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Becoming an accountant isn’t easy – but it’s the right choice for many people. If you’re looking for a high-quality career with good potential earnings and lots of employment opportunities, then accountancy could be for you. The first step towards becoming an accountant is studying for passing a CPA exam. In this article, we’re going to look at how to revise and prepare for your CPA exam. So what should you do if you’ve got one coming up?

Read all the necessary material

Before going into your exam, you need to make sure you’ve read all the right study books and have learned everything you need to. This isn’t a quick process, and it’s something you should have been working on for the last few months. Go through everything methodically and make sure you’ve got it all covered. This MDS CPA Exam Review could also help a lot.

Take practice tests

Before you have your real exam, you need to start by preparing with practice tests. These will get you used to the conditions of an actual exam. You should take these tests seriously and make sure you prepare for them and complete them in silence while alone. They’ll help you get used to the stressful environment of a real exam and they’ll also let you know any areas where you need to brush up.

When you start doing really well on test exams, you’ll know you’re ready for the real thing, but if you struggle on the tests, at least you have more time to study and haven’t done badly on the real exam.

Ask your friends to test you

If you’ve got other people on your course or friends who are interested, you can use them to do a bit more testing. This shouldn’t replace actual mock exams but should go alongside as a more relaxed way of brushing up on your knowledge.


One big problem many people have in exams is they get too stressed, this makes it hard to perform even when you actually know the answers. Make sure you relax before your exam. Don’t cram the morning of your exam, you should know enough by now. Try some deep breathing to relax even more. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to succeed. It’s only an exam, and you can do it again if you have to.

Study methodically

Don’t jump in and start reading random bits of info. Study the whole course methodically and in order. Make sure you fill in any gaps in the right way.

Create revision cards

When you travel to and from your classes, you could try some easy-to-use revision cards that’ll help pass the time AND help get you educated for your CPA exam.

Your CPA exam should just be the start of a fruitful accountancy career. It’s a big first step, but one you’ll have to pass if you want to become a fully qualified accountant. Once you’re an accountant, you’ll open up great earning potential and lots of great career opportunities.

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