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Controller Job Description Sample: Controller is person who is responsible to control issues related to financial and fiscal management. Today we will talk about Controller job description sample; In this post we are going to cover all aspects related to controller job description such as controller duties and responsibilities, controller skills, controller salary, controller education etc.

The Controller is very responsible person in the company because he is a man who handles and manages issues arising in financial and fiscal management of company. Controller looks forward to improve financial operations and fiscal operations of the company by timely planning, coordination and leadership. Controller also provides a system to the accounting and budgeting department of the company to make sure healthy financial administration. Controller efforts enable company to grab various opportunities available in the market. Good communication skills help controller to work easily with Managers, Fiscal and Finance department employees. Controller should resolve daily queries arising from business operations and note down into a register. Controller enhances company’s efficiency to get maximum return on financial assets, financial investments, launched fiscal & financial policies, procedures by his acumen, controlling ability and reporting systems.

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Controller Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Coordination: Controller should have good knowledge of preparation of financial statements, financial reports and other departmental reports because all departments are closely related to each other & controller provides coordination among the departments.
  • Analysis: Controller forecasts and analyzes cash flow of the company suggest cost controls ideas, and how to curb on various expenses. Controller also works on financially weak areas and seeks possible solutions.
  • Monitoring: Monitor and consider different factors regarding to department budgets and enforce departmental budgets and presents new budgetary requests in front of the company’s board of directors.
  • Preparation and development: Prepare and develop documents of finance department, accounting department complete billing, and auditing procedures at the same time assists tax accountants for tax return preparation.
  • Establish and maintain:  Establish and maintain cash inventory and fixed assets requirements.
  • Administration: Controller assists in administration and managing of insurance policies, loan schemes and its renewal process.
  • Interaction and consultation: Controller also interacts and consults with managers to provide support on planning, financial management, preparing reports and analysis.
  • Establishment and implement: Controller helps in establishment and implementation of short term as well as long term Finance department goals.
  • Recruitment and training: Controller also assists in recruitment, training, monitoring and evaluation Finance department staff.
  • Evaluation: Controller helps in evaluation of financial programs and assists in budgeting, tax planning, real estate programmes and conclude results.

Controller Skills:

  • Controller should have sound knowledge of finance, budgeting, accounting and cost control principles.
  • Controller must able to prepare audit report as required with minimal financial adjustments.
  • Good knowledge of accounting contracts, negotiation and office management.
  • Strong skills in project management and ability to handle various projects at a time.
  • Good knowledge of financial accounting & reporting systems and good writing skills to write queries and reports.
  • Strong financial skills, ability to analyze the information, data and preparation of financial reports, budgets, statements, and tracking budgeting expenses.
  • A good controller must possess excellent written and oral communication skills because a controller has to participate in different meetings, discussions
  • Strong computers skills especially Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) and sound knowledge of financial softwares.

Controller Education:

As far as the controller education is concern incumbent should possess a Bachelor Degree in Finance or Accounting and 10+ years of experience at a senior level.

Controller Salary:

As per the median expected salary for a typical Controller in the United States is $171,097. These figures are an indication that if you are looking for a controller job then, your future is bright; market is offering more than your expectation.

Above is a controller job description sample that will assist you in creating your job application. Feel free to add or remove content from this job description.

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