How ACCA certificate will help you in your career?

ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) is one of the efficient and cost-effective ways to improve knowledge in the accounting domain.

The ACCA qualified candidates have specialist knowledge in accounting, finance and are also trusted for their strategic thinking and organisation management capabilities.

Companies all across the globe are interested in hiring ACCA professionals as they can reduce employee training costs. ACCA is not just a typical accounting certification.

It is a combination of traditional accounting skills with new-age techniques and wide-range of subject matters that exposes the finance professionals to demonstrate sharp strategic thinking, people management skills, impeccable business communication skills and fluency in information technology jargon.

The advantages of ACCA certification are quite obvious. The ACCA certificate holder is recognised as a qualified accounting professional and it helps in career progression.

We’ve jotted down some pointers on how ACCA certificate can help you in an accounting career. Let’s jump in right away.

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Attract the Best Employers

ACCA provides an incredible opportunity and the choice as the employers all across the world seek out for ACCA certified professionals.

ACCA trained professionals are often appreciated for their technical skills, strategic thinking, professional values and dedication to making their organizations stand out.

As accounting opens up the scope for the diverse career path, you can choose the organisation based on your interest. Any organisation whether it is in education, fashion, art, sports or cinema need a financial expert.

So you’ll be in a better position to choose the organisation based on your passion.

Work Anywhere

The ACCA certification is recognised and respected across the world, thus you’ll get the opportunities to work anywhere. You do not need to stick to one location any longer as you can now work even from Africa or the Far East.

ACCA is internationally recognised and it provides you with the opportunity to understand the specialized techniques in other countries, the international jurisdiction and probably a foreign language. You can search and apply for jobs from over 179 countries. ACCA is partnered with 7500 approved employers and 80 accounting firms worldwide.

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High Paying Career

An ACCA certified member is definitely a great asset to the organisation. It makes a lot of sense to get an ACCA certificate for accounting career progress. If your ambition is to climb the ladder of success in your career, ACCA is the way to go.

ACCA qualification certifies that you are a dedicated worker and the world’s top organisation are always interested in hiring the professionals with solid work ethic.

The ACCA certificate provides great career security as well as catalyses your career growth. With this qualification, you’ll have the steering in your hand where you can also demand a high salary.

Being an ACCA qualified member, you are now in the elite bath of accounting professionals and are eligible to apply for jobs in the top organisations in the world.

In some cases, ACCA has helped some employees to earn faster promotions and increments compared to an MBA or other master’s degree holders.

ACCA is a great weapon in your arsenal especially if you are looking for a senior management position in your organisation. It’s hard to find someone in a senior management position in top organisations without an accounting degree or certification.

The ACCA certification is the assurance that you have a good technical knowledge and that coupled with years of experience is enough to consider you for the senior position in the organisation.

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Flexible Study

ACCA is incredibly flexible, unlike other professional certifications. You can plan on how, where and when to study the course materials.

If you already have some degree certifications you will be given exemptions from certain ACCA papers.

In case if you are a working professional, you can choose to study ACCA part-time for career progression.

The ACCA course material can be accessed online over the internet and you can study it at your own pace.


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