fields, can be a challenging task. Being able to sell a position and find well-qualified employees is a beneficial skill. A management degree gives you the capability to interview candidates effectively. It also makes you more prepared to offer a position and negotiate terms of employment.

Performance management is another skill that’s valuable to employers. Being able to coach workers makes for a stronger company as a whole. Highlighting your strategies for motivating employees will be very appealing to employers. 

Employee Relations Skills

A management background provides you with a strong foundation in employee relations. These skills are essential in any human resources role. Knowing how to encourage teamwork and resolve conflict leads to a more efficient and enjoyable workplace.

By having a deep knowledge of organizational psychology and team building, you can help create a strong workforce in your company. It starts with having the understanding and instincts to hire employees that best fit the culture. And having an ongoing partnership with those employees to foster relationships with their peers.

Resolving conflicts is one of the toughest parts of human resources. It’s important that problems be solved quickly and with fairness. The understanding of regulations and mediation that a management degree gives you makes you uniquely qualified in these situations.

Show employers that you are forward-thinking and proactive regarding employee relations. Even if you are interviewing for your first job, have some hypothetical conflicts you can share with your solutions. Specifically explain how you would solve conflicts, encourage teamwork, and boost morale amongst employees.

Project Management and Organizational Skills

Employers often seek workers with degrees simply because they are aware of the work and drive that it takes to get through college. You’ve already proven that you can be organized and prioritize. And your management degree gives you extensive knowledge of project management skills.

Interviewers often ask how you effectively manage your time. They want to know that you can be an efficient and independent worker. This is especially true in human resources, where many companies run lean departments with less oversight. Having project management skills is essential to having an organized work timeline and prioritizing tasks.

Share your strategies with potential employers. Explain how you have implemented plans to work more effectively in the past. Use your experience in organization coursework and project management to show how you would be an efficient contributor. 

Technical Skills

In this digital age, many employers find digital literacy vital to a role. Human resources employees need to learn to use various systems and software. Having coursework in technical areas will give you an advantage. 

Your experience working with data and calculations will be helpful. As will the analytical skills you have gained from earning a management degree. Familiarity with different technical systems will make it easier for you to transition into a role and learn new programs.

Include information in your resume about any systems or software you are proficient in, especially if they are widely used in human resources. Research the latest software and explain your plan for learning any systems a potential employer uses. Interviewers are impressed when candidates come in already identifying an opportunity to learn with a plan to grow.


The most important thing about landing the perfect job is being prepared and showcasing your skills. Know what an employer is looking for and highlight why you are the right fit. Be confident that your management degree has given you a strong knowledge base for a role in human resources.

Employee relations skills, organizational knowledge, and business understanding are appealing to employers in all roles. This is especially true when they are hiring for a human resources position where the responsibilities are varied and diverse. Show that you have the expertise to be a dynamic member of their team. And you’ll be on the other side of the interview as an HR professional in no time!


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