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A Medical Assistant is a multi-skilled medical professional & an integral part of medical team who performs various roles including administrative tasks & clinical procedures. The role of a Medical Assistant may vary depending on size of Doctor practice. A typical Medical Assistant Job Description may include the following points as we’ll mention in this of our article.

A Medical Assistant performs tasks like attending patients phone calls, taking patient history, helping doctor examining patients etc. In this of our article we’ll try to give you a picture about the major duties & responsibilities that a Medical Assistant carry in a typical Medical Assistant Job Description.

Medical Assistant Job Description, Duties, Responsibilities & Salary

Medical Assistant Duties & Responsibilities

As we’ve mentioned earlier that Medical Assistant job include various duties & responsibilities depending on the size of the health care provider. We’ve classified Medical Assistant job duties & responsibilities into two sections i.e Administrative Duties & Clinical Duties.

Administrative Duties & Responsibilities

  • Welcome patients in person or over the phone & answering there queries
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Completing reports by collecting information about test, examination & treatment.
  • Maintaining revenue reports by ¬†recording billing information; completing insurance forms; responding to insurance and other third-party inquiries
  • Handling Emails
  • Handling & Maintaining Medical Records
  • Maintaining inventory, placing orders, collecting receipts
  • Keep the equipments safe & ready for use
  • Maintaining a healthy¬† work environment

Clinical Duties & Responsibilities

  • perform nursing under the supervision licensed health care provider.
  • Assist patient during the examination
  • interview patients to take their case history
  • Measuring vital signs
  • Give medicine & Injection as directed by doctor
  • Give patient advice about medicine & food as directed by doctor
  • Perform ECG
  • Lab Procedures
  • In some states Medical Assistant also take X-Rays
  • All other duties as assigned by Medical Coordinator or Supervisor

Skills Required for Medical Assistant Job

There are few skills that a Medical Assistant must posses although there could be many other skills required as per the job.

  • Customer Service & Telephone Etiquette
  • Ability to maintain healthy work environment
  • Ability to perform phlebotomy
  • Go getter attitude
  • Should be able to work under pressure
  • Some office management skills

Qualification for Medical Assistant job

A high school diploma & college is required to be eligible for this job. Some health care centers also require a medical assistant certification although that is not applicable for all the jobs.

Medical Assistant Salary

On an average a medical assistant earn $20,000 per year although if you’re a experienced candidate your average may go upto $40,000 per year.

Medical Assistant job is a 40 Hours job per week and in US it is a 9 to 5 job. As we’ve mentioned Medical Assistant Job Description includes a diversified tasks to be performed. If you’re working in hospital you may have to work in rotational shifts. Some hospitals also appoint part time Medical Assistant so if you wants to work only on weekends, there is a good chance for you.

So basically Medical Assistant Job description includes to perform patient-oriented procedures and tasks under the supervision of licensed physicians.

We hope the following Medical Assistant Job Description will help you write a better job description for Medical Assistant profile. The job responsibilities may vary as per your requirement so feel free to add delete any point as per your requirement.


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