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Human resource manager job description: A Human resource manager has an overall responsibility for providing support in various human resource functions which include recruitment, staffing, training and development, performance monitor, employee relation, employee counseling, compensation and benefits administration, implementation and administration of human resource programme.  A Human resource (HR) manager should be well aware about the human resource laws and regulations, human resource policies, personnel record keeping, safety issues of team members, training and workforce development & compliance. Human resource manager (HRM) performs all its tasks to organize the human resources in the company to overcome future problems. HR Manager helps company in organization, communication, negotiation, and also in conflict management and he also provides an ethical scenario to employees to do their job with full of enthusiasm. A HR manager incumbent must have proficient knowledge in following areas like: human resource management, performance review techniques and methods, job description, staffing, training, recognition, development, delegation, mentoring and coaching.

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Duties and Responsibilities of Human Resource (HR) Manager

HR manager Duties & Responsibilities varies company to company. A typical HR manager job description may include the following Human Resource Manager duties & responsibilities.

  • A Human resource manager serves employees as well as clients, including administrators, corporate, education sector, technical sector etc. by handling day to day questions and helping resolve work-related problems.
  • A HR Manager in a company helps in communicating company policies and procedures & Promote understanding within the organization.
  • A HRM Recruits for open positions and perform the full life cycle of recruiting activities including sourcing and screening applicants, maintaining recruiting systems, drafting offer letters, providing follow-through with candidates, supporting hiring managers, and reporting recruiting statistics.
  • Making Draft and update job descriptions; assist in classifying positions as needed for company.
  • A human resource manager provides advice and assistance when conducting staff performance evaluations.
  • A human resource manager identify training and development opportunities and organize staff training sessions, workshops, and other activities as per need of the staff members.
  • HRM provide basic counseling to staff who has performance related obstacles.
  • HRM also provide assistance to top management in developing human resource plans.
  • HRM helps employee on-boarding activities; answer employee questions and provide support to assistant managers when integrating new hires into the organization.
  • He also suggests administer employee benefit programs, answer employee questions, support claim resolution, and maintain related systems.
  • A HRM focus on the performance review process & provides employees and managers with information about the process, policies, job duties, and process for promotion.
  • Human resource manager Leads employee recreation and recognition programs to make them feel little relax from their daily work schedule.
  • An HRM is also responsible to Maintain employee records.
  • A HRM is also responsible for new hire, termination, and change of status forms with payroll.
  • HRM Serves as employee liaison to assist in problem resolution with issues related to benefit deductions and pay.
  • A human resource manager ensures compliance with applicable employment laws and regulations. 

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Skills to be a good Human Resource Manager (HRM)

A Human Resource Manager Job Description may include the following skill sets. Mentioning Skill sets give an idea to job seekers about the required profile & job seeker apply for the job more confidently. You may write the following HR Manager skills in you job description.

  • A human resource manager should be well versed in supervisory skills.
  • A human resource manager should be known how to build a proficient team and how to handle day to day problems.
  • A human resource manager must have problem solving and counseling skills to overcome problems easily.
  • A human resource manager must be good in verbal and listening because a hr manager represents company’s image to corporate and hire the right person to the company.
  • Computer skills including ability to work with MS office (specially, MS excel), spreadsheets and word processing programmes at highly proficient level.
  • A HR manager should be an effective person in written communication and have ability to prepare reports, proposals, procedures, and policies.
  • A HRM should be good in effective public relations and have sound public speaking skills.
  • HRM must have an avid person in research and program development skills.
  • Human resource manager must be known about how to manage stress at work and work-life-balance.
  • HRM must be sound in time management and in interview skills.

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Qualification for a HR Manager

Generally companies prefer a business management degree for this kind of profile but still it depends on companies to companies. A typical human resource manager job description may include the following qualification.

  • Education of a Human resource Manager: Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Communication, or other similar degree.
  • Preferred Skills and Work Experience: initially Five to eight years previous work experience as an HR Generalist or Senior Generalist. School or education experience preferred by most of the companies now days.
  • Human resource manager should be known about General Knowledge of the principles and practices of personnel administration; ability to establish and maintain effective relationships with peers and employees; ability to present information and make recommendations effectively in oral and written form. Proficient computer skills and working knowledge of the Internet.
  • Most of the companies in recent times demand a person who has an ability to work under pressure and make deadlines for its work.
  • A HR manager should be good in judgment; approachable and professional; solid problem solving skills; ability to handle multiple tasks; self-motivated; well organized.

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Salary of a Human Resource Manager

As per the website (, a HR manager in US earns a median salary of USD $89000.


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