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Event manager job description :In current scenario of business and management, organizing an event is such very hard job but if you know how to manage it within a specific time, budget and conditions then it’s not hard for you such as an event manager execute its tasks. On the other hand, the role of Event manager may vary to the different working conditions and the nature of the work. Event manager is the person who plans and executes the event assigned by the authorities. He/she is a person who runs the event/program behind-the-scenes and monitors each and every bit very closely and manages it. But the work of an event manager encompasses identifying potential business, researching, writing, planning and running all aspects of event. An Event manager works on events such as; public events, exhibitions on trade and industry, product launching, company’s special events (ex: scheme launching etc.) and private events such as weddings/birthday parties etc. Apart from this he/she also associated in planning an event/exhibition in advance, he/she will usually be present during the event to deal with any issues as it arises.

Event Manager Job Description Sample

Below is a sample of Event Manager Job Description. The job description is written just to give you an idea. You may edit or rewrite the job description as per your requirement.

Working Activities of an Event Manager

  • Planning is very crucial for anyone but for an Event manager he has to arrange and manage the whole event like:- hall layouts and activities of programme such as workshops, seminars and demonstrations during the event.
  • An Event manager has to Research suitable venues for different events as per need of programme and ensuring all necessary equipment are available at the workplace.
  • An Event manager has to ensure the Selling stand/exhibition space to potential exhibitors & seeking that everything should go hand to hand.
  • An Event manager should fill all required forms between him the authorities of the programme/event.
  • For an Event manager it is very necessary that he/she should arrange insurance cover and ensuring legal, health and safety requirements.
  • Maintain a sound Coordination between caterers, stand designers and equipment hiring company is a good sign to a good event manager.
  • Event manager should also look at car parking facilities, safety & security, first aid and catering arrangement on the day of event.
  • Promotion of the event, managing & printing the production of tickets, posters, catalogues and sales brochures are a must check for an event manager.

Working conditions of an Event Manager

An Event manager has to complete its assigned work within a specific time schedule and in different conditions and environment of work.

  • Traveling and working days : As per nature of the job an event manager has to work during the working days and sometimes absence from home overnight is occasional.
  • Working hours for an event manager: Working hours are mainly Monday-to-Friday typical office hours, but additional hours can include evenings and weekends are common to an event manager.
  • Location and working place: location should not be an issue an event manager but sometimes he has to prove itself to get opportunities exist mainly in towns or cities throughout the country.

Event Manager Duties & Responsibilities

Below is a sample of Event Manager Responsibilities & Event Manager Duties which you may use while drafting an Event Manager Job Description.

  • It is primary duty for an event manager to ensure that the venue is fit for certain event and maintain safe environment for all.
  • An event manager is responsible for the entire management and safety & security arrangements.
  • An event manager prepares plans for event and before this he assigned related task about the event to its subordinates and assist in implementation for same.
  • A smart event manager does not go with big team he works with a small team to plan and deliver attractive programme.
  • Event manager sets a proper arrangement of stage display, rooms set for backstage staff, & all other audio and visual requirements for the event.
  • An event manager also responsible for preparing small budgets for small arrangements to the event for utilizing the money well.
  • Event manager also arrange catering and refreshments stuffs for the event and social functions as per customer requirement.
  • Event manager ensures proper risk cover event & arrange a insurance for individual events or group of programmes.
  • Event manager make a proper check for water, electric, and parking facilities around the event place.
  • Co-ordinates with team members to set up venue and help them to finalize all logistics for events.

Event Manager Skills & Qualities

An efficient Event Manager must posses the following skills & qualities. Find a sample of Event Manager Skills below.

  • A good event manager must possess excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • He/she should also good in interpersonal skills, organizational ability & concern about time management.
  • Customer first; this is the attitude that an event manager should focus on.
  • Event manager should have a multi tasking ability.
  • He should have sound negotiation skills.
  • Willing to work round the clock (spl: unsocial hours) and a desire to earn money and fame.
  • Creativity and a out of the box thinking leading with imagination.
  • Ability to work under tremendous pressure and cope up with tight deadlines and outdo from others.
  • Ability to stand for long periods of time.

Event Manager Qualification

To become an Event manager you have to possess more than two years College degree, High School Diploma, or two to four years of specialized event and sales coordination.

Event Manager Salary

Event Manager Salary vary to the different condition and nature of work and it is depending upon the employer. In this sector essentially salary based on sales ,bonus is a large part of an event manager’s salary.


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