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A Chief Executive Officer or CEO is highest ranked executive in an organization. A CEO is a person who actually shape the growth path of a company & takes major decisions for the success of a company. A CEO Job Description includes variety of different duties & responsibilities and they majorly depends on the nature of an organization & it’s vision. In our today’s post we’re gonna write about a typical CEO Job description which will help you write a good job description for a CEO profile.

CEO Job DescriptionA Chief Executive Officer generally reports to board of directors. In some countries CEO’s also called as Managing Directors, Executive Directors or Chief Executive. Generally board of directors delegates responsibilities to CEO. These responsibilities varies company to company & it’s legal structure. A CEO works as a main channel of communication between board of directors & company operations. He give a clear picture to BOD about how company is working & where it is going in a period of time. In smaller companies a CEO takes almost all the decisions. He also involves himself in hiring the employees. But in larger organizations his responsibilities are totally different, he generally keep busy in formulating the future growth plan and evaluating the results.

CEO Duties & Responsibilities

You may include the few duties & responsibilities in a CEO Job Description, although these are majorly depends on your company size and company vision & mission.

  • Building a work culture
  • Hiring & Leading a team of senior managers
  • Setting a budget within organizations
  • Giving directions to the employees so that company vision can be fulfill
  • Creating, communicating, and implementing the organization’s vision, mission, and overall direction
  • Setting up the strategies in the organization
  • Evaluating the results of the organization
  • Preparing annual operating plans as per the directions set by Board of Directors
  • Submitting the operating plans for approval
  • Setting up long term & Short term goals for the organization
  • Evaluating organizations staff performances
  • Inform the important updates to staff & board of directors
  • Oversees the organization & managers operations in compliance with the law & regulations
  • Representing the organization in media & other public events
  • To achieve the organization mission successful
  • Raising funds for the organization
  • Develop fund raising strategies
  • oversees employees in fund raising activities
  • oversees staff in making reports for funders
  • Stay informed about the current trends related to product & services offered by the organization
  • Managing marketing opportunities for the organization
  • Preparing broad Marketing strategies & directing marketing team to meet the goals & developing PR

Skills Required

You may include skills section in your CEO Job Description. The skills sets could be differ what we’re suggesting below but you may write the following skills in your CEO Job Description.

  • She should be influencing in nature & Should be capable enough to build a healthy work environment
  • Should be able to create long term & short term goals for the organization
  • Should be able to create a strong team of leaders
  • Should be able to make others fall in love with their jobs by assigning right people at right place
  • Should reward people for the achievement they done

Education Qualification of a CEO

Although there is no set qualification is required to become a CEO. We’ve seen in past that many CEO even never went to college and some of them were college dropouts. Companies hire CEO on the basis of their reputation in the market & their past experience. Although generally companies prefer a CEO with at least a graduate degree or MBA with 15-20 years of experience with a successful track record.

CEO Salary

CEO Salary majorly depends on the size of an organization & the responsibilities a CEO has. Oracle CEO gets a salary package of $96,160,696 which is highest in the market but some small companies CEO’s even don’t get a package of 1/10 of what Oracle CEO is getting.


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