What To Look Out For When Hiring Event Staff?


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Hiring good staff is an essential part of the event planning process. At Purple Patch Group, we’ve worked with countless staff and staffing agencies for our corporate events. This is our best advice on what to look out for when hiring event staff.


Take prospective event staff’s experience into consideration. You want staff members who know what they’re doing, who can handle most situations thrown at them. As an event planner, you know all too well how easily things can go south. You want staff who can take these tricky situations in stride and keep the event running smoothly.

To find experienced event staff, ask around agencies or other London event companies for recommendations. A good staff is valuable, though, so if you want to hire an experienced crew you should start your search as early as possible. Waiting until the last minute is a guarantee for inexperienced event staff, especially if your event coincides with others in the area.


Look for staff with flexible schedules. Working events requires odd hours and you need staff who can meet that challenge. Things are also subject to change frequently and quickly. Pick staff members who can smoothly execute your contingency plan should problems arise.

Flexibility also means that staff members mesh well with your existing team. Everybody has to get along and work well together for a successful event. When hiring event staff, ask yourself if they have the same mentalities about task management and problem-solving. Consulting your team before making any staff hires minimizes any potential friction and shows your trust in your team’s judgment.


With experience and flexibility also comes reliability. Can you depend on these staff members to handle angry patrons or if your caterers are a no-show? Do they have the same standards as you when it comes to handling stressful situations? Staff who are punctual and follow through on what’s expected of them – and even go beyond that – are the kind of staff you want to hire.

Ask yourself also if the staff you’re hiring will adequately reflect your or your client’s brand. A big mistake that event planners often make is not choosing staff who are knowledgeable about the brand the event is representing or who don’t hold the same values. A lack of cohesion between your brand and your staff won’t go unnoticed by your event guests.


Event staff members should have wide availability. Working hours in the events industry vary from late at night to early in the morning. The staff that can show up and gets the job done during these hours are essential.

The last thing you need as an event planner is an understaffed event when a crisis arises. That’s why, when hiring your staff, you should look for people with open availability.

Now you know what qualities to look for in event staff. But how do you parse out these characteristics from among your candidates?

Questions to Ask When Hiring Event Staff

Finding good event staff means asking the right questions during hiring. Here are 4 questions to ask during interviews for your event staff.

Why They’re Interested in the Events Industry

Staffing events is not an easy job. The work can be grueling and hours long. Why people get into this line of work isn’t immediately evident. Ask your staff candidates what draws them to working events. Hire the ones that are genuinely dedicated to this line of work – just like you are.

Their Past Experience with Task Management Software

Previous work with event management tech shouldn’t be a deal-breaker, but the candidate should be willing to learn tech they’re unfamiliar with.

How They Handle Big Changes

The events industry is characterized by sudden shifts or changes in workflow. Ask candidates how they respond to unexpected changes and if they can stay cool under pressure.

What They Consider a Successful Event

Asking potential staff what they consider success will help you determine if their standards align with yours. Look for candidates that will have the same goals as you when it comes to pulling off your event.

Final Thoughts

There’s no denying that good staff is essential for a successful event. As an event agency in London, we have expertise in hiring staff, in addition to all the other components of event planning. Get in contact with us today to see what we can do for your next corporate event.


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