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Medical Sales Representative Job Description: A medical sales representative of a company is a connection link between pharmacy company and the medical professional/hospitals etc.

Medical sales representative demonstrate features and benefits of products manufacturing by a pharmacy company to the medical professionals. Medical representative / Medical sales representative is also refers to salesmanship process to convince customer (medical professionals/hospitals/chemist etc.) to take decision in your favor. Although, it’s a good job but one should be very versatile in leadership, motivating someone, specially; communication skills. A medical representative has to involve deeply into the market to make sure to achieve sales targets. Medical representative has to make sure in regular meeting with client, proper description of products, answering customer’s queries effectively, taking orders regularly, providing assistance quickly, servicing regularly.

Medical Sales Representative Job Description Sample

Below are the headings which you may include in a medical sales representative job description.

Steps of selling for a Medical Representative


Duties and Responsibilities of Medical Sales Representative

In a typical medical sales representative job description you may include the following duties & responsibilities.

  • A Medical representative has to complete the sale task (target) giving by company within specific period of time.
  • A medical representative must also looking forward to complying all policies and strategies of company without any fail.
  • Medical representative should take care of each of area ex:- marketing, distributing, and servicing.
  • Visiting to the customer premises on regular intervals and make sure to recall the prescribed medicine to the doctor as well as also check availability to the chemist nearby.
  • Building image of company in the respective working areas and territories.
  • A medical representative should be aware about the market changes and he/she should provide the market/working feedback to the company.
  • Briefing customers about the existing product at the same time new/upcoming products as well.
  • Covering all the areas and maintaining a list of doctors and building relationship with them.
  • Making phone calls and in – person visits and presentations to the existing and prospective customers.
  • Planning and organizing personal sales strategy by maximizing the Return on Time Investment for the territory/segment.

Skills for a Medical Sales Representative

In the current scenario of Pharmaceutical industry, Medical Representative is a medium through which companies communicate with the doctors and focusing on their brand by getting their feedback. Medical representatives must have good communication skills to effectively communicate and provide a platform to explore benefits and superiority of company brands in comparison to competitor’s brand. In this regard medical representatives should have a powerful personality and ability to develop relationships and earn the trust of customers for company’s image. A medical sales representative job description may include the following skills.

  • A medical Sales representative must be good at sales and negotiation skills because in this job all depends upon the handling sales of the company.
  • A medical Sales representative willing to travel everywhere as per company’s requirement.
  • Medical representative should also be good in planning and controlling.
    He/should be self – motivated, versatile, and dedicated towards work.
  • A confident and outdo from other approach.
  • Medical Sales representative should aware about commercial and business changes and an good understanding of it.
  • Medical representative/medical sales representative able to understand present and clinical data to overcome future problems.
  • Medical Sales representative/medical sales representative should be adaptable with frequent changes in product and healthcare system and their policies & terms.
  • The most desirable fact about medical representative (MR) is that he/she should be able to drive vehicle (or own a vehicle).
  • Medical Sales representative should be well dressed and appearance well.
  • Medical Sales representative has a go getter attitude and on the other hand a good aptitude as well.

Qualification of a Medical Sales Representative

Adding qualification in medical sales representative job description is advisable. Most of the companies provide training to their employees to become a fruitful employee to them but for its not only one reason to be a Medical Representative you have to posses following things:

  • A Bachelor’s degree. (bachelor in science, preferred)
  • Strong clinical skills.
  • Strong sales ability.
  • Excellent communication and leadership skills.
  • Strong convincing power.
  • Handling the pressure and stress of achieving targets.

Medical Sales Representative Salary

adding salary in medical sales representative job description generally attract more applications. Here is a sample.

  • Medical representative salary varies as per their level and experience. It starts from 1.5 to 3 lacs, however some companies offer more as per experience and qualification.
  • Medical representative salary includes (basic salary + incentives and other allowances).
  • Work hours typically include regular extra hours, but not weekends or shift.


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